Can Friends Be Through a Computer?

Friends Through a Computer

Friends through a computer are now more commonplace. Can you really have friends through a computer? Or do you have to be face to face with people to be true friends? Must you live close by or can you be seperated by many miles to remain friends?

Friends through a computer

How have most of your friendships started? Most people form friendships from:

  • School.
  • Activities like sports, girl scouts, chess club.
  • College.
  • Work.
  • Groups, associations, things you do in common.

Friends have been around since biblical times – “Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13-15

Friends Makae You Live Longer

Having friends in your life gives you great pleasure but it also helps you to live longer. According to a study study from Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Those with poor social connections had on average 50 percent higher odds of death … That boost in longevity is about as large as the mortality difference observed between smokers and nonsmokers, the study’s authors say. You can read more on this study here.
Now enter the age of the internet beginning with instant messaging and then social networks. Add in smartphones and people can communicate from anywhere at anytime very easily. If you belong to the same groups online could that forge a friendship? If you messaged or emailed daily would that be considered a friend?
Most friendships last with friends having a common interest, sharing these interests and the pleasure they bring each other. Each friend gets something out of the relationship. Once that is lost the friendship usually wanes. A true friend is someone who you are not afraid to ask a favor of or someone you would do a favor for with no strings attached. I have made friends with people on Twitter. It is nice to see a tweet from a friend on a not so great day – it can cheer you up. Other friends I have met through blogging. I keep up with friends on Facebook. (I still have some dear old friends that are not online except for email; imagine?) I even met my ex husband back in 1998 via the computer. (AOL)
In a fast paced world where we no longer hang out in the neighborhoods, work longer hours, having friends through the internet seems only natural. Of course there is the dark side of meeting people from online but doesn’t that also exist in bars, local events and streets too?

Can you really have friends through the computer?

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