Can A Tweet Seats Event Create A Social Buzz?

Tweeting From The Tweet Seats

Have you been to a theater or sporting event in the Tweet Seats? I just received an invite to one coming up tomorrow night and I’m so excited. It’s for a local play in Providence, RI called “Memphis”, at the Performing Arts Center.

Tweet Seats

Tweet seats have been around for over a year now. The Godspell show on Broadway generated a buzz and Brian Williams from NBC covered the tweet seat story. The average age of viewers of Broadway shows is 44 and for tweeters it is 21. Is that why you and I feel so YOUNG on Twitter? The average age of a peep surprised me. I’d like to be like Ivy Bean, on Twitter at the age 104. (Before she passed). 

Do performers and athletes fear smartphones going off during the shows? Performers do not like having cell phones going off with load noises or bright flashes. According to the report by Brian Williams older smartphone users are more apt not to silence their phones off or on motion sensory. Young people know how to do it as they grew up with smartphones in school and had to be sure they didn’t go off in class or take the chance losing them. I believe anyone at any age if they use their phone daily have learned how to use that important silence button. One would surely be embarrassed if their smartphone went off at a meeting at work or attending a funeral. (I have seen both happen and felt embarrassed for them.)

What do tweet seats do for shows and events?

  1. Bring awareness of the events to younger people via Twitter.
  2. Attract younger audiences to these events – they may not have heard about them otherwise.
  3. Sell Tickets – People that may not have attended will purchase tickets for future shows or events there – by hearing recommendations on Twitter from their Twitter friends.

What Is In It For The Tweeter in the Tweet Seats?

  1. Free shows and events to attend.
  2. Be able to share their experience over Twitter of the show or event.
  3. Have some fun sharing via Twitter and a little recognition.
How to find out about a Tweet Seats in your area? You can check your local newspaper or of course via Twitter.


I’d love for you to follow me Tuesday night as I tweet from the Memphis show starting at 7 PM EST. Feel free to retweet or tweet me during the event from 7 PM until approximately 9:30 PM on Tuesday, December 4, 2012.

Tweet Me

Do you want to become a Tweet Seat person for a show or sporting event in your area? 

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