Are You Getting Your Perks?

Klout Perks for You

If you are on social networks are you getting your Klout perks? Klout perks are given when your Klout scores reach certain levels and brands offer things for FREE. What can be better than FREE perks?

Klout perks

The Latest Klout Perk

My latest perk came from Chili’s for $15 to eat at Chili’s. No strings attached. Concerned about Privacy? Read their privacy policy here. Just being a member on Klout is all that is needed for perks. You must sign in to Klout and request the perk via your name, address and email. They do run out fast so if you haven’t checked in a while be sure to check into your Klout account more often. You can also rate other users in the feedback section. Klout will give you 10 different choices between 2 users and ask who you find more influential. Then they will give you another 10 choices of who you believe has the Klout score. And while you are there don’t forget to give some Klout love to your favorite users on your social networks. Just click the K buttons that you see in the image below next to your favorite users. There will be topics list on the side of this button. If they are highlighted it means you already did – if in bold you click here to give K Love!

Here are some Klout perks available:

  • $25 to spend at – Sports, concert and theatre tickets>
  • Chili’s 2 for $20 steak – At Chili’s
  • $10 to Left Lane Sports
  • Coming Soon – Free checking and dinner from Capitol One

Some perks require that you live in a certain area or have a particular Klout score. Most perks I have seen require at least a 40 Klout score.Can you increase your Klout score? It may not be so easy. It is like a secret sauce recipe. It’s based on many factors on various social networks. Be sure to fill out your profile completely with all your networks.
Klout recently entered a partnership with Badgeville. This will include more networks with badges to be part of your Klout score.  Klout continues to add more networks as time goes on. I think Pinterest will be coming!  Quora is another network they will be adding soon according to their website.
Have you received any of your Klout perks recently?

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