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Conversation Starters – Do you try to start conversations on your blog or through your social networks?

conversation starters

When you start to write your blog imagine yourself being in a room with a friend and starting a conversation. What would you say? What would you say that would have them respond back to you and get the conversation lively? Conversations are a great way to get feedback and to learn something new about someone. Here are some topics I have noticed that receive a lot of conversations:

11 Conversation Starters

1) News of the day – The hot topic, the unusual .
2) Weather – If it’s different – storms, earthquakes etc.
3) Personal events – People tend to respond if you make it very personal – something they too can relate to. .
4) Great quotes – If people can relate to the quote with an awesome image.
5) Sports – Sports fans love discussing that play, last night’s game.
6) Sometimes a simple question is all that is needed.
7) From Sagittarian – Ask for their personal opinion.
8) From Erin – Correcting someone’s grammer (having wrong grammer)  – Interesting!
9) From Candice – Leave with a question – my favorite.
10) From Mayura – He left many good ones including: Tips, Reviews, Eye Catching Images, Trends, Helping to Solve Problems, Beliefs and Conflicts to name a few.
11) From Stacie – Quotes that folks can relate to.
And of course respond! It’s a two way street with conversations whether it’s on your blog, through social networks or live.

What are your best conversation starters?  Add to the list of 6 and I’ll link the additions to your blog or latest post.

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

7 comments On Conversation Starters For Your Blogging Network

  • Great post Lisa!

  • Thanks Candice, That's my favorite and Thanks Mayura, that's quite the list!

  • I agree with all the facts Lisa. Mostly I do enjoy conversations on Social Media N with the people who around me (+ new faces). As I focused in tips and troubleshooting, mostly feedback itself turn into conversations on my blog. And also people would love to experience new things – to feel innovation. So if you are doing something brand new or unique, it's another point to start conversations. In addition, for me, following are few things which has led to conversations in most times.

    * Tips

    * Report problems/Provide feedback

    * Reviews/Criticisms

    * Special skills/Capabilities

    * Eye-catching images with veriety of perspectives

    * Trends in interested niches

    * Helping to solve problems (Specially to start conversations with new faces)

    * Sharing personal experiences/personal researches

    * Entertainment (Movies, Music, Video Games)

    * Conflicts/Disagreements/Questions

    * Beliefs/Myths


  • I agree with Sagittarian, I usually leave my readership with a question. I like to hear what they have to say and I like to reply. Keeps the dialogue going.

  • One of the topics that visitors really like to talk about is the art of blogging itself. Of course, many regular blog visitors are bloggers themselves. Questions about how 'honestly' you blog. How much do you 'edit'? Can too much editing sacrifice your raw authentic voice? Do you imagine an 'audience' when you're composing posts? Do you keep a list of blog ideas that occur to you during the day? Things like this.

    I think these are particularly potent topics because bloggers are engaging in a kind of 'art'. We're making aesthetic judgments constantly (rather than following 'rules'). And after a while, we all become experts of sorts – with our different perspectives on it. Even for your visitors who aren't bloggers, there is something interesting about reading about the behind-the-scenes process of blogging. If you imagine a writer that you enjoy, wouldn't you be curious about his own writing process?

  • My Write Right posts tend to do well. I think the reason is that many of the grammar wrongs are ones that people have asked me to address. I also let people know to tell me of grammar wrongs in the comments or to leave a note on my Facebook page.

  • Great post!:) I usually ask question at the end of my blog, sometimes, asking them about their personal opinion about the topic. And it so true, it makes blog alive 🙂 Have a wonderful day!:)

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