Would You Drive With Bumper Stickers For Money or Beliefs?

Bumper Stickers to Make Money or Show Your Beliefs?

bumper stickers

If you had the opportunity to make money by driving around with a bumper sticker would you drive with just any bumper sticker? Or would the bumper sticker have to be a product or brand you believe in?

Would the cause or message have to be part of your own belief system?

There is a new Vehicle Advertising Program called Car-Bucks. You can make money by placing bumper stickers on your vehicle for brands.

Or if you want to market your own brand or website you could have bumper stickers made for others to share on their vehicles to promote your brand or message. If you didn’t want to use bumper stickers maybe you could sell your feet pictures instead to make money.

Signing up for Car Bucks

To sign up all you have to give them your email. They will then they will contact you for your mailing address. They also ask for your zip code for where you live and work. That way they can match you up with the brands in your area or to your demographic profile. A zip code can tell them more about your income, age, etc.

Car-Bucks facilitate the agreements between commuters and advertisers regarding contract length and desired messaging. All you have to do is sign up and it’s FREE. (Advertisers pay a small set-up fee but there is a FREE trial offer going on now).

Once you receive your sticker you have to put it on your vehicle, take a picture and send it back to them for verification. Car-Bucks has a smart phone app that tracks the mileage. Commuters agree to turn the app on their smartphone. That is how you will be paid. They track by the mileage and length of time agreed to keep the bumper sticker on your vehicle.

I have signed up myself and am awaiting my first bumper stick offer to come. They are now verifying my information by mailing info to my mailing address. (Just how Google does for Google Pages / Place.) I will be picky on which one I choose to participate with. I feel they are a reflection of who we are or in what we believe in.

Are Stickers on a Bumper a New or Old Way of Marketing?

These stickers for your vehicle have been around for years. They came out in 1927 by the Ford Motor Company. They have been very popular for political candidates over the years. Brands use them to keep their messages in the forefront of people’s minds.

Can you recall some you have seen over the years? Others use these stickers to brag about their children being on the honor roll or in a prestigious college. If these stickers didn’t produce any results do you think they would still be around today?

What Types of Stickers Are Most Popular?

Funny Stickers

Pet Bumper Stickers

About Us

Political Opinions

Religious Expressions

What are you favorite types of slogans on vehicles? Do you currently have one on your car?

Would you be willing to put one of your car if you were getting paid? 

Would you promote your brand with a sticker on your vehicle?

I’d love to know more in the comments below!

I am being compensated for this post via Car-Bucks.com

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  • Riya says:

    I’m reading first time that bumper stickers are used for money. I think, it is a way of advertising and awareness about that business or company. Mostly bumper stickers are used for showing their interest of thing like someone use moral and funny stickers.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Riya, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I think they did away with this program which is too bad. People do love driving around with bumper stickers for different things still today. Have a great day!

  • Maxwell Ivey says:

    I didn’t know bumper stickers had been around that long or that it was Ford that started them. well with all their cars being made in black then, they would have been a perfect backdrop for bumper stickers. I hadn’t thought of promoting my brand on my car bumper, but now I am thinking of it. I plan to do it. I even want to come up with one that friends or family would be willing to put on their vehicles. It would be a cheap source of advertising. thanks for the suggestion, max

  • Rohan Bhardwaj says:


    This is really an easy way to earn some cash. For this to work out great, one can only choose specific brands, and one needs to drive for their requirement only. So they will earn some cash for things they already do otherwise.

    I don’t use it as of now, as in here such offers are scarce.

    I have one idea, promote stuffs like insurance or similar products and also sign for the affiliate things. You can promote it and if someone asks, you can tell them to buy it from you. So can be a double earning from single work.

    Loved your article.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Rohan, Great point, good way to make money doing what you normally do otherwise! Wonder if that would be legal to do that – affiliate it? Not sure. Another good question. Thanks for your input Rohan and have a great new week already here!

  • Akaahan Terungwa says:

    Hello Lisa,

    You’ve got some interesting stuff here. Currently, my car has no sticker (which is my choosing – feel its childish). However, if someone is paying me to pay one I believe in, I guess it becomes less childish. What do you think?

    Second, is this offer open to non US citizens?


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Akaahan, If it has the right message – yes, less childish. All depends on the sticker itself. I have not seen if it is or not yet. But I WILL find out and let you know. Great question! Thanks Akaahan. Have a nice week!

  • Hi Lisa,

    Years ago, I remember looking into something they call “wrapped car” which is driving a car that is wrapped into an ad (image) for free, but I had never heard of this.

    I know in my case, I drive so little that I don’t think they would want me as an advertiser. I drive every day, but very short distances.

    I would want to look into it though as an advertiser. Thanks for this 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sylviane, oh yes, that is another way having a wrapped car or one all painted with logo and words. Lucky for you not to drive much each day Sylviane. Let me know if you do try their free trail. Love to know how it goes 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  • Mi Muba says:

    Hi Lisa
    I am surprised to hear June is still hot in cold regions as well; though we are accustomed to suffer from intense heat up to mid of July – till the beginning of summer season – here in South Asia.
    Yes I earlier placed URL of my blog at the bumper and got good response from people living around me. Here offline trend is so common for advertising on vehicles especially at public transport like in US and Europe. I once asked an advertiser of a company for not targeting personal transport. They said it is not confirm how long a vehicle is plied on roads because many people use personal car not so often and their message won’t go to broader market.
    Thanks a lot for your reply full of attention and care.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mi, oh yes. We are hot through August/Sept here in the Northeast US. Good to know that it worked for you – thanks for coming back and letting us know here. Very interesting how it can be different in different parts of the world too.
      Hope you have a great new week there Mi.

  • Mi Muba says:

    Hi Lisa
    This new way of advertising shows that advertising people will never sit contented and keep exploring new and new places to promote the brands. Just have a look at the FIFA we need to search an empty place there.
    The bumper sticker option is so cool for promoting our own brand as well. We do have liberty to design as we want and never become a laughing stock at the roads. Because many advertisers don’t leave even an inch at the bumper and occupied the whole space with crying colors and jumboo words.
    Thanks a lot for sharing another awesome post with much value and new info in it. Have a great weekend.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mi, So true, it’s really an old way a little revamped. Bumper stickers have been around since the 1920’s but this way of paying for them and getting paid by drivers is new I believe. Good design would surely be key and a clear crisp design to be read from afar is important too. You are welcome Mi and let me know if you do try it out. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. I can’t believe we are at the end of June already this year….

  • Carol Amato says:

    Hi Lisa,

    As a general rule, I don’t use bumper stickers…. Political, religious or any other type.

    But if I were so inclined, I would probably put something on the back that would remind folks to stay safe while driving – so many horrific accidents due to eating, drinking and texting, etc.

    Of course, I would want them to read it while at a red light. lol

    This was a fun one, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    – Carol Amato

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Carol, that’s a great idea Carol – maybe no texting while driving cleverly written with photo….True only to be read at a right light or stop sign or in a parking lot. You are welcome Carol and I can’t wait to update this post when I get my first offer and see what types of bumper stickers will become available. Have a great day and weekend ahead Carol.

  • Ravi Chahar says:

    Hi Lisa,

    As many are mentioning that they haven’t listened about these guys i am from them. It’s my first time that I come to know about such type of marketing. Now a days there are many different kind of ways and it may be one of them.
    But I have seen at many cars the stickers of the automobile companies.
    When any car go for service they place the sticker to it so that they can have some marketing.
    Related to websites I haven’t noticed any.

    I hope I will see soon.
    Have a good day.:)


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ravi, yes you are not alone in not hearing about them yet. It is an old way of marketing though as you probably read. They have been around for years and years. Oh yes, I have seen many of those too for the auto dealers. Many for kids and animals and politics around here. Thanks for coming by and commenting Ravi and have a great day yourself!

  • Steven Wilson says:

    Hey Lisa,

    This is very interesting. I am far from a bumper sticker person but as you said if it’s the right brand I would consider it for sure.

    This is a fresh new way of using an old marketing tactic. I think everybody wins. You can make a little and the advertisers get noticed in their areas of choice more.

    A vehicle suck money from you so just placing a bumper sticker just to make a little back on maintenance, gas etc I have to say I’m for it. You think they will let me wrap my car in bumper stickers LOL!

    Thanks for this Lisa. You have again introduced my to an interesting service!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Steven, Great point, fresh way of an old marketing tractic – and why not make money from your vehicle that sucks money for us with gas and maintenance. I’m awaiting my first first offer and will update this when I do receive it. Thanks for your input on this Steven and have a wonderful weekend ahead.You are welcome and let me know if you sign up.

  • Peter Kanayo says:

    Lisa, I may place a sticker with something am not so interested in as far as it doesn’t conflict with my value system. Really love the concept as it quite creative.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Peter, Oh yes, same here. That is more important over the money to me. I think so too. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend ahead Peter.

      • Peter Kanayo says:

        Lisa, thanks for the comment and it nice that you put your value above the money you will earn. So sad that I heard that Venus William joined her sister to strip nude for a Newspaper.

        I thought her value system won’t make her go that route. This goes to show that sometimes money can make people do things that some years back they wouldn’t have dreamt of doing.

  • Sue Price says:

    Hi Lisa

    I have never had a bumper sticker but I read everyone I see, just like I read ads and billboards etc always looking for marketing ideas.

    I would have one if I could choose like Adrienne said an animal cause. But I would not have one that was against what I support.

    It seems like everything can be real estate these days.

    Thanks for telling us about this Lisa.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sue, why is that? Just curious 🙂 I’d agree with you on that – nothing that I was not in agreement with my own beliefs. That’s for sure – even bathrooms I’ve read. You are welcome Sue and have a wonderful weekend upcoming!

  • Debbie says:

    Interesting idea, Lisa! I’m not a big fan of bumper stickers, plus, I’m not on the road all that much, so it probably wouldn’t be worth the advertiser’s while. That said, if the money was decent and I could choose something to my liking, dogs for example, then maybe.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Debbie, I thought so too. You are like Adrienne then, don’t drive too much. Dogs would be perfect for you Debbie. You could see if they have one for that or a dog’s cause. Thanks for coming by Debbie and have a wonderful day!

  • Interesting idea. I’ve been playing around with the idea of creating bumper stickers and using it as a marketing tactic for a local forum I’m running for the town I live in. About your question, I’d only promote brands or ideas that I’d stand by myself. It’s the same as clothing – bumper stickers are a way of expressing yourself and your beliefs, and you don’t want to give people the wrong idea.

    Anyway I’ll definitely be sharing Car-Bucks with my parents and friends, I’m sure they’ll like the idea. Thanks for sharing it with me, Lisa!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi James, maybe you could try them out with that free trial for that? Me too – I’d only do the ones that are an extension of myself. You are welcome and let me know if you do test it out. Love to know in the coming weeks!

  • Hi Lisa,

    Never heard of this one! But it sure makes sense to make a few extra bucks. Although I wouldn’t want a bumper sticker on my car, I am an avid reader of stickers.

    Some of them are so cleaver it makes me laugh. Sometimes, If I see a sticker with a promotional product I need, like a lawn service or whatever, I do find it helpful.

    I do think it is a good idea, especially people stuck in traffic with their phones in hand.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Donna, it was new to me too. Yes, they could take a picture of them if totally stopped. I do that when someone recommends a product to me so I have it when I’m in a store. Why not on your car Donna? Thanks for coming by and for your input, have a wonderful day Donna.

  • Enstine Muki says:

    This is a cool idea Lisa and I think should do well in societies where that is allowed. I think there is some tax involved here in my country. I’m not very sure about that though 😉

    However, if that can cover my country, I’ll do just as you did to ‘monetize my car’

    Looks like a great post title “How to monetize your car” 😉

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Enstine, thanks and I thought so too. I’m sure there are taxes here too Enstine, what is NOT taxed these days? Thank you for coming by Enstine and enjoy the rest of your week there….

  • Bren says:

    No bumper stickers for me on my vehicles, no way, however I do have to American Staffordshire Terrier head vinyl decals on my side windows.

    Great way to make money for those who don’t mind putting them on their vehicles! The things you find gf. 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Bren, decals would be inthesame category. Reminds me I wanted to add a piece in here how to take them off and not scratch or harm your vehicle in anyway. I may add that in yet. Thanksfor that reminder Bren and have a wonderful Wednesday.

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I’m with Cori, I don’t like bumper stickers on my car. With the way I work from home though I’m rarely on the road. If you can believe this, I only put about 2,000 to 2,500 miles on my car a year. A year girl, that’s not much at all so it’s probably not even worth my time or theirs for that matter.

    If I did go with one though I would definitely go with the animals. Whatever I can do to help out a cause or promote a cool place for pets whatever I would be up for that.

    I’m not surprised that something like this is coming on the scene. People are so darn creative these days. Great share Lisa and for those who still commute to work, why not! We are online to make some money right!

    Hey, have a great week and hope your weather has been nice.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Adrienne, I haven’t had any of my latest vehicle but would if it was the right one 🙂 It has to reflect my personality. You would not be a good candidate with that little mileage girlfriend – wow, you must save a lot between gas, wear and tear. I tend to do almost 20,000 mi per year for my job. I like that – cause for animals.
      I did see many recently for breast cancer on cars. Funny how I’m now paying more attention to them as I’m out and about.
      The weather has been really nice here Adrienne and I’m getting sore from yard work here and at my dads. Trying to catch up here online again this week. Enjoy your Wednesday and rest of the week.

  • Emmanuel says:

    Hahaha! That is really cool. Making some cool cash through some sticks on your car isn’t a bad thing at all.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Emmanuel, it sure is – isn’t it? I like how you refer to them as “sticks” – nice! Thank you for coming by Emmanuel and have a great day there. Have you used sticks before?

  • Corina Ramos says:

    Hi Lisa.

    I had never heard of these guys before. I normally don’t like bumper stickers on my car but if I’m going to make some money doing it, why not. The only thing I would make sure that the message or advertisement isn’t illegal, immoral, or indecent.

    I think bumper stickers and car decals are still a great way of marketing. It’s probably doesn’t bring in thousands of hits of traffic but I think it gets attention.

    Thanks for telling us about Car Bucks. Definitely passing this along! Happy Tuesday Lisa. I hope you’re doing well!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Corina, yes they are new 🙂 I don’t usually use them but will if there is one I really like and feel comfortable having there. It’s more for branding not a call to action in most cases. You are welcome – doing well so far and I hope you are too Corina. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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