Are You Sore From Working On Your Computer?

Do you get sore working on your computer a lot?

We all spend hours a day now at computers. Whether you blog or not, much time is now spent on the internet. Your computer can make or break you.

your computer?

This image above would hurt anyone’s neck with long term use in this position as well as possible carpal tunnel from keyboard use and writing too!  He is not ergonomically correct. Years ago when I first started working in the newspaper business I was typing constantly. I developed carpal tunnel. I wore the wrist brace, iced it, took meds and after a while it got better. When it flared up I took B-6, 50-100 mg per day. It really helped and it’s a mood booster too 🙂

When I started the online stores and was always on the computer my neck began to ache. I had use heating pads, ice, and acupuncture – which helped me get through Lyme over the years too.  But I discovered something last summer. My sister, who never was into gyms, decided to join one. I almost fell out of my chair. You see we are not much alike. We are close and get along great but we are on different time schedules and think differently about a lot of things. It’s great because I can bounce things off her and see things from another angle. Anyways she asked if I would join so I did.

The Gym

We went together on weekends, during vacation time and sometimes after work. She has gone more often than I. I discovered coincidentally that using certain machines there took care of the pain in my shoulder. So I went back this weekend and decided to share with you which machine.

shoulder machine

This machine above did the trick. Pulling down the weights (25 lbs) for 28 times really makes a huge difference. I don’t know why but I think it stretches the muscles out and gets rid of the stress there. Below shows you how to use it and what it does. Now to just get there more often so I have no pain in the shoulder again.

how to use

Do you get sore from being on the computer so much? What do you do for relief?

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  • I’m a bit late in commenting on this article but thought I might add some other insight anyway if you don’t mind. I am a big supporter of using the stand up desk for so many reasons. I moved over to one about 2 years ago. I spend so much time computing and had not done any ergonomic assessment of my work style that I ended up with back pain, unexplained fatigue and carpel tunnel.
    You make so many good points in solving (or at least avoiding) almost all of the problems that arise for those of us who spend most of our days sitting at our computers all day. I’d like to add, and this is whether you are sitting or standing at your desk, MOVE! and move often. Get up and talk face to face with your co-workers rather than calling them, get a glass of water every hour (and drink it), walk at lunch, stretch out your muscles a couple of times a day, do walking meetings. Just move!

    • Hi Suze, I would love one of those stand up desks. At times I do use my counter vs the table for that reason. Interesting about unexplained fatigue, I hadn’t heard of that before from sitting but it makes sense. They say sitting for long periods of time is not good for us. Thanks for coming by and for your input on this one Suze. Have a great day!
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  • Hey Lisa,

    Great to hear acupuncture helped you with your neck pain from working on your computer. I am an acupuncturist myself and frequently have clients coming to see me for neck pain, several of which are computer related! 🙂

    It is important to be aware of your structural position in relation to the computer when working for long periods of time. Taking frequent breaks and walking around for a few minutes can help. This is also good to help reduce the risk of varicouse veins from long periods of sitting

    • Hi Steve, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I’ve used it for about 10 years for many ailments and love it. I haven’t been in 6 months since my snowmobnile accident but I hear it works for nerve damage and I may return for that. I’ve been doing PT and the cost prohibits doing both at the moment. This is a good reminder on computer breaks as I returned to work a month ago. Thanks for your professional input on this Steve and have a great day!
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  • It’s an ancient Indian form of medicine which combines massage, diet, and herbs. Some if it is nonsense but a lot of it it’s really good.

  • Scott A. Dubrul D.C.

    What a fantastic topic! The majority of my patients coming in for neck, upper back, shoulder and carpal tunnel type symptoms are almost exclusively work on a computer the majority of the day. The fact that we are not genetically designed to sit for long periods as well as that computers almost always force the person to assume a forward head/rounded shoulder posture makes this type of work a recipe for death…literally. Over the days, hours, months and years of assuming this posture, your nervous system becomes hardwired to remain in this posture. This means that the muscles begin to tighten more and more over time until it becomes the new normal.

    In addition to the suggestions above which are fantastic, it is imperative to find a chiropractor who specializes in postural problems. Chiropractic will play the role in making specific spinal adjustments to the regions that have been stressed over time by this posture. As well, there should be specific postural exercises based upon the specific posture pattern that shows up on evaluation.

    In my experience with the chiropractic care and the posture exercises, posture changes are seen in the first 4 to 6 weeks and then are maintained via the exercises given. It is always a good idea to have spinal check-ups to insure that your spine is functioning appropriately and your nerves are keeping the proper pattern alive. The more you participate, the better results you get.

    Dr. Scott

  • Oh yeah. I love your advice. I have a whole host of at-desk exercises I do every so often, too. Happy SITS day (a bit late because I was travellng) 🙂
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  • Oh yes Lisa, the dreaded back and shoulder aches. Too much time at the computer without sitting correctly or even having the right desk height is all factors in causing this. I learned long time ago about being ergonomically correct. In fact, the bank I worked for spent thousands of dollars for a company to come in and analyze all the work stations. We all received new chairs with lumbar and lessons in how to sit correctly. Also, many of us were given ear phones for our telephones. I was constantly on the phone and looked like the guy in your picture above!

    This is a great topic to bring awareness too Lisa, so thank you sharing the information and your tips!
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    • Hi Lynn, yes that happened once years ago where I worked too. It’s hard now with everything so fast paced to think about it but when the pains come you must think. We used to have charts and pics on them so you could be sure to sit properly. Maybe we need those again 🙂

  • My lower back gets sore and so I make sure that I take dancing breaks. I also go outside and lay down to soak up some sun too or I just stand while working on the computer and stretch my legs.
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  • Great post Lisa! I’m always suffering from something and I find Yoga always helps with my pains. And I recently discovered ayurvedic medicine it’s quite awesome. I’ve never heard of B6 for carpel tunnel. That’s good to know.

  • It certainly can be quite boring at times. I think stepping outside makes all the difference. How about getting an orthopaedic chair.
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  • Thanks for sharing it here Lisa, being a Blogger and computer user I also faced neck pain and back pain etc. I will also join gym soon.
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  • Thank you so much for sharing. I have been looking for a way to relieve the tension in my shoulders. Can’t wait to give this a try.

    Stopping by from SITS.
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  • Ahh, neck and back pain! Something I have dealt with almost my whole life! I try to remember to sit up straight when I am sitting in any chair really. But it is hard to remember every time. I have replaced my computer chair with an inflatable exercise ball. It encourages you to tighten your core and straighten your spine. That is just a preventative suggestion though. To relieve my tired and achy muscles I like to treat myself to a massage once and a while. Yoga and hot muscle soak baths also do the trick to loosen up. Afterwards its best to stretch out the warmed up muscles.
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  • Hi Lisa, You are so right. It’s easy to spend too much time in front of the computer and it’s important to get out there and be active. I like your suggestions about what to do to combat computer-related injuries. So many injuries can be prevented if we take good care of our bodies!

    Thanks for sharing these!
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  • Hi Lisa,
    I am aching right now actually because of working on my computer all day. I think acupuncture is really great.I used it myself for a different kind of problem, non-related to aching muscles. Working out is the best way to get rid of these aches and stay in shape.
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  • Great post and tips! I get shoulder pain sometimes but not sure if it’s from work. When at home, I sit on my crap couch with laptop, of course, in my lap. If I sit for hours, the shoulder thing starts. 😕 Get’s on my nerves but can’t get a new couch yet. Never heard of taking B6. Is that for muscle aches? I might get some of that! 😉

  • That’s nice Lisa. Tip for people who has got pain on shoulders 🙂 Anyway, I’ve had a neck pain first days, but I was used to it since I do sports. So over time it vanished and when I’m with PC it doesn’t matter anymore eventhough I’m on PC about 15-18 hours now. Good posture matters. At least being relaxed. Else our body get used to the posture we are on and later on things get worse.

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