Can You Really Make Money With Sponsored Tweets?

Making Money With Sponsored Tweets

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I had joined Sponsored Tweets many months ago and was not really getting paid for it until recently. One of the payouts was for over $4.00 for a tweet. How cool is that? I then looked over their pro account and realized why hadn’t I signed up earlier for it? It has a 30 day FREE trial program (Though you must enter your credit card) for $1.99 mo. So if I just made one tweet per month I would double my money. Can your bank account do that?


6 Reasons Why I Went Pro on Sponsored Tweets

  1. I could double my money tweeting.
  2. I would get a PRO badge – Lets advertisers know you are serious about tweeting for them.
  3. I would get priority sorting with Sponsored Tweets – I would get sorted before the free accounts.
  4. Reduce minimum cash out to $25 from $50 (less time waiting for your money).
  5. Free 30 Day Trial.
  6. You can cancel at any time if you can’t afford the $1.99/mo. – Isn’t that enough?

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8 Ways Improve Your Odds with Sponsored Tweets

  1. Encourage more followers on your Twitter account. If you are not gaining more followers naturally you could try out Twiends to gain more followers quickly. (It’s not the best method since they may not be true followers, I have not used it on my own account in almost a year) 
  2. Pick the right KEYWORDS – You can read more about this in their help area. You have up to 10 keywords to choose from so advertisers will pick you to tweet their sponsored tweets out.
  3.  Link placement in your tweets – The link should be about 1/4 way into your tweet for better odds of being clicked and re-tweeted – read more from from Dan Zarella of Hubspot. Something I must do more of myself.
  4. Choose tweets from sponsors that match you – I would not tweet something out that was against my principles for a few bucks!
  5. Try interacting with some brands that you truly like.
  6. Don’t give up – most important factor!
  7. Do NOT tweet from your own Twitter account, –  Hit the Tweet button on Sponsored Tweets – it should say please approve as that is what it is really doing before they tweet it out.
  8. If you have not joined Sponsored Tweets you may join via my affiliate link for Sponsored Tweets. As you can see above I’ll make a whooping 4 cents. But when someone signs up using one of your links or badges you will receive 10% of SponsoredTweets portion of revenue for each successful transaction that Tweeter makes.  (Referral revenue will not be earned on promotional funds issued by SponsoredTweets.) And referrals only last for 2 years, not forever.
There are some people making as much as $350 per tweet and some celebrities have made $20,000 per tweet – Smart Money
Maybe you could quit that day job after all. Imagine making $350 a tweet and working from home? Or you could just make that amount monthly as extra cash. That’s my goal, what’s yours?


Have You Used Sponsored Tweets or Will You Join Today?



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