Are They Talking About YOU at Social Mention?

Social Mention – Hear What They Are Saying About You!

Ever wonder what is being said about you or your brand across the social networks? There are tools for that and one of my favorites is called Social Mention.

social mention

All you do is go their website and put in your brand name, blog name or personal name. This morning as I went there and for the first time I put in my personal name. There is more than one of me. For one of our brand names it was interesting to see the stats:

  • Strength
  • Sentiment – Can be Positive, Negative or Neutral
  • Passion
  • Reach
  • Top Hashtags
  • Unique Authors


There is also information on:

  • Top Keywords
  • Top Users
  • Top Phrases
  • Sources – Which social networks
  • Time of last mention
  • Retweets

4 More Things To Do On Social Mention

  1. Follow those that talk about your niche subjects. Type in different keywords related to your niche or products.
  2. Offer coupons for those shopping for your products – love that one!
  3. Join in conversations if they are applicable – be careful on this one, some may find it a little creepy.
  4. Find which networks are being used the most for your niche and get yourself on it and be active. Social mention checks out over 100+ social networks across the web for you.


You can really pull some interesting information from this website and you can also get daily emails – like a Google alert, it is called a social mention alert. There is also a realtime buzz widget for your website or blog too. All this is FREE.

listen to what they are saying

Do you know what’s being said about YOU or your BRAND?
Update: September 18, 2013 – SocialMention no longer sends the email alerts but you can gather great info online at their website. Put in your keywords and see what others are saying!  

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