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Blog Communities To Be A Part Of

I have been using the Bloggers Community and wondered which blog communities do you use with success? They are a great way to meet and connect with others bloggings in your niche or even outside of your own niche. A great way to learn more about blogging is becoming part of a community. They are also a great place to learn and to help others with their blogs.

Blog communities

My Blog Communities

I’ve joined a few of these listed. Here are some of the blog communities I have looked at and some I have started to use recently:

  • Blog Farm
  • Blog Catalog
  • Blog Groups on LinkedIn
  • Technorati
  • Blog Flux
  • BC – Blog Catalog
  • Blog Rankings
  • Blog Engage
  • Scoop It
  • All Top
  • Blog Her
  • Sits Girls
  • Blog Frog

How many more blogging groups can they be? You could now add Google Plus groups and even Facebook groups to the list. They are great places to share all kinds of information with one another. We know we cannot be an island on the internet blogging. We really need one another to grow our blogs and our connections together. I’m come to the conclusion that blogging is another form of social media. It’s our home base or the hub of it all. Make your hub florish and join some groups today!

Local Groups

You may also find local groups in your hometown that gather together to discuss their blogs and share information. You may find some on LinkedIn or Meet Me Up groups. Some gather yearly like Blog Her – last year they met in New York for several days. Many advertisers went to promote their products to bloggers. Many left with great swag bags. Some bloggers meet monthly or quarterly. I must look around my own state to see if such a group is around. I believe they are.

I’d love to learn about more blog communities from you – which are you part of today?

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