Blogging On The Go With Fantastic Apps And Tools

Blogging On the Go With the Right Apps & Tools



Blogging can be hard work and time consuming. There are many new apps and tools to help you save time blogging on the go today. This picture on the side reminds me of myself. I squeeze every minute out of the day doing something. If I’m at work waiting for a customer I’ll check my mobile phone. If I’m in a store in line I’ll be checking my Droid and get in a few tweets. I never spend a dull moment waiting for someone or in line getting bored anymore!

Pagebook Pages Manager – A fairly new and wonderful app available for my Droid and for you iPhone users too. It’s used to manage your Facebook pages. You can manage multiple pages with this app and I sure do. You can also check your latest pages insights. You can update your own stream and respond to comments very easily. A great sharing tool for those on the go. The only thing I have not found is how to like and share others pages in the stream via this app. Anyone has a solution for that?

Chrome Beta – Brian over at Hot Blog Tips just posted about a new app for Android to take your passwords with you. Sounds wonderful! I’m installing it right now.

Pinterest Apps

Pinterest App – I can’t tell you enough how this Pinterest app has helped me to get more followers on my retail account and sales directly from the pins. It’s so easy to like and share a few pins at any given moment. You can see how many new followers you have and what they have pinned. A must app to draw some traffic to your blog. Pinterest app

Pin Alerts – I just signed up for this beta tool and LOVE it! You get emails whenever someone pins a pin from your website. You can add multiple websites too. (You know I need that one!) What could be better for tracking? See how your blogging images are doing on Pinterest via this new tool.

Pin Puff – Another great tool to track your reach, activity score and virality score on Pinterest. Find out which pin boards have the most followers. A quick and simple way to track your pinning activity.

Twitter AppsTwitter apps

You may know by now that Twitter is my favorite social network so I have several apps for Twitter on my Droid. I’m hoping to narrow it down to one or two only. Maybe you can help me to decide. If you are blogging regularly Twitter is a must share network!

Hootsuite– My friend Corina over at Work From Home Concepts swears by Hootsuite. I’ve been experimenting with Hootsuite on one of my retail accounts but haven’t used it to it’s full potential. I’ve been thinking of going Pro to manage all my accounts via Hootsuite soon.

Tweedle – I had to download this app when I found this one researching for this post.  I found it easy to switch from your streams with this new app. Nice and quick! I’ve been comparing it to the real Twitter app for Droid and the Tweetcaster app I have used for a long time to see which will be be quicker and most efficient.

Tweedle Twitter app

Tweetcaster –  An old standby and goodie of mine. I still really like this app because I can manage 5 Twitter accounts. The best thing is you can VIEW conversations. Forgot what you were tweeting with someone? With Tweetcaster you can view the conversation. LOVE that! You can also re-tweet with a comment. Another function you cannot do with the other Twitter Apps is to use the speaker function of your mobile phone. Hands FREE tweeting!

Vine – Not yet available for my Droid but I heard iPhone users love it. It’s a quick video app (just 6 second videos)  used for Twitter only and is taking off. I’d love to hear from you iPhone users that have it!

More Social Apps

LinkedIn – I’m liking this app more and more. Get your latest updates and messages from LinkedIn. You can share right from this app. A must app for job seekers. A great app for bloggers in groups on LinkedIn.

Scoop it – The app for this content curation tool is still a little clunky. Scoop-it is a wonderul place to share your posts and other’s posts too. You can add your images with this app to your scoops – nice! You can scoop it from this app via your topics. If you are not sure what this one is, read more on my old post on

Quora – I haven’t used Quora to any major extent yet but it’s a great place to ask questions or answer questions you may know. If you can’t get enough of blogging you can blog on Quora too. Tech Crunch has a great explanation of Quaro’s new blogging platform. You can be blogging from your mobile app too!

The Buffer App This one will make you laugh. I’ve had it on my phone for some time and wondered why I could not share via the Buffer. You must log into your account FIRST. A duh moment for me! This will be great when I’m reading a few blogs via my Droid and I’ll be able to fill my Buffer. “It’s not a good day unless my Buffer’s are all filled up.” – Me. The Buffer app

More Blogging Apps

PicsArts – I had downloaded this one to edit images on the go but only used it to test it. I need more hours in the day. But if you want to add text to your images it’s a great way to do it on the go. A must app for you to have your images with watermarks on them so your blog images don’t get stolen.

Blogger App – For those that still have a Blogger blog this app is pretty good to write posts with. The only thing I found is that the photos did not come out as well as from the laptop.

WordPress App – If you are using the FREE verison of WordPress you can use their app to blog. I used to use this one a while back and it was a wonderful app. It let you know when you had new comments to approve or respond to. You can blog right from this WordPress app. I wish had this app too. I can get to my dashboard via the mobile but it’s not as easy as the app for the FREE version of WordPress. REVISED – I stand corrected – it is available for both the FREE and the PAID version of WordPress. I used it today to respond to comments, wonderful! Thanks to Praveen, Bren,  and Tim for pointing that out to me.

Storm Apps

Weather App – Last but not least, the weather app is on my mobile as weather can really change your day. I live in New England and the weather changes constantly. I keep up to date with the latest weather via this app and on Twitter of course. During the past hurricane season I downloaded the Hurricane app by The Red Cross. I also had an earthquake tracker since we had one a few years back here in Southern New England.

weather app


Those Not On The Go Blogging

I’m envious of those not blogging on the go like Adrienne Smith. Aren’t you? She blogs and works from home full time. I can’t imagine that but it must be a little less stressful. I’m sure she will tell us, right Adrienne? No one can be stress-free completely as working at home can have it’s own set of stresses. Sometimes when I’m working at home on the weekends I have the laptop and Droid going at the same time. How often do you use your mobile for your blogging activities?



Which apps are you using for your blogging on the go?




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