Are Your Shoes Hanging Around?

Clean Out and Donate Your Shoes

In keeping in light Friday I came across this wonderful website where you can donate shoes. Some people have a Monday holiday for Columbus Day and I thought what a great way to clean out the closets and help a great cause! Why keep those old shoes hanging around for another year?


The website is called Soles4Souls. Soles4Souls is a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes and sneakers from warehouses of footwear companies and the closets of people like you and I. What an inspiring organization.

It was started back in 2004 in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia, Wayne Elsey, the Founder of Soles4Souls® Inc., felt compelled to do something. He had been watching the news like many of us and saw a shoe washed up on the beach. He then called a few other executives in the footwear industry and within a short period of time a quarter million pairs of shoes were donated.

The charity distributes these shoes to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has given away over 14 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes (currently donating one pair every 7 seconds.) The shoes have been distributed to people in over 127 countries including the United States. Soles4Souls is a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS and if you donate you are eligible for tax advantages. Anyone can join their cause and they need your help.

They offer drop off boxes and they have included a easy to find by zip code of the boxes.

drop off boxes

I found one within a mile from my workplace. According to their website they do add new locations weekly. You also may send them in to them. (You will have to pay the shipping costs.)

You may also find them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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