Can You Be On Just One More Place Online?

One More Place Online To Be

One more place online to be is what I told myself. I was about to sign up for another place online called Scoop It and I started to think: Just how many places can one person be on?

One more place online

How Many Places Online Can We Be?

I am so tempted to be one more place online. It looks like another great place to be.  Making more connections, learning more things.  If I had to list all the places I am in, could I do it?  Would I have to spend a lot of time there? How much time do I spend at various places online? I had to look back at that old chart I made months ago. Could I do another chart to see if I can afford the time to add one more place?
I cannot image not having Twitter and Facebook, those are the 2 staples. Now with blogging you have a reading list to visit daily and see which blogs you want to read and maybe comment on. Then if you want more views you head on over to Stumble Upon and spend a few minutes sharing there. Maybe reading some interesting posts, commenting and think it’s time to move on being careful not to get lost online.  How many times has that happened to you over on Stumble Upon? Then you may hop over to Digg or Newsmeback. You may check out BlogFrog, Just Say So, Bloggers, Networked Blogs, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

social networks

Do you stick with just those sites that bring you the most traffic or do you keep spreading yourself around? I’m an internal optimist and if I don’t get a lot of results from one site I may think “I need to spend more time there.”  And keep testing away.
Was it easier before social networking and all one had to do was SEO?   SEO is no bed of roses either, lots of link building in the earlier days and directory submissions. Keyword research and testing. Now content is king and the speed of websites is going to be the next big factor for SEO.

Just how far do you spread yourself out? Do you keep adding one more place online to your networks?


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