Could You Use a Digital Cheat Sheet?

Digital Cheat Sheet

Digital Cheat Sheet – Could it help you manage your blog or website? This morning I came across a new Google Website chuck full of information called Think Insights. I love their Insights for Search and thought it would be another useful tool.

digital cheat sheet

Google claims this new website offers you a one-stop shop for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research. Here are some quick and simple examples you can find there:

Google stats
Google insights

The last one I can vouch for as we see it with our storefront website. Many people come visit and then come back several times before making a purchase. Some also call and inquire on the products after having been elsewhere. This happens more so than just a year ago.
There are also videos, ebooks and more complex data available on Think Insights.


Will you be checking out Think Insights to keep up on the latest world of online happenings? I’m head back there myself to see what else I can learn today.

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