Blog Giveaway to Celebrate a Year of Inspire To Thrive

Blog Giveaway

to Celebrate 1 Year of Inspire to Thrive

Can you believe it has been a year of blogging at Inspire to Thrive? Time sure flies when you are having fun blogging away. You can part read the first post about why Inspire to Thrive began.

 First Post August, 2011

Inspire to Thrive ― Why Inspire to Thrive? I have had many people over the years inspire me to do things I thought I could not do. I have many more questions on this journey to success and thought this would be a great way to give and take. I would love to inspire others along the way.The news of the day was depressing with the stock market down over 500 points and I have been working my plan A for almost 20 years and for the past year and a half plan B and plan C. I’m now on plan D.
The rest of the post was lost in the transfer from blogger to WordPress. One of several things I have learned from.  I probably could not even count the number of things I have learned since the year began here. It’s been great learning from you too!
Of course there are many other things I haven’t done since I started blogging like gardening.


The Blog Giveaway

Okay on to the blog giveaway! Thank you my readers for making this blog continue on for a year. Please enter to win.

The Prizes are:

  • 1 $25 Gift Certificate to Barnes and Noble
  • 5 Blog Engage Memberships  (Value $19.99 each)
Blog Engage
What are the benefits of a Blog Engage Membership:
  • All your posts are shown as ‘Stories’ and then voted and/or commented by the members. A higher number of votes brings that post into the ‘Published’ section from the ‘Upcoming’ section. Being on the Homepage, the ‘Published’ section grabs the attention of hundreds or thousands of viewers. If impressed, the viewers of the story then go the original post on your blog to read the whole post.
  • You build relationships with many other fellow bloggers, which is a great way to connect with more bloggers.
  • You get to read all the amazing articles submitted by great authors (including your favorites too!) and never missing out anything from them again.
Enter the Blog Giveaway Now! 

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Some of my earliest followers of Inspire To Thrive were:

Candice from The New Modern Mom


Sanantha Gluck from Freelance Writing Dreams   

Latorsha from Life is Hard Laugh Anyway 

Rusty from My Life Blogs


And then came the regular visitors over the next few months:

Brenda of PibblesnMe and Rebecca of DVR Dame  

— Rebecca Pacrem (@DvrDame) May 25, 2012   Jan from Jan Bierens

And Mayura from Mayura4Ever


Good luck to all who have entered the Blog Giveaway! 

What else would you like to see in the upcoming year at Inspire to Thrive?


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