Are You A Twitter Responder?

Twitter Responder = Engagement and Maybe Sales

Have you ever asked a business a question on Twitter? I have found it to be quicker and easier than email. Sometimes you have to wait at least 24 hours for email and if you call – you are on hold or have to know which extension or name to move along that now tedious phone process.

Twitter Responder

A few weeks ago while I was switching this blog from Blogger to WordPress I aasked a question on Twitter for GoDaddy. I was so impressed with their quick response. They are a top notch Twitter responder.

Of course they are not the only ones responding on Twitter quickly but being as big as they are I was still very impressed and have joined their affiliate program. (You can read my update about what you should know about an affiliate program.)  Go Daddy makes registering your domain name very easy and affordable. They even send you reminders before your domain is about to expire. Remember to always register your domain for at least 2 years – Google will like you for it. It will help your SEO and page rank.

I have had other companies respond very quickly on Twitter too – It’s my preferred method of reaching companies especially online companies.

Here is my list of great customer service and Twitter responders available on Twitter:

GoDaddy – They really came through in a moments time.

TJMaxx– I had been shopping there and recommended their store to a fellow tweep and they got in on the conversation and followed me.

Triberr – Another business I contacted that responded immediately and gave me a solution to a problem.

CommentLuv – This one I was very impressed with on a Sunday – answered my question, directed me where to go and I was up and running within minutes.

Bufferapp – Another great online tool and company that responds immediately – They were down one day for a brief time and responded immediately to my question.

DDPVD – Our local Dunkin Donuts – they also get in on the action on Twitter quickly with the local tweeps (And as you can see they are small and looks like they just got started on Twitter).

Paul Brit Photo – Need a photo avatar or some digital editing? Paul is your man and he also responds quickly to any questions you may have.

Do you have some great Twitter responders we can add to this list that have provided you with quick and helpful customer service? Are you also ready to respond quickly on Twitter?

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13 comments On Are You A Twitter Responder?

  • I’ve asked for a specific service on Twitter actually, and I had lots of replies offering custom services to cater for my specific needs. It was great. But the problem would be how to filter genuine and great services from the ones that are just trying to make a quick buck? Hmm…
    Sabrina Sabino recently posted..5 Free MRR eBooks Added To Downloads Section!My Profile

  • Hi Lisa!

    All the ones you mentioned are truly great at responding. A couple others that I like are: Red Bull & ThinkGeek. They’re super great! Oh, as well as Smarties. There are some AMAZING businesses out there that respond so promptly to Twitter. They are the shining stars and true examples of excellent twitter peeps. 🙂

    I also respond as quickly as I can. I think it’s so important to respond to anyone who has contacted you on Twitter within 24 hours.

    Great post!!
    Morgan recently posted..I’ve Fallen In Love With Buffer & Why You Should, TooMy Profile

  • Thanks Samantha for adding to the list – I will update, XO
    Glad you like the colors – Vanita did a fantastic job on the theme. She knew what I was looking for.
    Lisa recently posted..What Will The Google Changes Mean To You?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa! I’ve gotten lots of great customer service from various vendors on Twitter. Here’s my list: BufferApp Triberr, CommentLuv, Studiopress (, Dr. Pepper, FreshBooks (, and many others.

    I think it speaks to Twitter’s vital presence in the marketplace today. Not only is it a critical word of mouth marketing platform, it’s a wonderful way for businesses to address customer service needs and improve customer satisfaction!

    Your site is SO lovely, Lisa. The colors are exquisite and so calming. xoxo
    Samantha Gluck recently posted..How to Write Tweets that Get Read and RetweetedMy Profile

  • Well to be honest, yet I didn’t try it on Twitter Lisa. BTW as you’ve mentioned it is a great way to respond quickly 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Next time I ll try it on Twitter.


  • i’m always grateful when clients give me a heads up in the stream that they’ve sent me email or need my help. godaddy has great tech support. i’m not always happy with the one blog i still host with them, but i dread moving ABB. i’ve got 800 media files alone! plus 12 subdomains. otherwise i’d move to Val cause she’s been really good too with email and twitter responses. when i play social media manager for clients, i always suggest to hold their twitter account for their brand name and leave tech support and sales support info in their profile if they won’t be using the account actively.

    great post Lisa!
    vanita recently posted..Blasted Blogger Comment CaptchasMy Profile

  • I have gotten some quick replies from some big time companies on twitter like Geico! Great post!
    candice recently posted..Word-ish Wednesday | Baby’s First ColdMy Profile

  • I made sure I did give them kudos for the help. If it went the other way I would have sent a message instead unless it was a real horrible situation. Yes, I imagine there are times the customers can eat businesses alive via social media. Sometimes a business can turn it around though and some good can come from it. You really can’t please everyone all the time, right Sonia?
    Lisa recently posted..Are You A Twitter Responder?My Profile

  • I have asked a few questions to a few retailers and I actually got a reply. I think if its a simple question it makes it easier to get pass all the stupid agendas and get the answer so you can move on with your life. Now if they screwed up royally and still haven’t responded, I can’t say that I would be bitter on Twitter, because I don’t want my readers to know I am pissed per se, but I see what you mean.

    Companies really have no choice these days to respond or they will have to hear about it online in front of all their other customers. Social media outlets has it merit, but cross a customer and they will eat you alive. Great for the consumer, scary as hell for the business.
    Sonia recently posted..Travel Tip: Top 5 Dive Destinations for CouplesMy Profile

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