Are Your Blogging Friends Leaving Social Media?


Over the past few days I have had a few friends – bloggers who are quitting several social networks to focus on their blogs and just stick with one or two social networks. Is this starting a new trend for bloggers?

Blogging friends

It was strange, seeing one blogger kicking the social habit and then another and another. I can understand how overwhelming it can all be. Blogging is not easy. I had to jump over from Pinterest to come back writing this post. I had also read a few blogs where the bloggers claim they do not get many visits from social media. I must admit I looked over my stats earlier after reading that and noticed Google really picking up to be my number one source here. It always had been Stumble Upon but I am happy that it is coming from Google organic where searches are taken place. Twitter is still another great source of traffic here as well.

There was also research from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth that shows large companies have leveled off with their social media usage from 2010 to 2011. Only 58% of them had a Facebook page and 31% had no Twitter or Facebook.  This report also showed that 1 in 5 small businesses hated social media. Is it because they don’t understand it or the time it takes to make it successful?  It will be interesting to see what 2012 brings. The potential is there for businesses to reach more people via social media as the usage of it from the public increases to climb.

So if you are still blogging or own a website what other ways to generate traffic to your blog or website?

  • Organic – Through searches.
  • Comments – Leaving comments on other blogs and websites.
  • Advertise – Market your blog but it can be costly.
  • Reviews – Do reviews for products and other sites.
  • Link Building – Contacting other sites to trade links or adding them on yours.
  • Your way here by leaving a comment below.

So I would love to know if you have thought of giving up social networks to focus more on your blogging too?

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32 comments On Are Your Blogging Friends Leaving Social Media?

  • I think i\’m signed up on every social media that\’s out except for the one that popped up 10 minutes ago. But, I only really use Facebook and twitter. Facebook the most. I would give up some social media if time did not permit but I\’d still do at least Facebook This was a really great article. I\’m curious of how businesses responded to social media in 2012.

    Thanks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday
    Chasing Joy recently posted..Wordful / Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Table CenterpieceMy Profile

  • I see them all as part of an integrated whole: social media, blogging, organic searches. I guess I enjoy the interchanges on all levels, so I would be hard pressed to give up my social media.
    Alison recently posted..Steel plates aheadMy Profile

  • Blogging not my main focus, but I use it along with Twitter, FB, Pinterest & even LinkedIn to drive traffic to my blog,and eventually to my website I’m here with you because of Twitter, which I like the best of Soc. Media options. Woudl love to know more ways to drive traffic, such as some good SEO tips, if you have them!
    stephanie recently posted..Fav Quote Friday | Lifestyle: Thoughts On Giving; Gifts With Intention and PurposeMy Profile

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  • I have read a lot about Google+ being highly recommended but have not seen the effects from it yet. I would agree to get to know one site really well before starting with another.

  • Lisa my suggestion is stick to one social media site and command it completely.. At the same time keep a foot print on other social media sites…
    Google+ is highly recommended and Facebook and twitter are useful..
    Pinterest and others are growing…but it's better to be master on one rather than Jack of all trades.. What do you think?

  • Hi Denise, many people don't love Facebook but it's the largest network. You can't totally ignore it. Twitter is my favorite, that's where I met people. (On Facebook you already know them) I have met wonderful people through this blog too, it's been just AWESOME. I would agree that relationships are more rewarding than powerful marketing.

  • Twitter is the best. I hear Google is not as found of article marketing anymore….I haven't done any since.

  • Yup! I just thought about this recently. Facebook bores me. I'm thinking about sticking with Twitter and working on building better relationships with other bloggers through blog commenting, emailing, guest posting, and networking in person whenever possible. Creating real relationships is more rewarding and more powerful marketing.

    Maybe pinterest too, because I'm very visual 🙂

  • Hey Lisa,

    I think blogging and social sites work together very well. I don't make a big deal of Twitter. I tweet cool stuff, some of mine and engage ppl here and there.
    I found that article marketing is a great way to get targeted traffic, of you course it has to be automated.

    thanks for the share!


  • Great theory Charlotte, I love Twitter, it is my absolute favorite. See over there and Pinterest is fun too!

  • Rebecca,
    It can be time consuming unless you use tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. They take time to learn too.

  • I actually got here (for the first time) via Twitter. The post sounded interesting and here I am. My theory on social media has always been to get really good at one and then add others. I guess I got stuck on Twitter, which is my favorite, and have just recently added Pinterest as a new focus. I enjoy it too much to give up.

  • I have quite a few social networks that I've joined but I'm only active on Twitter and Facebook. Too many things to keep up with.

  • As you can probably tell Roseli, I'm there with you. I do not get to Empire Avenue as often as I should though.

  • I'm only active on Twitter, FB, G+ plus Empire Avenue and I'm not leaving these networks just to concentrate on my blog. Being active in these networks are part of being a blogger. My view 🙂

  • Twitter would the last thing I'd give up. It's my favorite place. I will check out the challenge – thanks Barry!

  • Hi Lisa, I just came over from Twitter, so don't give that one up 😉

    I understand that it is time consuming keeping up with all the social media networks but they do assist in our traffic and bring us new visitors. I avoided joining Facebook for years thinking it would just be a time magnet but eventually Sally Neill twisted my arm and I signed up. Within 2 weeks it was my number two traffic source, with Twitter being number one.

    I think Ken Pickard makes a very good point when he asks his question.

    I'm a blogger first and use social media for traffic first and then to build relationships with like minded people.

    Thanks Lisa,


    PS I have a video blog challenge starting next week so if you'd like to take part please pop over and get the details. Everyone is welcome to take part regardless of whether you've created videos before. I have free software listed so people can get started and there's also a little competition going on at the same time with a Fantastic prize.

  • Hi Ken,
    I think most bloggers starting out do both. But that is a good question as time goes on. Thanks for asking the question.

  • Lisa,

    I would never give up social media as a way to drive traffic. But social media is much more than just traffic to my blog. It's furthering the relationship. It's building groups for my business ventures and teams. I do focus on only a few sites. The rest build my back links and syndication systems automatically.

    But now here's a question for you and your readers. Are you blogger first or social media person first? Are you a marketer who blogs and a blogger who markets other products? I think the answer to your question could be skewed as it depends on where your reader is coming from.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  • We will need more people to vote!

  • The votes are tied! EEK!

  • Thanks Stacy. I would love to check out your blog radio program. Pinterest is good with the right type of images and works well with certain sites but not for all.

  • As you know, social media can be overwhelming….. I have a Google+ account, but don't focus much on it because I don't like the platform. After Google, Facebook is my number one referral source of traffic and then Twitter is…so those are the mediums I work with. I also get quite a bit of traffic from BlogTalkRadio, but that's because I'm on air every day, but even with that, Google and Facebook are my top referrers. So far, Pinterest hasn't done much for me, and I don't see the excitement over it….for me, it's just too much and I don't have tons of time to spend over at Pinterest and it could be that my company isn't a good fit with Pinterest. Good post, as usual 🙂 You're the best Lisa.

  • B,
    Yes, you were one that inspired me to do this post! Now I know how you had time to read a book, I have several piled up to read not not sure when I will get to them. Love to know if your traffic will change. Keep us posted! Happy you are staying on Twitter too.

  • I'm "one of those" that recently gave up a few social networking sites to focus not only on my blog, but my family and my spiritual journey. If I didn't work full-time, it may be a little easier to keep up with all of it but since that is not in my near future, I had to give up some. I think Twitter is an awesome source for spreading your blog around, especially via fellow tweeps and retweets! 🙂


  • Hi Paul,
    I would have to agree. The blog should come first and I would add Pinterest to that list.

  • I haven't given up on social networks, but I don't use more than a few. I try to concentrate on the more popular ones such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I will experiment with others, but I probably won't be serious about using them.

    I feel that if I concentrate on too many networks that I thin out my time with each, to the point where I don't make any meaningful contribution.

    My blog, however, will always come first.

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