Content Curation Made Simple to Promote Your Blog Posts

Content Curation Made Simple

How it can help spread your blog posts in a simple way

Content curation made simple is one of the buzz words in the new year. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work smarter and not harder. I had been sifting through Google Analytics to see what had been working for this blog and found and to be in the top 50. at 16 and at 42. was an easy 5 minute set up and viola you are done! I wondered why I had not done it sooner. But does that mean you should forget about it?

content curation made simple



Curating Content made simple with

Content curation is a great way to share your favorite blogs posts by others and your own. It is similar to social media in that you should follow the 80/20 rule. Share 80% of others content and 20% of your own.

You can set your own within minutes. There is a premium version now available that you could put in your newsletters for $9 per month. The premium versions allows you to get rid of the ads you see like mine above and includes more spots for branding. The thing that made me start with was the mentions I was receiving in others editions.



Who doesn’t like a mention on Twitter? Now for 2013 I am striving to mention more people that are on my to see if I can move the needle of the #42 spot of traffic in Google Analytics. It will be a simple test. That means just one extra tweet or share on Facebook or Google Plus per day. Easy right?

The New and Improved is another content curation website that’s been around a while.You  can read a post on when I first joined a year ago. I learned about from Ms. Ileane. She loves it, you can read more what she has to say here. It’s not a place I visit daily but with their new mobile app it makes it even easier. It’s a quick and fast way to read some of your favorite blog posts by others and meet some new bloggers. You can have 5 topics with the FREE version and yes they offer a premium version too.

Introducing the New Listly


I came across this content curation site in doing some research and had heard of Nick Kellet  It is similar to and maybe even a little easier to use. You log in via Twitter or Facebook, no need for passwords. (How many more do you really want?) You can vote stories up or down and leave comments. You can add your own posts to topics or start your own topic. There is bookmarklet that you can upload to your browser.

There are many more content curation websites out there that you can visit such as trapt!, kweeper, netvibes, your version, and of course Pinterest to name just a few.


Do you think content curation websites will take off big in 2013 as the social websites have for bloggers? Do you find content curation made simple?


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