Are You Keeping Up With The Changes on Social Sites?

Changes On Social Sites Keep On Changing

Everyday you go online and see new changes on social sites  – Either over on Facebook who changes quicker than some of us change our underwear or on Google + where they are trying to compete with the ever changing Facebook.

changes on social sites

The Recent Changes on Social Sites

  • Did you see anywhere about the Facebook Pages image size changes coming April 26? The new profile picture will be 160 x 160 pixels and will sit at 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top of the page. Are you ready to make more changes quickly?
  • How Sociable is going away for now. I had enjoyed the FREE service but the owner  Jonathan Markwell is taking an extended break. Understandable if it wasn’t making money to sustain itself.  If anyone wants to help out or offer him ideas you can contact him at or follow him on twitter


  • WordPress 3.3.2 Updates – I loved it the first day and blogged about it but have hit a few snags since. Trouble with the RSS feed (feedburner). Anyone else experience any glitches with the recent upgrade? It could have been my social media widget because the email to my feed is working though it’s not emailing recent post outs.
  • I did receive a recommendation for FeedBlitz from the founder when I tweeted about having feed trouble- Anyone using those services?
  • I understand Feedzilla is another feed to explore as well though it did not impress me at first glance.  It looked like it was more for those that wanted to subscribe to feeds. Do tell me if I’m wrong.

What is your favorite RSS feed to use for your blog or website?

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  • Thanks for letting me know Shilpa. Will be checking it out!

  • For what it is worth: De WordPress upgrade I did to 3.3.2 it seems to interfere with the Suffision theme’s setting involving Google Analytics. now when I do an adjustment to the theme’s settings (tweaking, the way it looks etc.) the ‘link’ to my Analytics account goes wrong and I have to manualy copy and paste the code from the Google page to the theme. Weird. I got the RSS working now and some other things, but… there’s always more to be done.
    The speed of software – updates is crazy. Google+ has options added (or deleted) on a daily basis, almost. I work in ICT and before I can do these kind of things (updates / changes in functionality) ‘the user’ has to agree first.
    But they are paying for the service, we don’t for Google+, Facebook, Twitter and the likes. That’s part of the difference… 😉

    • Thanks Jan and for the help via Twitter. I should have deactivated plug-ins first before the upgrade. I fixed some last night over our Twitter discussion and the feed is now okay – Mayura figured it out with the publicize – I had it turned off – what a stupid mistake! Not sure when I did that or why. Must have been clicking where I should not have been 🙂 There definitely is always more to do!

  • crap don’t mention facebook and changes to me. i’m so sick of it. 3.3.2 caused me ranking and crawl error issues. i had to remove sexy bookmarks and is this socialable the plugin i use? cause that’s gonna suck eggs. girl you definitely do a great job at keeping up. love you for this. thanks. feedburner…i only posted today because i’ve been busy with gigs and figuring out how to layout the blog for the consolidation, so i haven’t noticed if my feed was broken. i’ve heard about feedblitz, definitely time to check them out!
    vanita recently posted..Why I Will Not Comment On “Big Blogs” AnymoreMy Profile

    • Yes my feed is down since updating, wrote to feedburner. Wonder how long that will take to get a response? I may go with another feed but the funny thing is I got more visits with feed down. Go figure!

  • What? More fb changes? Do so it’s so! Ugh!

    I haven’t had any feedburner issues so I can’t help you there. Sorry Lisa. Hope whatever it is get’s fixed soon. :/
    Brenda Lee recently posted..I can’t get away! 🙂My Profile

  • Wow… list of updates 🙂 I’ve heard FeedBlitz is another fantastic web feed management service with more customizable features. But I’ve never tried it Lisa 🙂 I love the way how FeedBurner works for me. And no cost at all. If you love social media then you gotta be dynamic 🙂 Social media is always subject to changes. Lately I’ve seen Google+ and Facebook copying each other. Facebook image size is one of it and Google+ redesigned. Today Google+ released a new Share button like Facebook Send button too ~ However I love changes and competitiveness 🙂 That’s why I love social media. But it would better if they come up with unique features for each one. I think Pinterest does great job in this scenario 😉

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