Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None?

Comments and Backlinks – A Necessity or Evil?

Do you allow backlinks from your blog post comments? Do you have any rules regarding them, like allowing them after a certain number of comments or right from the get go when someone first leaves a comment on your blog? I recently had a blogger upset that I did not allow a backlink for his first time comment. On his 3rd comment in which he would have received a backlink he got really upset.(As you can see from the comment below) It got me to thinking, isn’t it like letting someone come over to your house and allowing them in if you didn’t know them? Our blogs are like our homes. They are OUR place.



Your Blog – Your Home – Your Rules

Would you let anyone in to your blog or home?
It is your blog right? You can set your boundries on your blog just like you do with your home. Why let someone who just comes once to your blog get a backlink especially if we don’t know them. If we haven’t met them on social media or anyplace else online or offline they are like a stranger. Why should they deserve an immediate backlink? It’s like the stores that offer rewards. They reward the customers that keep on coming back, not the first time in the door customers that may never return though they may offer other incentives for them.
Many bloggers recently have changed their backlinks from follow to nofollow. So what’s the value in that right? Blog comments may not have the same SEO link juice they once had. But that does not mean they have no value anymore.  I believe a three comment rule is fair. It is stated at the bottom of each post here:

“This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments. Use your real name and then @ your keywords (maximum of 3)”


Comments are crucial to many blogs survival. If we only blogged and did not engage with our readers how would we know what they are thinking or wanting from future posts? We know we can’t rely only on social media sites anymore to get our posts noticed or readers engaged. (Especially on Facebook today with their latest algorithm change).

Are Blog Comments Necessary Anymore?

If you missed Harleena’s post she did a fantastic job asking if blog comments are really required. Some top bloggers have closed off their comments altogether. I’m not sure that is really the answer but one can understand once one gets over 200 comments on each post. The time required to answer them must be gruesome. It will be interesting to see if their blogs will still thrive over time with closed comments. I believe if the content is great they will otherwise they will fail. Would you ever consider closing your blogs comments?

I’d love to know more about your comment approval policy and backlink policy.

Do YOU allow all or only after so many visits? Let’s discuss!

(Now after recording the video above several times I took time to learn how to make it widescreen but it did not look right so next time you will see a wider version video and maybe a tutorial on how to for YouTube.)



Since writing this post I did install a Comment Rules Page with 6 comment rules – please be sure to check it out.


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  • Hi Lisa, I think that your post raises an important issue in that irrelevant comments and off topic one-liners can ruin the overall experience for someone trying to follow the thread. My own blog recommends leaving (valid and relevant!) comments on people’s blogs as a way of raising awareness and traffic. I would feel a little bit hypocritical not allowing backlinks on my own blog – at the same time, I don’t want comment threads ruined by people who ONLY want to leave a back link. I have an interesting way of dealing with this – I have included a “blog roll” where people wanting just to leave details of their site so that others can find their blogs if they want. That allows the”back-linkers” to leave their addresses without cluttering up the blog threads. I should say that this may well not help my SEO – however, since SEO is not high on my list of traffic generation strategies that’s OK with me – if SEO is one of your key traffic generation methods, then I would definitely avoid a blog roll!

    • Hi Rich, Welcome to Inspire to Thrive! Oh yes, since this post I got an email from Google and a penalty for dofollow links I suspect in comments, I have switched it to nofollow and submitted a reconsideration request. I don’t agree with Google’s methods but who am I to argue with them? I’d love to make some back to dofollow in the future – those that have been loyal and legimate commenters for years here, I probably will. I will be doing a follow up to the post How Google Changed My Pagerank from 3 to 0 in a Flash. Stay tuned! Thanks for your input on this one Rich. Have a wonderful day and weeekend ahead!
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  • Hi Lisa,
    I agree with you Commenting is very important specially for new bloggers. And by commenting in other sites you can increase your backlink. now it depends on the other person how he/she set rules to give backlink.
    But some famous bloggers remove comment box due to the spams.
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  • Hello Lisa,

    This is quite a sensitive entry and I’m glad you brought up the issue.

    You see, we all have our share of those readers who don’t completely agree with us and may even leave. I once had one, I.C. Daniel who quarreled with the fact that I did not approve his one liner comments. I drew his attention to my comment policy and that habit seemed to subside.

    Then again, he quarreled with the fact that his comments were nofollowed…it was at that point that I discovered that he was more interested in the links than engagement. Today, he no longer leaves a comment and in a curious way, my blog is better of!

    What is important is that your rules are fair and strict enough. While others may not appreciate them, your sincere readers will always be there for you – and that is what truly counts!

    Do have a great day!

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    • Hi Akaahan, interesting. I try not to allow one liners most of the day as well. What’s the point of receiving comments if they are just for links and not adding to the discussion right? Since writing this post I got a penalty from Google because of follow links – I have made everything no follow for now and may change some of the comments back, from those that visit regularly. Watch for my upcoming post on that soon, most likely today 🙂 I like your point of “your sincere readers are what truly counts”. Thanks for your input and have a great day.
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  • Hi Lisa,

    Wow… What a surprise! 🙂 Loved to see you on a video (last time it’s your voice only, right?) and I’m sure you gonna come up with rockin’ videos. Ha ha… Watched several times and really happy you are taking on videos from now on. Way to go Lisa 🙂 As you already mentioned, if you can avoid vertical videos, you can dominate every inch of the video.

    Glad I read Harleena’s post just before landing on yours. The comment you referred imposing the fact some bloggers convinced that blogging is solely a Marketing strategy. Well, I wonder how many businesses would have started blogging if blogging couldn’t help making more sales.

    I think he should be grateful as you allow dofollow links ’cause, by default, comments are nofollow and you allow comments while BIG players turning off comments. Anyway, his thoughts made you publish a new post, isn’t it? 😉 We need criticism.

    I don’t allow dofollow comments on my blog and not a fan of dofollow comment concept either, Lisa. I find it’s kinda (Marketer’s) bait to encourage more on commenting, and it works too. It’s just I don’t like it 🙂 However I do allow one liners, comments with no profile pictures and so on unless they violate comment guidelines. You’re right – Our blogs, Our rules!

    Now enjoy the rest of your week dear 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Show Related Posts on Blogger with LinkWithinMy Profile

    • Thank you Mayura, about time right? I hope to work on another this weekend and make it better – horizontal. I often wonder that too – if they could not make money would they have started to blog? Criticism is good, it helps us sometimes to do better, right? We can learn from it either way. We can’t let ourselves feel “hurt” by it. I’ve thought of adding nofollow but then thought twice and haven’t been convinced yet to change it. It’s almost the weekend here Mayura, so glad. I hope your New Year celebrations went well there and that the weather was good for it too though I don’t think you get much foul weather there either.
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  • I don’t have a blog, I have an webmaster forum(new forum), will be a dofollow forum? Yes. Members can use backlinks in signatures? Yes.

    Comments offer visitors a way to leave their opinion to sharred articles, feedback, there’s few successful blogs that disabled comment option from their blog, reasons were as follows: too much waste moderating comments, personal reasons and few other.
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  • Hey,

    Spammers love to spread spam all around the blogs. But we should use moderation feature on our blog. Still my blog comment box is not working. Waiting for comment box and then I will remove spam comments and approve good comments 🙂


  • Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations on your video. It was nice to hear you and see you “almost” live 🙂

    I totally agree that we need to wait at least 3 comments to allow a link. To tell you the truth, I’ve had commenters come more than 3 times, but eventually they disappeared, and left broken linked on my blog. So 3 time is the minimum I would say.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..How To Manage Your Time Like A Pro For Your Home Based BusinessMy Profile

  • Yeah agreed “Your blog Your Home Your Rules 😀

    Due to lot of spam I stopped accepting comments on my tech blog but would start them soon enough.
    Vicky recently posted..Top Ten Unanswered Science QuestionsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    What a pleasant surprise to see you here :-)\
    I am so glad that I found you here!
    yes, comments are vital part of a blog or blogger
    it is no doubt necessary to keep open the box for
    your readers to comment, even if its crossed the
    level of 200 🙂
    In my opinion if a post is worth reading and surely
    there will be some doubt or questions from its readers
    If a post is closed that box how can they air or raise
    their doubt, how can they find your personal id or
    fb or something else to contact you to say something
    that is highly a tedious job and really a time consuming
    thing and some may not like to receive mail to their email in boxes!!! 🙂
    Yes, commenting is a win win case!!
    An important medium of communication between writers and readers!
    Like a letter column in a newspaper or for that matter any print media
    its a must, and some one called it as a and Ardhaasanam (1/2 Seat) In Malayalam
    that means second seat after and editor, ie after the editor the second
    important person is his readers or their opinion in the letters column,
    So most of the print media gives a prominent place (That is next to the editorial of the publication) to their readers in their publication. That is a good practice. and in this electronic speed media the comment box occupies some what similar place and we should not shut that column or space from your readers
    Here we call it back links LOL of course your policy of giving the back link after 3 solid comment is ok, some pages gives only after 5 or 6 comments 🙂 that is i think is not a good trend 🙂
    It should continue and I am sure it will be a healthy practice too
    Keep up the good work lisa 🙂 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛
    Thanks for sharing
    Hi Lisa,
    This comment I posted at – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.
    Nice to let you know that here. 🙂
    Philip Varghese Ariel recently posted..I for Interview: Interviews with my blogging friendsMy Profile

    • Thank you Philip – welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I believe we’ve met on Google+, correct? Oh yes, comments are surely vital indeed. I love your comparison to the print media, as my day job is working for a newspaper (in advertising). People still do love writing those letters to the editor 🙂 They still love to see their name or picture in print today. You are welcome and thanks for sharing over at Kingged as well. It’s becoming a vibrant community over there. Have a wonderful day there.
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

  • I’ve always allowed links to the blog from the beginning. Back in the day, I didn’t know anything about bad vs good links, so it might not have been the smartest thing at the time. Yet, I figure that there are people who will stop by maybe once or twice because I’ve promoted the post somewhere so why not give them the link, and it’s all dofollow as well.

    The other side of it is that it’s your blog. You can set up whatever rules you like, and if someone doesn’t like it they can leave & never come back. Of course that’s something you then have to deal with, just like people who set up what I’m calling stupid blog commenting systems that make people create accounts or go through captcha processes; ugh. Even with this stuff, if that’s what you want to do then go for it and just deal with whatever the consequences are going to be.

    Then again, I’m new to the game… lol
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  • “Your Blog – Your Home – Your Rules” That is true. Your blog is like your home, you have your own set of laws and visitors must tag along, or else, they’re out! You moderate your blog comments, you make a decision your own if you will grant it or not. Since it is like a home, it ought to be clean and organized. Blog comment is required in some types of blog if it needs comments or suggestion, yet not to some posts.

    Lisa, this is an interesting topic to throw. While reading your post, I have understood that it is wise to have a plugin to detect spam comments.
    I left this comment on, the content curation website and blogging community.

  • Congratulations on the video, Lisa 🙂

    I am yet to start doing any videos. My initial plan was to start doing videos and podcasts in May (so, I still have a lot of time. But, that plan assumed that I would put a lot more effort and time into marketing; therefore, getting more results. That didn’t work out, so I might have to change the plan).

    Interesting question, by the way. I have it setup..

    Oh, well, I forgot what I did.

    Let me go check!

    Oh, yeah. I have modified the settings that everyone gets everything…do follow/10 posts for everyone after 1 approved comment (I had planned to modify that…but, I guess I forgot that).

    So, thank you for writing this post. I have modified the options so that only people with more than 3 comments get do follow and 10 posts.

    I agree with your reasoning. It’s our blog, so our rules. Plus, we have to reward those folks who come back 😀

    I am not sure I want to give everything to a first time commenter. I know I did that….but it was temporary. I had planned to change it once I started getting a good number of comments (I knew that people would visit my blog at once, since I was commenting a lot. But, never expected that much growth or consistency in comments!).

    I had seen Harleena’s post, but I am yet to read it. Have to check it soon.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this! Hope you are enjoying your weekend 🙂
    Jeevan Jacob John recently posted..Procrastination, Distractions & Habit Loopholes!My Profile

    • Hi Jeevan, thanks, it took me longer than I wanted but I have a lot going on offline lately so it’s been harder to keep up. Never be afraid to change a plan if it’s not working out they way you thought. You weren’t alone in that, we set things up and then forget how or why we did it 🙂
      You are welcome. Yes, rewarding regular visits is another great reason to do that.
      I am enjoying the weekend, the temps finally hit 70, felt great after the long winter of snow and cold. I may not be online much more today. Spring fever taking over! Thanks for coming by Jeevan and look forward to seeing your first video.
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    You’ve shared a rather controversial post, and I must admit that the required response depends to a large extent on the owner of the blog.

    In the first place, I have noticed that 90% of bloggers and visitors have moved away from the simple foundational concept of blog commenting, majority of people are just after the links to be obtained.

    Commenting is meant to show appreciation in form of questioning, more contribution, engaging and creating relationship between the reader and the blog owner.

    I think we should all get back to the basis, and it will be ideal if we can just delete off a comment if the comment does not fall within this foundational concept. That is what I do, I only approve comment, give out links if indeed the fellow making the comment reads the blog, ask questions, contribute and engage.

    Thanks Lisa for sharing, those are just my little cent!!
    James recently posted..How to start and create a successful news blog and siteMy Profile

    • Hi James, yes it appears everyone treats it a little differently. That’s sad if people just comment for links only. I think adding to a conversation or asking questions are key to a blog and to keeping it growing. I always learn so much from comments here from other bloggers and people. Many times it helps me to do a follow up post as well. Thanks for adding your cent to this discussion James. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

  • Bravo Lisa!

    It seems like if the party in question was really interested in furthering your topic of conversation, they really wouldn’t have a problem with your or anybody else’s rules!

    Regarding how you interact on their blog! And just like you pointed out, would you expect an offline store to extend the exact same benefits to a first time customer and or client, that they would to their existing repeat customers and clients?

    Probably not! Besides, you’ve got a ton of worthwhile content on your blog to comment on and one can easily meet your basic requirement!

    Thanks for sharing and sticking to your guns!
    Mark recently posted..Three Simple Ways To Tell If You’re Social Media Marketing Deficient!My Profile

    • Hi Mark, thanks. I just wanted to see how others did it and if I was valid in my way of doing it to protect spam, etc. After reading all the comments thus far I do believe 3 comments before a backlink is a very fair rule. I do need to make it more clear though, maybe on the sidebar or a page for it. I will hope to work on this weekend. The weather finally broke here and it’s been hard to not be outside and be online. Thanks for your input Mark and enjoy your day!
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Well, let me share my views about comments and backlinks in this thread.

    It’s true like Nancy said that most of the webpages allows comments through Facebook only, just to avoid spam, but the fact is most of the bloggers (like me) likes to hear the views of the visitors. Of course there might be some people who just visits our site to leave backlinks; but avoiding completely the commenting part of a blog is a mistake, I feel so !

    We will be missing the suggestions and appreciations from the people and in fact we will be moving only in one way communication style, just pumping content without any concern whether that is really helpful to the visitors or not. And as per my knowledge success in blogging or any other online marketing process can be anticipated only when there is two way communication !

    Having even 50% of spam messages won’t be much problem, as the remaining 50% would be helpful both for the blogger as well as the visitors. May be we should find a way to identify those comments which are just meant to link back and un-approve them, instead of completely considering every message as spam 😛

    Please correct me if i am wrong 😛

    – Bhanu Chander
    Bhanu Chander recently posted..Bloggers success story | Interview with Shiwangi SrivastavaMy Profile

    • Hi Bhanu, I agree, big mistake. We can learn so much via the comments of our posts. I do check several things for spam: Is the comment part of the conversation or totally off base? I check their website, is it a related site or a valid site? One that I would want a link from or okay to make it nofollow? Does the person use their own photo? If not I may more than likely put it in spam. Is there email and website true or fake? Those are the things I look for and sometimes it can be tricky to distinguish. If unsure I ususally put in spam, it may decide on my mood that day too. Thanks Bhanu for your input and questions. Have a great day!
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for talking about me behind my back. There was no point in letting me know about this post, right? Thanks go to Kumar Gauraw for letting me know about it.

    So you forced me to come back. Fine. Well, let’s see my point (not your assumptions about what I think)…

    1) Any blogger is free to use whatever blog commenting rules she or he wants. I don’t have any problem with this approach. I read the rules and I comment if I like the rules. If I don’t like the rules, I don’t waste my time. Everything is just fine.

    2) What if the blogger does NOT post publicly the rules? The rule that says, if you submit only one or two comments then there’s no backlink to your latest blog post unless you post a third comment, is NOT posted on THIS blog and made me waste my time.

    Your blog is your home, but my time is my time! If you want to be respected, respect me. Don’t ask me to comply with hidden rules 😉 I will always argue with people who announce the rules after the end of the game. That’s unfair, even if you’re the host and this is your home.

    3) The rule publicly posted on THIS blog, i.e. “This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments. Use your real name and then @ your keywords (maximum of 3)”, is a totally different rule. It’s says something else. Keywords in the name field is totally another rule and another topic.

    Lisa, thank you in advance for hosting my point of view. I hope you’ll do it, won’t you? 🙂


    P.S. For avoidance of any doubt, my previous comments (the text itself) referred in Lisa’s article did NOT include any link.


    @ Adrienne – I don’t comment anymore on your blog because I don’t agree with many claims, assumptions, etc that you make. Not agreeing with you is something bad? 😉 I’m sick of posting negative comments. And I’m not a liar to post “How great idea” if I think the opposite. That’s the only reason for not commenting on your blog anymore. If that is laughable, well, you can laugh. That’s your choice.

    • Adrian, I do not consider it talking behind your back. It’s published. I did not say anything negative about you. I am asking my readers if I was wrong to have the policy I have. The rules are at the bottom of every post: “This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments. Use your real name and then @ your keywords (maximum of 3)”. I’ve heard from several readers this is not clear and that I could use a page for it – I am considering doing that. So THANK YOU for that. I believe in people having their own opinions and of course I would publish your comment. If we all agreed on everything, life would sure be boring. And we can’t make change in ourselves or others if everyone agreed with us, right?
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

      • Lisa, let me repeat it once again… The rule posted at the bottom of the comment area is very clear and it’s fine. It’s a CL original rule, do NOT alter it. But this whole argument is about another rule that you have in your mind and apply without warning to your visitors.

        They are 2 different rules. It’s not one rule that isn’t very clear. They are 2 totally different rules.

        I was arguing with the rule you have in your mind because I consider that it’s unfair to have hidden rules and waste people’s time. Once you’ll post it publicly, I won’t argue with it. If I don’t like it, I don’t comment. If I don’t comment, I don’t waste my time. Everything is just fine.


        P.S. Your article suggests that you have public rules and I got upset when you applied them. Such person like the one described in the previous phrase (and in your article) is quite an idiot. Or a troll. Or a noob, whatever you prefer if you don’t like strong terms. Isn’t that something negative?

        In the same time isn’t that something NOT true? The truth is that you had a hidden rule (not a public rule) and I got upset because I found out about it after I posted my comment. That’s different. More than this, the truth is that you had and still have a rule at the bottom of the comment area, but you don’t understand it and you thought that it’s another one.

        Not everyone reads the comments. You should insert the truth in the article. But of course, once again, this is your home, I cannot force you tell the truth in the article.

        Oh, if this isn’t a negative article about me, then why didn’t you hide my name? That’s what I do when I criticize facts, not persons. But of course, that’s me, while this is your home where you can do whatever you want and I fully accept that.

        • Sorry for wasting your space, I missed something and I don’t want the last part of my previous comment to be misunderstood. If you tell the truth, I don’t mind if you write a negative article about me. I get upset only if a negative article doesn’t tell the truth.

          Many times I post negative comments and I’m not very polite. You can write a negative article on that topic (a “how not to”) and mention my name. I won’t get upset as long as you tell the truth. I promise you that I’ll even confirm that sometimes I’m not very polite.

          Not that I’m very proud of that attitude mentioned above, but if that’s the truth I can’t get upset on you. I can get upset on me 😉

  • You are absolutely right – Your House – Your Rules

    I am an Administrator of one of the largest Webmaster Forums around. The topic of what to put in your Name field and leaving links in the actual comment box came up recently as a means to link build (and for that purpose only – not to become a part of the community surrounding the blog).

    They are onto:
    1. Putting a name @ keyword phrase (not necessarily their actual blog or business name) for spamming purposes. e.g. someone@SEO Consultant.

    2. Trying to put a link in the comment box (not necessarily to supplement or justify their comment as part of the conversation).

    3. Looking for blogs that use CommentLuv to get a backlink to their articles.

    So with all that in mind, I do not allow keyword stuffed name fields and if they include a link in the comment body it probably is grounds to have their comment spam canned unless they wrote a real comment and the link added to the conversation.

    If that guy had complained to me I wouldn’t have wasted anytime justifying my decision. Might even have banned his IP. 😉
    S Emerson recently posted..Have You Read the Webmaster Guidelines Yourself?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    You have the full rights to set boundries around your home as well as your blog 😛
    But I believe in a hindi saying “Atithi Devo Bhav”(The guest is God) and I love to welcome them. In the same sense I serve guests(readers of my blog) by providing link juice to them.
    Kuldeep recently posted..How to Download WeChat for PCMy Profile

  • I had to laugh honestly Lisa when I saw who was making this argument. He doesn’t visit my blog anymore either because he doesn’t like the way I do things. As most people have said in their comments though, this is your blog and you have every right to make the rules. If people don’t like them, don’t come back. It’s really that simple.

    As you probably know, I have CommentLuv Premium as well and I have mine set at 10 approved comments before you’ll get a link. Yep, I had to go that number because it was very obvious to me that there were plenty of people out there who only commented for the link. Obviously they didn’t get the notice from Google that blog comment links don’t hold as much value anymore but to me it’s not about the links, it’s about the relationships.

    I clearly state that in my commenting rules so if they don’t want to take the time to read them then that’s not my problem. I’m not doing this to be ugly, I’m doing this because I want to make sure they are on my blog for the right reasons. In turn the links we share in our posts when we praise them for being the awesome people that they are hold so much more value then a commenting link. Guess they didn’t get that notice either! LOL!!!

    Now I can’t not comment on your video, awesome job Lisa and we get to see you in action girl. I loved it and I hope you’ll be doing more. See, that didn’t hurt at all. 😉 Great job Lisa!

    Adrienne recently posted..Learn How To Be A Smarter MarketerMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, I just brought it all up because I thought maybe I was too hard with my comment rules and wanted to know how others really felt about it. I could end up thanking him for that someday, right? On the other hand we cannot please everyone – we do what we believe and feel is right for us. Wow, 10! Interesting. I’ve got to check your rules – is it a seperate page? I am going to put one up since the CommentLuv rules seems to be confusing for many after reading the comments here. Thanks on the video, I did learn a lot for the next time I do one. I hope it will be sooner than later. Thanks for sharing your input with us on this subject Adrienne. I hope you have a wonderful end of the week there.
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

      • Hey Lisa,

        We definitely have to do what we believe is best for us and our blogs. You’re right, not everyone will agree and that’s fine. If we all agreed with stuff then it would be a very boring world.

        My commenting rules were written over two years ago and yes, they are a separate post and I have them in my sidebar. They use to be in my tab at the top of my page. I mainly have why I won’t approve your comments but I do have some of the reasons why you won’t receive any link juice from me. I didn’t add all the stuff with the Anti Backlink addition to CommentLuv because when they comment they’ll get that notice and I specify in that notice what is and what isn’t allowed.

        Can’t wait to see you next video. I’m sure it will be great.

        Enjoy your weekend, it will be here before you know it now.

        Adrienne recently posted..Learn How To Be A Smarter MarketerMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I also have a 3 comment system in place on my blog for activating CommentLuv backlinks.

    I don’t always apply the restriction though if I think the person leaving the comment is doing it for the right reasons.

    I also add people to the moderation list if I think they are just commenting purely for the backlinks.

    I have no quarms about deleting CommentLuv links if they’re to a spammy site or a sales page.

    I don’t advertise my policy however. If anyone asks then I’ll tell them. I also turned dofollow links off a while ago.

    Your blog is your property and one bad backlink could send you down the Google manual intervention road!

    Lovely to see you on video.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Dynamik Website Builder Review: Build Your Website With GenesisMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    I think it’s your blog, and you have every right to do with it as you wish… as you say, it’s your home.

    I know people like Michael Hyatt and Neil Patel don’t have time to respond to every comment, although Michael Hyatt promises to read every one. Yes, it is time consuming, but until one is that far established, leaving thoughtful comments is only right.

    Personally, I focus on relationships; not on page rank, links, or selling. I think all that will come in time.

    Kind Regards,
    William Butler recently posted..The Trouble With Traditional Thinking: Can You Afford It?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa, Great video! It was lovely to see you “in person”. Quick tech tip: turn your smartphone 90 degrees to landscape view when you shoot the video to get rid of those black stripes on the sides.

    My comment policy at The Wonder of Tech reserves my right to disallow any backlinks. My blog, my rules. I have one commenter who has been commenting for years but I don’t give him a backlink because he links to a sales page of his business.

    I disallow CommentLuv and delete the comment URL for first time commenters (unless I find the link has value). I will also do that any time I feel that the link isn’t a good fit for my blog. If the link is to a sales page, or a blog with no Alexa rank, that link won’t appear on my blog.

    I have spent too many hours with Broken Link Checker deleting bad links that now I am very, very picky!

    I loved Harleena’s article about commenting, great that you linked to it here. She and you do a fantastic job of highlighting the importance of comments to blogs. But as important as comments are, we aren’t doing anyone any favors by allowing poor quality backlinks to our blog (except, perhaps the commenters who left those links).
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..Amazon’s Future – Your Online Shopping Experience May Be Dramatically DifferentMy Profile

    • Hi Carolyn, thanks for your tidbit. I thought that was part of it, doing it vertical, been doing video’s like that for vine since you can’t the other way. Interesting about how you handle your comments, thanks for sharing. I may change mine to one as well, I want to think long and hard on it. Good point about the Broken Link Checker, it does take a lot of time. Thanks for all your feedback Carolyn and have a great rest of the week.
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    If the commenting is to be done only for the purpose of getting the links , I think that is not very correct. I like a post , I will comment on it. It is all about building relationship as Adrienne mentioned in her numerous blog posts. I allow the links from day one and I do comment on their blogs but if they don’t comment back it may mean they are either busy or not interested in building relationship.
    However it is prerogative of a blog to allow comments or disallow them, give links or not.
    Ashvini recently posted..Starting a T Shirt Business ?My Profile

  • Hello Lisa,

    Yes, I do allow people to come on my blog and leave their links, but at the same time, I do spot checks for some that are not my regular visitors. I’ve had some come across my blogs, I’ll approve but remove their spammy links and then have had them come back and write an offensive post about how I removed their link. What I always say, if they are going to come on my playground, be prepared to play the rules. If they don’t like it, then too bad, they can go somewhere else. I think there’s plenty of opportunities to come around. As are as blog commenting and responding… I haven’t been too good on that lately. 😥

    Thanks for clarifying a few things that I’ve been wondering about. Hope all is well Lisa. Will be back later!

  • Hey Lisa,

    This was a great topic about allowing backlinks with comments. I don’t have any rules in regards to it, but you do have me thinking now LOL… Yes, this is your blog and you can do whatever you want, but also I think it’s a great idea to see who values engaging with you more so than leaving a backlink. Yes, you do want to make it a win/win but also you want to make sure that you have serious bloggers love’s engaging with you which I believe is vital to a blog.

    Yes some of the top notch bloggers don’t allow comments, but it goes to show how great their content was before they turned this feature off. If I ever get to that point I think I may turn off my comment section since it will be overwhelming for me!

    Thanks for sharing Lisa and you have a great week!

  • Hi Lisa,

    Great to see you on video! As for your rules on comments – We all have our rules! And our rules must be respected. If you see my back office and how many people do not get on my comment section you would be surprised!

    I don’t like one liners. But if it is a good blog, I’ll get in touch with that person and ask them nicely to leave more in the comment section, otherwise I cannot approve them. I got a lot of good feedback from that!

    Gravatars! Unless one of my students is working on their blogs, I won’t allow people without gravatars.

    Back links: Sometimes I have to edit a back link if it goes to a sales page. I do get in touch with that person and tell them why.

    Comments play an important role in our blogs. It is where we can engage with our readers. Just accepting any old comment for numbers sake can get us into trouble. Some may not know that. A polite way of getting in touch with these folks usually works. If not, they are spammed!

    I must sound like I’m cracking a whip here, but I do value my blog. So do you so stick to your guns girl.

    donna merrill recently posted..Facebook Is A Marketer’s DreamMy Profile

  • Lisa, I would have love to see what Adrian would have to say about this post. what would be his reaction. Just thinking.
    For me I don’t use comment luv. But I do think your requirement is okay as it goes a long way in reducing spam messages. Except perhaps that person is bent on spaming your blog.

    If you allow a link on a name for the the first three comments or 7 as the case may be. It shows your target is to get readers who would be part of the community. Thanks for sharing

  • For a new blogger like me, having back-link’s from the very first comment ensures good amount of visitor’s and engagement. With time my blog will grow and then I might apply the three comment scheme to ensure more quality in comments. I wish for the day I need to turn off the comments- wish my blog grew so much. SEO might have changed but back-links always had and will have immense value- like branding, exposure and traffic.

    I found this great piece on kingged(dot)com and I kingged it!

  • Hi Lisa,
    Well, it’s a debatable topic.

    I guess, if you are not in the top league of bloggers, you should stick with blog comments. Let’s admit that almost 60% or more of us comment on blogs just to have that backlink.

    One of my blog was dofollow blog and once I installed commentLuv on it, the spam comments pumped up like anything. They were not from bots, but people leaving meaningless comments. I had a hard time moderating those comments. That’s why I chose the new blog not to allow dofollow links in comments.

    Like you said, it’s your blog, you are free to define the rules.

    Jakes recently posted..Google’s Android Wear is an insanely late technology?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Great, great, great post! 🙂 In fact, this is the first time I am visiting your blog and I landed up on this post through Twitter only.

    I don’t think we should allow links the first time only because it helps us gauge the visitor and understand if he or she is commenting for backlinking purposes or for truly creating a relationship. What I think creating the relationship is what matters the most, then the backlink is just an icing on the cake.

    Though I still allow backlinks for the first time only till now, because I don’t yet have the CommentLuv premium but would love to!

    Besides, I would never ever close my native WordPress commenting system because I would love to get direct feedback from my readers and interact with them personally which can happen only with my blog. If had to go social, I would go for a two-in-one system but never stop it altogether. And well said, a blog is like your home – a precious place.

    Happy to visit your blog and keep blogging. 🙂

    Mainak Halder recently posted..31 Magical Words to Get More Facebook Shares and Re-Tweets [Infographic]My Profile

  • Yeah! Love the vlog! You go girl! 😀

    I don’t think you were wrong and I think he was wrong for being upset about it. That’s just my 2 cents. To be honest, I can’t even remember what my settings are for backlinks. 🙄 Yes, guess I better go check that out, right? Fab post my friend. Will we be seeing more vlogs now?

    • Thanks Bren, I did several takes and then wasn’t happy with width but learned how for next time. Hopefully they will be more 🙂 Well, everyone has an opinion and I’d rather he voice it then quietly go away to never return. It’s interesting to see the different comments on how people handle comments at their places. Got my wheels spinning, Thanks for coming by Bren and let me know how yours are once you check it out. It’s almost Friday my friend 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

      • Lisa, I had to double check mine cause quite frankly I couldn’t remember. Mine is set to 10 comments before links. Why? Because I don’t care for those people who make a comment just to get a link posted on someone else’s blog. Imo, that’s BS. You’re content is awesome and if someone doesn’t come back just because of a link, that’s their problem, not yours. I see you have a dipshit commenting down there. It’s his problem, not yours.

        BTW, did I not read the Official Blogging Rule Book that said you need to state your commenting policy? Excuse me but if the person likes you content, they would comment regardless of getting a link up. If someone has a problem with that, kick their arrogant behind to the curb. :mrgreen:
        Bren recently posted..Liar – LiarMy Profile

  • I guess commenting rules would differ with different bloggers. One thing is certain, quality comments would always be appreciated. This will define the decision of placing links.

    It is still important that we should not place too much importance on blog commenting because indeed the link juice is not as valuable as before.

    Commenting is still very vital and I agree, only time will tell whether the bloggers that have stopped comments are right or wrong.

    This comment was left in – the content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  • Hey Lisa,
    Great content and Yes, blog commenting is very important for making relations with other blogger and also for promoting but as you said above, Its our blog and we have all the rights to set our boundaries. Personally speaking, I do commenting for making relations with other, not for getting just backlinks. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  • My issue is always with those blatent drop a comment and run commentators, those that only visit a blog for the comment back link and nothing else, I’ve seen so many trying to take advantage of this, specially having commentluv installed where they are trying to game the system, by leaving several stupid comments that make no sense to the subject matter.

    Yes my blog is now NoFollow, with the recent changes in Google, I would rather be safe than sorry, if people don’t like the No follow, then tough, they will still get a link for people to click on, which is traffic for them at the end of the day.

    I believe a “x” amount of comments is fair, we are the owner of our own sites, the boss,we have the right to run it how we want.

    I also believe that the links should be to the root domain and not to a page or post and that a real name should be used, it says “name” on the comment form, so that’s what it should be.

    Just my thoughts 😉
    Karen Woodham recently posted..The Raid Arcade – The Raid 2, Time For You To Fight!My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    I love this topic 😉
    You know a lot of people comment for those backlinks but that doesn’t mean we should just let go anything. Like you, I believe a three comment rule is fair. However, I still sometimes remove some links from some comment especially if they are not pointing to the root domain.

    Will be back
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Advertisers are NOT Stupid But These 10 Things Attract Them! Esp #10My Profile

  • It’s your website you can do what you want. I can’t make you allow my comment. If I don’t like it I don’t have to come back. I know some bloggers have been going to a certain number of comments before they allow links now.

    To be fair, I didn’t know that you have a 3 comment policy before links are allowed. Probably because I have been visiting off and on for some time now, and I have more than 3.

    I did look around a bit and couldn’t find where this might be stated, but I certainly could have missed it too. If you happened to have mentioned it in a single blog post new visitors surely won’t see it.

    You could maybe create a Comment Rules page or something that was easy to find in the top navigation, in the sidebar, at the bottom of your comment form, etc. That way if someone did happen to complain you could say well my policy is right there (in some easy to find location) and refer them to that page for review. Just a thought. People still don’t read them very often even if you put it right in front of them though.
    Ray recently posted..There’s A First For EverythingMy Profile

    • Hi Ray, thanks for letting me know. It is at the bottom of each post – way bottom. I may consider adding that page or adding to disclosure. Thanks for the tip. I’m waiting for more comments and may relax the rule too. I’m thinking more and will see. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

      • Lisa, I think the rule is fair enough at three comments. In blogging we cant please everybody. What we strive to is please the best we can. I think if you decide to change your policy you would just get more spammers attempting to leave a one-off comment.

        if people will try to aim writing creative comments that add value people will certainly visit their site with or without the link
        Peter Kanayo recently posted..The Irresistible Power of Story Telling in BusinessesMy Profile

      • Hi Lisa,

        Are you referring to this at the bottom of this post:
        This blog uses premium CommentLuv which allows you to put your keywords with your name if you have had 3 approved comments. Use your real name and then @ your keywords (maximum of 3)

        If so I see these all the time, but to be honest whenever I see them to me it implies that:
        Once you have 3 approved comments you can enter Name @ Keywords (up to 3). Until then you can’t, but you would still get a link (Standard Name Only) without keywords in the name field, and you can use CommentLuv.

        That’s how I always took it as meaning. If it is meant to mean that you won’t get any link at all until you have 3 comments approved these should be a little clearer because like I mentioned I see the same statement frequently and I guess I must have been misunderstanding it.

        I don’t have a problem with 3 comments first though. I think it is fair enough and a good number.
        Ray recently posted..How To Setup And Configure cPanel Email ForwardingMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa I am a first time commenter on your Blog and found your article through My Friend Ryan above me here that shared the post.
    I totally support your view on treating your blog as you would your house, after all it took lots of time and love to get things setup and working to your liking. I think the three comment system is good, unless you are new to blogging and wanted a few comments and laxed the rules a bit.
    Also I see nothing wrong with removing the links from a comment whose sole purpose is a back link and nothing else (You may remove my link) its only fair, especially when you know the commented did not read the article and is trolling for a back link.
    Just had to get my two cents in on the matter.
    Ricardo Gardener recently posted..Comment on How to make your way to your first $100+ payday online. by Ricardo GardenerMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Interesting topic of discussion, and thanks so much for linking up my post – I still have a lot of pending comments to catch up with that one 😉

    Yes, our blogs are our homes and whatever rules we lay down should be followed. Different bloggers have different ways and that’s their own personal choice that others need to respect. Speaking of myself, I allow the links even for newcomers though ONLY after I check out they have a blog and are the rightful owners, not otherwise. And they are all nofollow links till a certain number is reached, which ensures they continue visiting for a number of time, after which they turn to dofollow. I’ve not had a problem so far with it and it’s working well.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..6 Time Saving Tips to Avoid Being Overworked [Infographic]My Profile

  • Well I guess it’s totally blog owners choice whether to allow backlinks in comments or not. There are several bloggers who are still offering do-follow comments. And some of them aren’t approving a single comment. I think they have different theory for that and I respect all of them.

    Samir recently posted..Top 5 Smartphones in 2014 under $250 (Rs.15000, £150, 185 Euro)My Profile

  • Lisa, you have every right to treat your home as you do 😉 I allow backlink juice off of the bat but I delete far more comments these days if they don’t share value. I like your take. We work hard to keep our home tidy. Until you get to know, like and trust someone, they have to prove their worthiness to you. I dig it.

    I have met Adrian J a few times. He is passionate, resolute, and he’ll always tell the truth of how he’s feeling. That is code for, when he feels something – no matter what it is – he says it, lol! Always neat to find the balancing act between speaking your mind and making buddies…..because people are watching folks, and monitoring your brand…so be big, share your thoughts, and keep on making friends. If you are not a match, leave quietly. So much better for your brand, as it shows you are a confident, focused person who releases with ease.

    Tweeted through Triberr!

  • I semi-moderate my comments. Since my blog is quite new, I am happy to hear from anyone commenting on a post.

    Honestly, I just leave it all up to the spam filter plugin. Anything that gets a pass from that plugin, gets auto-accepted by me.
    Katherine James recently posted..6 Common Mistakes Freelance Writers Make When PitchingMy Profile

  • My blog offer dofollow link. Though I moderate comments. There are many smart spammers that try to squeeze link in the comment form.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted..SEO Con-Artists and ImpostorsMy Profile

  • Your subject line is a bit broad – there is a difference between rescinding a blog or website URL that’s in the “signature” (i.e. the blog commenter’s own name with an underlying link, usually to the top page, not a deep link as such) and deleting links inside the comment text as such. The latter are often spammy unless they are implemented to link out to prove a point, like comments coming from a (private) blog (URL in the above “signature”) and then discussing a subject from which a link is given e.g. to the New York Times to back up a point. To remove the link to the domain itself is a little devious, because: either it’s a spammy comment, then why publish it at all? If it’s not, then why not leaving the link active (unless it is really bad neighborhood stuff, but then even a very verbose to-the-point comment might actually be spam still)? A different matter are “deep” links pointing to a sales pitch article, placed in the text of a comment. There is seldom a reason to place these in comments unless the blog writer specifically asked for a “how do YOU do it” contest etc. But: is commenting still a backlinking tool at all? It usually creates nofollow links. No PageRank will be transferred then. Blogs nowadays give (the website in) your comment a nofollow link. Worthless in terms of PageRank or so we’re told. We should not inherit PageRank and robots ignore the link completely (so we’re told). Why then do people still spend time commenting ‘for backlinking purposes’? We may still comment to contribute to an interesting discussion (like today). That has a different spin to it though. Why do SEO consultants still recommend creating nofollow ‘backlinks’? Am I missing something?
    Dermot Gilley recently posted..Build your own Ecommerce Website, Dropshipping & Secure Ecommerce HostingMy Profile

    • Hi Dermot, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Correct, I was speaking of the comment links themselves. Correct about most of them being a no follow link as well but it helps other commenters possibly go visit their latest or favorite post (value in that). I believe most comment today to engage with the writer and many often leave comments back at their blog as well – that is what you may be missing. Its a reciprocal type of thing between many bloggers today. Thanks for coming by with your input on this one and have a great rest of the week there.
      Lisa recently posted..Comments – Do You Allow Backlinks with One Comment, Several or None? My Profile

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  • This is an interesting topic!

    I’m not sure I’ve ever come across a blog before that doesn’t allow backlinks for first-time commenters, only repeat commenters, but you’re right — whoever owns the blog sets the rules. And you’re very up front about those rules. So I’m not sure what people have to complain about.

    As a commenter, I’ve learned to check comment fields/rules before I get too deeply into a post, so I know whether or not I’ll even be able to comment once I get to the end. I don’t have a Facebook account anymore for instance, and many sites only allow you to comment via FB, so I can never comment at those sites. Disappointing for me, but I can understand why they do things that way (cuts down on spam, etc.).

    At my own blog, I love comments — I think they’re a crucial part of what I do and I’d never turn them off. And I like to reward anyone (first-timer or regular) who leaves a approved comment with a backlink. I don’t always reply to every comment, but I do make an effort.

    The only comment alterations I tend to make are in the name field. I don’t like when people comment as entities, or as “Jane from Whatever Blog.” It’s too advertise-y. So I take off the blog/business name and leave it at the personal name. Just a pet peeve of mine.
    Nancy Man recently posted..Rejected Baby Names in Victoria, AustraliaMy Profile

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