Inside Bloggers Brains Day After Day Working Hard

What’s Inside Bloggers Brains Today?

The bloggers brains are always thinking. It takes a lot of thinking to blog and continue to blog day after day. Just the writing alone can take a lot of brain power. So does the layout and technical aspects of blogging too. Many bloggers struggle each day to write new content while others struggle with their blog layouts or finding the perfect piece of creative to make their posts stand out. Each day a blogger learns something new as the online world changes constantly. Bloggers brains have to keep up with social media and SEO to be able to survive blogging today.

bloggers brains

Blogging Today

There are over 100 million bloggers today that are competing for attention online. One cannot blog mindlessly to compete and survive another day or week blogging.  One really has think either creativity or systematically to continue their blogging journey. The brain of bloggers must continue expand to do this.

Your Blogging Brain

Do these images in the infographic below remind you of yourself as a blogger? Which part of a bloggers brain works the hardest for you? I know for me it is the technical stuff that really stretches my brain out. I have to learn something new each time some technical aspect of the blog is not working properly. (If you are blogging alreaady you know it will eventually happen from time to time. If you are new to blogging give yourself patience when this does happen.)

Technical Glitches

You may have noticed the CommentLuv links in your comments have not been working the past 2 posts. I’ve been in touch with Andy Bailey about it. Even my tech king Mayura was not able to figure this one out yet. (It’s the first time I’ve had him stumped but he is looking at it as I finish this post and probably will figure it out shortly.) A few other bloggers too have had this issue recently with the CommentLuv Premium. I’m really hoping this technical issue gets resolved today before my brain explodes from trying to figure it out!  

Enjoy the infographic on bloggers brains.


The Brain of the Blogger

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Does Your Blogging Make Your Brain Work Extra Hard?

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  • It’s really very nice info-graph about bloggers brain,. I am thinking to include this in my blog. Hope i will put it soon.

    • Hi Dilipwk, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Let me know when you do – I’d appreciate a link back and no follow is okay. It is a nice infographic. Have a great day.

  • Hey Lisa,
    Nice post and I really enjoyed it while reading. I am totally agree with you that blogger brains are always thinking. When I am communicating with my friends in class, I still thinking about my blog and what I post today and also make plans for tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

    • Thanks Sudipto – my best ideas seem to come when I’m in the shower. I need a notepad or tape recorder in there. Do you think about your class while you are blogging?

      • Truly speaking, while doing Blogging I forgot most of things which are involved in my life. At that time I focused into blogging only. Sometime I may switch to my Facebook Account but believe me I never think about my Class.

    • Thanks Majharul. I thought so too. I wonder if we would have blogged if we knew this as beginners. Not so sure I would have 🙂 I hope you have a fab weekend!

  • Hello Lisa,

    A blogger does think a lot, that’s a given…and it is the quality of the thoughts that really make one stand up as a blogger or sinks down as a failure…the infographic was well worth the time spent reading it and this is appreciated.

    This is the first time I have heard that Mayura couldn’t figure out something. However, since the links are now showing, I assume that things have been restored now, right?

    Do have a very great day!


    • Hi Akaahan, actually Mayura did help me with the right questions for Andy and it has been fixed since. The backlink checker needed to be updated and was via Andy. I’m glad you liked the inforgraphpic – I thought it was quite appropriate. Would you have started blogging if you knew all that in the beginning Akaahan?

  • You know how I am Lisa. I just write and write and write, and if I have a problem I just write. lol Yes, some posts take longer than others, but overall it’s not really much of an issue for me… at least on IJS. Having 5 blogs is a different matter entirely, but luckily I don’t hold myself to as rigid a schedule because, since I’m traveling a lot these days, would really be problematic.

    • Hi Mitch, oh yes you have been writing for years now, it can be quite therapuetic. WOW, 5 huh? I’m down to this one and a photo blog. I just have a lot of stuff going on offline these past few months between my divorce and my mom’s terminal cancer. I still find blogging to be therapuetic through it all. I don’t like the pressure of a schedule Mitch though I’ve been posting at least 3x per week here this year, hoping to hit 4 on some weeks. Of course it’s hard to stay active on social networks all at the same time. Thanks for coming by Mitch and enjoy your Sunday!

  • Hi, very nice post. Infographics is very good and cool idea to describe all the things at once place. It’s really amazing and worth taking. We have got the clear meaning here about blogging and it should be help us in our blogging career too.
    Thank you very much for share this informative infographics for readers 🙂

    • You are welcome Shailesh, would you have started to blog if you read this first? Not sure I would have. I just dived right in, probably a good way right? Have a wonderful Sunday and a new week ahead there Shailesh.

  • Hi Lisa -I’ve been taking a blogging break. I’ve got a lot of personal stuff going on.

    Lately, for me the devil is in the details when writing a post. Because I have MS and ADD, my brain gets exhausted when I focus for hours.

    • Hi Lauren, I wondered where you have been. I hope things are going okay. I find I can’t focus for hours on end, I need a break, to walk away and take another look at a later time. Have a good day and weekend, I’ll have to catch up with you soon Lauren. (At least this week will be springlike and NO snow!)

  • Hi Lisa,

    How true! 🙂 I really didn’t expect blogging to be very time consuming, but enjoy the every piece of it.

    Love the infographic and it’s very colorful too. Do even presidents have such a brain? 😉 For some, the term “Blogger” sounds like a person with less responsibilities writing their thoughts away. But those who don’t know must manage a blog for few weeks to know the taste of it. News can happen but blog posts just don’t happen 😀

    As you noticed, I have slowed down as there’s a few more objectives have been added to my agenda – proceeding quietly! However, it made me realize that overtime my blogging process lead to different pathway which embraced the competition. Now I’m back to my old days where numbers and competition can’t get in my way, Lisa. Help me focus on multiple projects 🙂

    Ha ha… I’m glad I could help you figure out CommentLuv issue, along with Andy’s tremendous support dear 🙂 I must say, it’s not that easy for a developer to offer support most of the time. When we glued into development, nothing else matters 😀 lol…

    Thanks for the kind mention and that’s very nice of you to honor me as a King, Lisa. Heeeey, I’m not that old enough to be a King! Am I? How about Prince? 😀

    Enjoy the rest of your fabulous week, Lisa 🙂


    • Hi Mayura, imagine if we knew all this when you and I first started Mayura? We may not have started 🙂 True, blog posts don’t just happen, love that line! That’s great that you have multiple projects, I like that because you can’t get bored, right?
      Thank you again for that Mayura, you knew the right questions to ask. Andy was great getting the answers and updates.
      I can call you the prince of tech if you like or the young King of tech 🙂
      Thanks and you too – it’s almost the weekend in your part of the world – do enjoy it!

  • All the blogging ideas are all over the net, just like this post of yours for example. There are so many ways, tricks and lot more we can find. The problem is that the blogger itself has no more energy, maybe he is pissed off, burned out, tired or whatsoever, meditation and rest play a big role.

    Informative infographic I must say!

    This comment was left in where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

    • Thanks Metz for coming by from Kingged. Yes a break from blogging can surely help one get back into it in a much better way. Do have yourself a great day Metz.

  • I really don’t know how people that post 3-5 times per week or more do it consistently. I used to post more often, but I swear it seems like something always comes up. I get interrupted or working on a project that takes more time than I expected.

    The technical issues are never any fun. Sometimes I make a simple change that affects or breaks something, but I don’t realize it for several days maybe weeks. Then, when I finally do I go: OK what did I change again recently that might have cause this. By that time I could have made several other changes, and tracking it down takes time.

    I see a few CommentLuv links here now, so hopefully you got it all squared away now.

    • Hi Ray, it is not easy! I know what you mean though. I have had weeks like that. The technical issues are the worst. Yes, CommentLuv links was mine last week and between Mayura and Andy the issue was fixed, it was an update to the Backlink checker plugin that needed an update. Have yourself a great rest of the week Ray!

  • Hey Lisa,

    I do have to say that you really hit it on the nail for this one! I think of about 90% of the things within the infograph. Right now in this “season” I’m thinking mostly about topics I can write about and a new theme. Right now the topics are coming easy since I’m getting my ideas from a book I’m currently reading and I keep thinking about upgrading my theme to the Genesis framework since this is the talk of the town now. Plus there have been some limitations with the free themes I’ve been using! Thanks for sharing this great infograph! have a great week!

    • Hi Sherman, thank you. I had been thinking about that too but it was such a major overhaul I decided to do some technical tweaks and hired Mayura to do them for me. I find ideas all around me most of the time. Sometimes my mind is on other things and then a post is like staring at a blank wall. That’s why it’s best to write as soon as an idea comes to you, even if you don’t finish the post, you may later. Have a great week and good luck with your new theme Sherman!

  • Hi Lisa

    I think my mind is scrambled.

    It’s kind of like the infographic but a lot of that gets pushed to one side with family stuff!

    I don’t stress about blogging as much as I used to.

    I used to worry about what my next topic would be.

    Sometimes I dismiss writing about something only to read a blog post written by someone of the same subject.

    I should just get on and write the post and not worry about it, I guess!

    • Hi Tim, I bet yours is! Between the blogs and the kids I don’t know how you do it all. I don’t stress as much either, something always comes up that leads to another post. Don’t you hate when that happens? Then you kick yourself, just write it next time, don’t think so much about it. Thanks for coming by Tim and have a great rest of the week.

  • What a fab infographic Lisa :), but I have to say I quite like the .me endings to a domain name, you can do so much with them.
    I wish there was a section of quieting the blogging mind instead of a pop-up that says “oooooh there’s a good blog post… must write about that”. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, thanks! I hadn’t seen many of domain names. What can you do with them? I agree, as I’m up in the wee hours of the morning unable to sleep 🙂 I could use a baseball bat about now…Have a great day ahead there Sarah.

  • Hi Lisa,
    You’re right… there’s always something on a blogger’s mind. I think, like songwriting, you’re always paying attention to little snippets of conversation, or interesting little facts that can spark an idea for a blog. There are so many considerations, and then there are business interests and projects that consume a lot of time too.

    I love the infographic! It’s cute and informative. Great post!
    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Bill, excellent analogy to songwriting! I liked it too, sometimes infographics can explain more than our words can. Thanks for popping by Bill and have a great Wednesday ahead.

  • Thats what I am feeling now days! When I had started blogging 3 years back I never thought that it is a full time job, I was taking it just a part time work which I can do after returning from day job but now days I am feeling that I have to work full time on my blogs to take it next level.

    There are a lot of thing I miss to do everyday just because I don’t feel like doing after tiring day at office. I agree with the infograph, A blogger is one of the most hardworking person in the world.

    Thanks for such a nice Infograph Lisa.

    • Hi Atish, yes, it can sure take a lot of time to take it to the next level or you could either get a parnter or hire a virtual assistant. I’m trying to spend a little less time on social media to ramp up the blog here but it can be a catch 22 as you need to be out there promoting others content along with your own (80/20 rule). Thanks for coming by and for your input Atish. Have a great Tuesday.

      • I already have a partner named Zainil but he is also doing is internship of CA so we both work on our multiple business. For now we are not thinking to hire a virtual assistant rather want to work ourselves so that we can learn more.. Hiring other people, we will do later. This is time for learning and I want to learn more and more first. Thanks for your suggestion.

        • Hi Atish, oh yes, you certainly will learn by doing. I’m a big believer in that one. You are welcome and thanks for coming by to explain.

  • Hey Lisa
    What a crazy infographic! There are certainly some good ideas in there, but a few “strange” words in there that kinda got me laughing!
    Take another look at the choosing a name section. hmmmmm
    Anyway, looks like your comment luv is back up – what happened in the end? reinstall?

    As for blogging, indeed it is a tough sport. We have so much to learn and to do each day just to keep at it.
    Skills in running a blog, setting up a site, writing, graphics, promotion, marketing and more! It is actually a very multi-skilled job that you would rarely see in the corporate world I think
    thanks for sharing

    • Hi Ashley, yes, strange indeed. I almost did not publish it with it but then thought “why not?” Yes, the backlink checker needed to be updated, Andy from CommentLuv did it yesterday. You are right, it is a very multi skilled job, maybe that’s why I enjoy it. I get bored doing the same thing day ater day. Blogging is so different each day. You are welcome Ashley and have yourself a great day there!

  • I love this infographic Lisa!

    Yep this is my brain for sure. I’m like you, the tech stuff gets me all tangled up in the brain. My kids make fun of me because they say when I think a lot my hair stands up LOL. I’m starting to believe them :).

    I like the comic strip idea!

    • Thanks Corina, I did too. I’d love to see a picture of that – yes, Bitstrips would be funny with that one Corina. Thanks for coming by and have yourself a great rest of the week Corina.

  • Hi Lisa, Hey, how did you get a picture of my brain? Lol, this is so me, I’ve been through all of this. Today I was stuck inside because of the snow and all I did was work on my blog, share, and read other blogs. I still feel as if I didn’t do enough.

    But I do love every aspect of blogging. It’s fun, even if it is overwhelming. Keeping up with everything, researching, interviewing and writing can certainly take over our lives.

    Thanks for this infographic and article that demonstrate our challenges in keeping up with blogging!

    • LOL Carolyn, I took it while you were sleeping. You got snow today? It missed us here in Southern New Engand, they were predicting a foot a few days ago and we got 0. Definately can be overwhelming! You are welcome and glad you also enjoyed this infographic. I hope it doesn’t scare away any new bloggers! Have a great evening and stay warm there.

  • Hey Lisa,

    I’m sorry you’re having issues with CommentLuv not pulling but since it works on my blog then it’s an issue with yours I’m afraid. Probably a setting or a plugin not playing nice. I hate it when people tell me it’s a browser issue but looks like my link pulled so something is working right. Yay!!!

    That’s a really cute infographic. You know I use to have blogging on my mind nonstop but not lately. I’m not always searching for the next post topic or thinking how I can improve my blog. Maybe that’s because I’d been in a slump for awhile but I did get my mojo back so I might start obsessing again. LOL!!!

    But seriously I think when we’re new or trying to make sure that everyone will enjoy what we share it’s hard to not have it on our minds constantly. It’s our baby and we’re always concerned with those right!

    Great share and loved the infographic. I got a big kick out of reading some of those. Hope these other issues are behind you now. Enjoy your week.


    • Hi Adrienne, they are resolved. Andy updated the backlink checker – thanks to Mayura helping me ask the right questions. Yay!! I lost mine a little of late and looked for an infographic to get me excited and this one was it. Then I found something else on someone’s blog this a.m. to write about next, stay tuned! It does feel like a baby at times. We spend so much time nurturing our blogs. Thanks Adrienne and I hope your issues too are behind you know. Enough is enough right? Enjoy the rest of your week and I’m behind on coming by to your place, I hope to start up again in the a.m.

  • Hi Lisa,

    You have just confirmed that I’m not crazy lol. Yes, the blogger’s brain is constantly running. Even when I’m doing something like shopping, my brain goes to blogging and marketing. Hmm…they should have a Facebook connection in this shop…It will get them more attention. So many ideas pop into my head.

    Sometimes I feel like my brain is about to explode! And it never ever ends! There is ALWAYS a learning curve of the day! There are so many things to think about when you are a blogger and marketer.

    As I was reading I just had to giggle to myself because this is exactly what my brain must look like!

    Thanks, I needed that!


    • Hi Donna, glad I could be of help to you with that one! I know what you mean on your brain constantly running, have you taken photos for that purpose too? Oh yes learning something new everyday is important to remain competitive in blogging and social media. There are so many things to catch up on, learn and try out. You are welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed this one Donna! Have a great evening.

  • That was an awesome infographic (I think it pretty much covered everything associated with blogging).

    I am glad you are working on fixing the comment luv issue (seems like it is working…at least for a few folks). I think it could be a problem associated with cache or something (I am commenting from campus so, so that might have an effect).

    Blogging has been a great learning experience for me….like I have mentioned before, it has helped me to mold my personality – to learn more about life and learning in general 😀

    My biggest challenges are time management and technical glitches (time management is alright…I do love experimenting with it, and I have had great success with it. But, they are challenging, especially with unexpected things happening all the time. We can plan well, but what happens if things don’t go as planned? Do we have to plan for that situation too?).

    Sometimes, it is just easy to keep the commenting for later (Especially after getting home….and doing all the HW. I am already tired). But, I do have tricks to keep me going – listening to motivational music for instance. I love soundtracks from movies, especially superhero movies since they tend to be inspiring/motivating.

    And that keeps me going 😀

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Lisa 🙂

    • Thanks Jeevan, I really liked it and thought the readers would too. It’s working! Thanks to Mayura and Andy – it’s the backlink checker plugin, Andy updated it. Mayura helped me ask the right questions too. Me too – with the learning experiences and meeting some wonderful people along the way. My challenges are lack of time and those technical issues – they can sure drag us down a little. I like that – superhero movie music – I’m listening to my Pandora now but I am better in the a.m. for writing. You are welcome Jeevan and I hope your week goes well in school and in the blogging world 🙂

      • Awesome 🙂

        Glad to see that they were able to fix it..yeah, technical glitches such as these can be frustrating, especially time wise (I have tried to fix it…and eventually I do fix it, but it ends up taking a lot of time – especially identifying the problem). So, it’s best to ask someone else 😀

        It went well 🙂 Thanks!

        • Thanks Jeevan, me too. We can’t be afraid to ask for help at times. I know in ithe past I have, I like to figure things out on my own so I can learn but with only 24 hours in a day it’s not always possible, right? Have a great new week Jeevan.

  • This post is so very true. Being a blogger means you have to fulfill a boat-load of different roles all at once.

    I am quite happy to fulfill the more creative roles (such as designing an infographic or writing content), but the technical roles (trouble shooting the html on a website for example), makes me 🙁 .

    • Hi Katherine, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Yes, who knew when we started blogging right? I may not have started if I knew then what I know now or I would have started later after researching more. I just dove in! Me too with those technical issues. It’s nice when we can go for months without any technical issues 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great evening!

  • Very clever info graphic on blogging. All true, and very dizzying. I think you should have a few piece of chocolate in there…for stress relief!

    • LOL Sheryl, good point! A few pieces of chocolate to de-stress the blogging process. It can get stressful at times but it also used to de-stress me by writing and being online with great blogging friends. Welcome to Inspire to Thrive Sheryl and hope to see you here again soon. Have a great rest of your week.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Great infographic, Just by looking at it, it really reminded me that being a blogger is a job, indeed.

    In the past I used to have affiliate/niche blogs, but now my blogs are only the base for my 3 businesses which are actually growing right now.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Sylviane, I loved it too. If only we knew in the beginning we may not have started right? Wow, you are doing 3 now Sylviane? I know of 2, not sure of your third. I knew the subconcious mind and food one, the third? Appreciate your coming by and commenting today. You are wecome!

  • OMG Lisa!

    Looking at that infographic made my head scream! When you look at it, it’s amazing what the average blogger goes through. Totally whack!

    As for CL, it brought up my link this time. Maybe conflict with a plugin update?

    Great post my friend!

    • LOL Bren – yes. Imagine if we knew all that when we started? We probably would not have started right? Yes, Andy updated backlink checker and CommentLuv with Mayura and I going back and forth with Andy, I knew between them it would get resolved! Just in time for your comment Bren 🙂 Thanks and have a great evening, you are probably in your jammies already.

  • Hi Lisa,

    That was a lovely infographic – quite like ALL our brains 🙂

    Yes, bloggers have a LOT running on their mind, whether they are blogging or not. Even when one’s not blogging, one is constantly thinking about blogs, posts, titles, next post, comments, social media and the never ending list with it. Gosh!! Sometimes I think I wish my mind would just quieten down from the blogging noise!

    Yes, the CommentLuv hasn’t been working here, and I did notice it too but thought perhaps it was a temporary issue. Hope things get sorted out for you soon though.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • I likeed it too Harleena. Good point, even when we are not, we are thinking about what’s next and what did we forget? I agree, wish there was a way to turn it off. It looks like Andy did update the plugin for backlink checker with the CommentLuv – I knew between him and Mayura it would resolve soon! You are welcome and thanks for coming by – still amazes me how you are able to comment first so often 🙂 Have a great rest of the week Harleena!

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