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Boss versus Leader: The Never-Ending Battle Between Power and Leadership

Boss versus Leader – Which Are You?

As you grow your small business you may need to expand your team. Will you be able to lead effectively? Or will you be a boss that will drive your team members away? Knowing the boss versus leader style is important for you to know as you grow.

Having the right style to lead other people can make or break your small business. Of course, having the right people in place is key too for your businesses success.

Leaders Are Inspiring

Leaders differ from bosses because they can inspire other people. Just what does it mean  to inspire someone? It makes others feel an urgency to do something or to feel something.

Bosses do not give others the urgency to do something. They may say it is urgent but they don’t inspire others to feel that same urgency. A boss versus leader will command someone to get it done. They won’t inspire them.

When workers or people feel inspired they will do the best job that they can.

When workers or people feel inspired they will do the best job that they can. #inspire Click To Tweet

A Boss versus Leader Watches verses Teaching

Next, a good leader will teach others to accomplish tasks on their own. When others know what to do they will perform more and that helps the business. If workers are unsure of what to do they will have to search out answers that may not be right.

Therefore, the tasks at hand may not get done right. A good leader knows this and is not afraid of his workers doing a better job than himself. That should be a goal of a good leader running an organization.

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Listening Skills Make a Good Leader Versus Boss

If you ever worked for anyone you may know you work better if an idea was your own. Great leaders know this and listen to their workers who have ideas. They allow them to test their ideas out. A bad boss will hear them but will not listen or validate their ideas. This can stifle an organization.

Great leaders know to be successful and grow they must listen to their workers. These workers are in the thick of it day in and day out. Whether they are in the production department running things or on the sales team talking to customers all day, they understand what makes the company tick.

Inquires versus Commands Make a Leader Great

The best leaders also know to ask questions of their workers. They don’t just give out commands. Leaders ask and seek more information to make informed decisions.

These great leaders go around to different departments and talk with each and every member of their staff to learn more. Therefore, they don’t stay behind closed doors all day and avoid the people that work for them.

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A Boss versus Leader is Hands off Instead of Hands on

Have you ever worked for someone who rolled up their sleeves and helped out? That’s a great quality of a leader. They will always do something that their workers would do. It is not beneath them to help those working for them.

On the negative side, a boss versus a leader is always hands off and does not want to help out. They just want to give out orders, one after another.

On the other hand, a leader that rolls up his or her sleeves and works alongside their staff will notice more work from their staff too. It’s a way of inspiring them to do more as well.

Great Leaders Are Supportive

Having a supportive boss is really important to most people today. They want and demand a work life balance that their own parents didn’t have. They want someone who is supportive of them if they need to take time to see the kids’ school play or dance recital. Older workers may need to tend to their elderly parents. Workers today want to be part of a happy workforce.

Bosses that are nagging their workers and calling them on off hours drive away their best workers.

Bosses May Have Unclear and Impossible Goals

Moreover, a leader will have the clear goals for their workers. They will set realistic goals that will make their workers feel accomplished and valued. The people working for a leader knows what is expected of them.

Likewise, I once had a job in sales where my goal was very unrealistic. I had a million dollar goal for ad sales. It was during the time when ad budgets were all being cut in the 2008 recession.

The boss wanted me to generate a million dollars in new revenue in a single quarter. I was able to generate $125,000 but that was not good enough. I kept thinking where will I be able to find a million dollars in the smallest state in the union in 3 months time? That was an unrealistic goal. It did not inspire me!

Finally, last year I went through the same thing but this time I did not stay. I left that company after 25 years.

Do you know the #1 reason people quit their jobs? It’s because of a bad boss. Don’t become one when you grow your business! Be the inspiring leader that you would like to work for.

Do you know the #1 reason people quit their jobs? It's because of a bad boss. Don't become one when you grow your business! #leadership Click To Tweet

This Infographic below is brought to you by Wrike free project tracking tools! It offers some great tips for those who lead others and are growing their small businesses.

Which style are you? The boss versus leader or a little of each? I’d love to know more in the comments below.

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