Revealing Your Happy Birthday Year on Twitter Now

Will You Be Revealing Your Birthday Year on Twitter?

Did you know you birthday year on Twittercan now show your birthday on your Twitter profile? You don’t have to include the birthday year on Twitter to all but you can add just the month and day to be shown. Why are some making a big deal over this while Facebook has been doing this for years with our profiles?

How to Add Your Birthday Year on Twitter

All you have to do is go to your Twitter profile and hit the edit profile button right under your large Twitter image. You do have to complete the year in the Birthday field but then you get to select share with only you. As for the birthday month and date you can choose to share with people you follow and who follow you back. You can choose just yourself or with everyone. (I choose my followers and those I follow back.)

Happy Birthday and Identity Thief

Facebook has been doing this for years and many people love getting those happy birthday messages each year from their family and friends on their special day.

But some people are complaining that Twitter is jeapardizing our privacy. It’s true having too much information online can cause identity thieves to hack into your bank accounts and steal your identity.  How much personal information is too much today? That’s a tough question that many will answer differently. Can just your birthday and birthday year on Twitter be too much? Just remember you can set your privacy settings on Twitter so it doesn’t show to anyone but you. 

Why is Twitter Showing Birthdays?

Twitter is sharing our birthday year on Twitter so they can better target us with more relevant content including ads. Doesn’t Facebook do the same thing with our profiles? And even Google does ask for your birthdate when you sign up for an account as well. Many retailers do the same thing with birthdays. They tempt us with special offers and coupons to get our birthdays on file. They can better target us with more ads and specials if they know our birthdays. It can be clever marketing! Who can’t resist a $10 or $20 off coupon on their birthday at their favorite store or restaurant?

I’d love to know in the comments if you’ll be sharing your birthday or birthday year on Twitter or not. 


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  • I really think there has been a long time thirst by so many tweeps (you might want to call them attention-seeking) to make their birthdays known on twitter and get tons of mentions and recognition by their followers on that special day. Many have achieved this by changing their Twitter name (not handle) to something that would at a glance make it known that it is their birthday. I think twitter just satisfied this thirst and a whole lot of tweeps would pounce on this opportunity. Perhaps if i was informed early enough, i could have made mine known also since its just about one week ago that i celebrated.

  • Hi Lisa, So great to have you back! I hope you’re feeling better now.

    I’m not a fan of putting my birthday on Twitter. Like Bren, I connect with different people on Twitter than Facebook. I love getting birthday wishes on Facebook from my friends but I don’t need to respond to loads of tweets from strangers on my birthday wishing me well. I also don’t want to have to wish people I don’t know on Twitter happy birthday.

    Privacy is also a concern. Why should we make it any easier for hackers to learn our personal details? If all a hacker has to do is follow me on Twitter to learn my birthday, then that’s a lot simpler than other methods. I know the year isn’t revealed but they can always guess the year and probably be pretty close. That’s a lot easier than having to guess the birthday!

    I’m thinking Twitter is trying to get people to engage more but this isn’t the way to do it!

    • Thank you Carolyn. I am doing pretty well, still have physical therapy and some nerve damage on the arm but can do most things. You can just expose it to people you follow on Twitter or those that follow you so it can be narrowed down more too. I think it’s more about the ads and less about engagement Carolyn 🙂 Once Twitter gathers this info they can share it with their advertisers and then better target us with ads on the Twitter network. Isn’t always about the money? Sad but true. Thanks for coming by and have a great rest of the week.

  • Hey Lisa,

    I never paid too much attention to this but then again I really need to. I pretty much have the same followers on twitter as I do on facebook unlike some, but I still want to have more control over what people see. Especially the fact that some people can use important information like this to hack into your account.

    Thanks for the heads up Lisa!

    • Hi Sherman, you have complete control over what you want shown on your Twitter profile and I like that. I set the year to only me. I wanted to see how the birthday itself looked and what happens when your special day comes on Twitter. Thanks for coming by Sherman and have a great rest of the week.

  • Nope, don’t think so. I don’t share my birthday on Facebook or anywhere else if I can help it. Stupid Google Plus posted my birthday one year and I was greatly irked; I think I have that blocked now.

    • Hi Mitch, love to know how you blocked that one 🙂 I can understand if you are concerned on privacy issues but I think if someone wants to hack you they will find a way. I appreciate your coming by to comment Mitch and hope all is well with you. Thanks!

      • First, I didn’t get a notification that you responded to my comment. I only thought about coming by because… actually, I’m not sure. lol

        Second, on G+ you click on your face in the upper right of your account and go to Account Settings. Then you go to the area that says Personal & Privacy Info. Once there, you’ll see something to the right that says Edit your Google + profile. Once in there, you’ll see some of your personal info, including your birthday. To the right you’ll see where you can determine who sees what. For my birthday I have it set to “only you”.

        And there you go! 😉

        • Hi Mitch, that is odd, only seems to happen to you that I am aware of. I even get notified when I do a comment here too.
          Thank you for sharing that about Google Plus. Very good to know! I will definately have to check that out.

  • Hey Lisa,

    I know that a lot of people may have issues with this due to privacy but just like with Facebook, you can allow who you want to see this and who you don’t. I’ve never been concerned with my account on Facebook because I’ve always had strong privacy settings and I do the same on Twitter.

    Now Like Brenda and Tim did share, we have a different type of following on Twitter than the other accounts so I’m going to have to give this more thought I think. It’s hard enough to keep up with the birthday wishes on my Facebook account so could you image if my followers on Twitter did this same thing! I have over 10,000 followers now so I would be so worn out although it’s always appreciated.

    I don’t really like the birthday year helping them put things in front of me due to my age. My age is just a number so I would think I would be more disappointed then happy about that so I know I definitely won’t be including that on my profile. If I have to in order to get my birthday posted then I’ll probably pass just for that reason alone.

    Thanks though for letting us know about this, I hadn’t heard but that’s what I have you for. To keep me up to date with all things Twitter.

    I know you’re back to work and trying to do it all once again so I hope things are starting to ease up for you a bit. Just hope you’re feeling much better now Lisa.

    Take care and enjoy what’s left of this week. It’s winding down now.

    Off to share your post.


    • Hi Adrienne, I did not include my year to be shown due to potential privacy concerns but did allow just the date with followers. I think if someone really wants to hack your accounts they will find a way but the year is a bit much to share from what I’ve read Adrienne.
      Thanks for the well wishes, I haven’t quite found my old groove yet but am working on it as I’m wondering how I did it all 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend ahead!

  • Hey Lisa,

    Interesting new feature on Twitter however, I won’t be allowing my birthday to be exposed. I have a different set of followers on Twitter than Facebook. Some of my Twitter peeps are personal friends or acquaintances nor do I really have a relationship with them. Thus, they don’t need to know my birthday. I’m interested to see what others have to say about this.

    Will you be exposing yours?


    • That’s a good point Bren.

      I have a very different following on Facebook and Twitter too. I use my Facebook profile more as a way to keep up with friends so don’t mind my birthday being out there. With Twitter, I’m not so sure I would.

      I’m just going to check my Twitter profile now in case I am showing my birthday without knowing it!

      • Thanks Tim. I doubled checked my settings too before I replied to Lisa’s post. My Tweeps don’t need to know my birthday. Those I do really care about are on my Facebook anyway. 🙂

      • Hi Tim, you have to put it there on your Twitter profile, it doesn’t show up automatically. I didn’t share my year on Twitter, just the date. Funny how some find Facebook so different than Twitter too. Thanks for coming by and hope all is well your way!

    • Hi Brenda, yes but not the year. It’s easy to set the privacy so only I see the year. I have different people as well but I should check my FB as well, having the year is not a good thing to expose. Thanks for coming by Brenda and have a great weekend ahead!

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