Best Chatbots Now To Grow Your Small Business Today

Best Chatbots -You know the one word I keep hearing? Chatbots.

best chatbotsWhat the heck are chatbots? 

Turns out that best chatbots have evolved a great deal since the last time we saw them in AOL. Remember those days? When you were super bored and you would prefer to chat with an automated machine just to see what answers you could get?

These days the best chatbots are way smarter and are actually helping grow businesses like never before.

According to ChatbotMagazine, “A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface”. That’s probably the best definition that I’ve found so far for a chatbot.

What does that mean? and what does it have to do with online business?

Here are the top 5 ways to use a chatbot to grow your business, let’s jump right in.

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#1 – Use a chatbot to get key data

Chatbots are efficient machines that can be programmed to do any task. They could have their eyes on your entire business and calculate stuff in moments.

One example of this awesome ability is StatsBot. This chatbot integrates with Salesforce to display the most important data in seconds. It can display the areas where your business is lacking, it can display irregularities, and draft reports for you very easily.



#2 – Use a chatbot as a shopping assistant

The most common use of chatbots is in the retail business. You can use a chatbot to offer the customer an option to purchase a product through chat. Isn’t that incredible?

One of the best examples of this is Nordstrom’s chatbot that the company launched to help with its busy winter season sales.

Nortdstrom chatbot

Another example of this is the food bot BellyHungry which you can use to find your favorite meal. Just type in a dish you like and this amazing bot will find the closest restaurants to you that serve that dish.

Belly hungry chatbot

#3 – Use a chatbot as a CRM

Speaking of food, there is way more to chatbots than meets the palette. Besides helping you order food and find the best restaurants out there, the best chatbots can also act as a CRM.

One example is a chatbot company that builds chatbots for restaurants. They are called Chatobook and  They have templates that are super easy to set up and help you keep track of customer orders. Once a user makes an order everything gets recorded on the backend and voila!

restaurant chatbot


#4 – Use a chatbot to increase your open rates to 88%

What? 80%? You gotta be kidding me. 

Yep, it’s true. If you send out your content through a chatbot on Facebook Messenger (instead of email) you get 80% open rates. It looks so damn natural and informal that people click on it. Some claim the open rate is even at 100%.

I like to use ManyChat to grow a list of subscribers, build chatbot landing pages, and send out automated broadcasts.

I was doing some lightweight LinkedIn hacking the other day when I stumbled upon this neat way to build chatbot subscriber lists. So I published a post that offered a free piece of content and then funneled all the traffic to a nice looking landing page with a “Send to Messenger” button. Here is what it looked like:

messenger chatbot

If you want to see it in action click here.

I got 27 subscribers from that post. I bet you that if you use this for every single post on all of the various social media channels that you have you can get 2-3k subscribers per month very easily. 40k subscribers in one year – what do you think? Doable?

 #5 – Use a chatbot as a brand ambassador

Disney chatbotChatbots can speak for you, and help your customers get a sense of your vibe. Only try this at home if you have an actual brand.

Disney created a special chatbot for its film Zootopia. The chatbots conducted a game with each participant where it was Judy Hoops, one of the characters in the movie, and you were supposed to help it solve a murder mystery. It looked pretty cool and was interactive too. Got my kids to stop crying for a few minutes. Now that’s the best chatbot!

In Conclusion About Best Chatbots

I know you are seriously wow’ed right now. That’s a lot you can do with chatbots. They are so flexible in their uses that you can literally be in any industry and benefit from having one around (and they don’t make any annoying beep-bop sounds).

For a great list of what’s already out there check out BotList.

Leave a comment and let me know if you are already using a chatbot, and if not which one would you create? What is your best chatbot?

Cheers =)

Ben Kazinik (@eclincherrocks) is an inbound marketer for eClincher, He enjoys hiking, cooking, soccer, and visiting his family around the world. Email me at –

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22 comments On Best Chatbots Now To Grow Your Small Business Today

  • Hi Ben,

    It’s nice to e-meet you!

    Thanks for providing such valuable information! I’m still learning about chatbots and this made it easier to understand. StatsBot sounds like a must-have tool. For it to display where we’re lacking in our business – that information can be very helpful in that we can make the right improvements.

    Out of the ones you shared here I think ManyChat might be a good fit for my business. I’m going to look into that one for sure.

    Thanks again for sharing this post with us!

    Have a great day and rest of the week!

    • Hey Cori! Super appreciate you reading the article.
      Absolutely, ManyChat is a really great platform to use. I would highly recommend it.
      let us all know how it works out for you!

  • Hi Ben and Lisa
    I am convinced after a few years of trial and error, that the only way to engage sincerely on my blog with people in the end, is to just be yourself and say honestly what you think and how you feel. After all we don’t need anyone’s approval – only our own! It isn’t that hard but it does take honesty and courage as well. I am actually looking in to chat bots at this moment to filter out the genuine people I want to engage with, so your post was very timely. Thank you.

    • Hi Richard, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. That is the best way and only way really to engage with others. I’m glad you found this post timely with the chatbots. I hope to use them in the coming year. Have a great weekend and thanks for coming by Richard!

    • Thanks Richard!
      Absolutely, you always have to be yourself. But yes, chatbots can help a great deal.

  • Hi Ben & Lisa,

    You know how I love building relationships with people on my blog.

    Connecting with people in a real and immediate sense is the key to building my business.

    I’ve never used a chatbot but I can see the great value of doing it.

    I’ll have to explore this a little more deeply.

    Thanks so much for all the great references you’ve included here.

    It will definitely be helpful.

    And thanks to Lisa for posting this great article.

    PS: Manychat seems really cool to get started with.


    • Hi Donna, yes I do know that about you Donna 🙂 I have chatbots on my wish list for 2018. I would have to be sure it won’t slow the site or the user experience. I think they will become in better in time too. Thanks Donna for coming by and checking this one out. I hope you didn’t get the storm there as bad here. I’m working by the generator today. They say it may be at least 12-14 hours before power is restored here. Have a good day!

  • Hi there, actually the manychat free plan is great, but unfortunately it adds a link to their site on every chat message that you send.

    so I would recommend the pro plan that starts at $15/month for up to 500 subscribers. I think it’s a sweet deal!

  • Thanks Ganesh! I appreciate the feedback.!

  • Hello Ben,

    The rate at which chatbot is taking over marketing is simply amazing and explosive. A friend of mine was discussing with me of how chatbot helps his Facebook marketing effort and I was like, what? It takes orders for him even when he’s not around. That was amazing.

    Though I use Chatfuel but I’m not really enjoying myself there. I will try some other ones. Or possibly the one you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hey Emenike,

      thanks for reading my article.

      Yes I started with Chatfuel as well, but I found that ManyChat had a bunch of features that I was looking for – popups, landing pages, and their chat broadcast (where you send a message to all of your subscribers) didn’t require the subscribers permission. So overall it’s been a bit more useful for me.


  • Hello
    Feels good to read your post. Here, I have learned manything about chatbot and how to grow small business using chatbot. Really, chatbot is a best way to interact with peoples. In this post you have explained about different types of chatbot with their purpose.

    I like all these chatbot especially facebook chatbot and zootopia.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen verma

  • Hey Hot News! Thanks! Truly appreciate you reading my piece!

  • Hello Ben,

    Nice to see you here on Lisa’s space 🙂

    Thats a poper over here about the chatboxes. Indeed its a hybrid world and the age of artificial intelligence is approaching
    very fast, thus having a chat box which can perform various task on behalf of us.

    Indeed having chatboxes to help us through our business could be a great thing. They can manage all the essential stuff
    within fractions and the work load can be reduced upon the shoulder of humans.

    I didn’t have in my brain that they could be so helping and they can manage things pretty smoothly.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing bots among us.


  • Hi Ben,
    That was a real eye-opening post about chatbots. I had no idea they could do so much and were affordable! Always thought they were the kind of thing that only big companies like banks could afford.
    I was particularly impressed with the Facebook messenger chatbot. I can see how it would increase open rates because I do always open my messenger messages!
    Very interesting post, thanks.
    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  • Hi Ben! Hey Lisa!

    We are hearing more and more about chatbots! I think they are good on one hand and then bad on the other. The bad being, more automation, less human people working. Personally, I prefer to chat with a live person when seeking information. I haven’t stumbled upon a chatbot yet that was very intelligent in given out answers or knowledge. Maybe I haven’t seen the super chatbots yet! 😉

    It’s interesting to see how chatbots can help our businesses when we can’t be online to talk immediately to our customers or clients. In the event I can’t be online, I would consider using a highly intelligent chatbot that knew the ins and outs of my business.

    Great read for sure! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Bren Lee | Designs by Virtual Bren recently posted..Once Upon a Time, There was an Entrepreneur Who Thought She CouldMy Profile

    • Hi Ben, thanks for coming by on this one. I was fascinated by Ben’s post on this one. Chatbots have come a long way now. I may too get one for my site in the coming year. It will be interesting to see how far they do develop. Happy Friday Bren and I hope you have a nice weekend. Looks like more rain/storm heading in here, you too?

  • [ Smiles ] I do believe that chat bots are good for business. But, there are those people who would prefer to interact with a real person.

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