And The Blog Went POOF…! Gone Into Thin Air

Blog Went Poof!

I had read about several WordPress blogs that are not self-hosted vanishing in thin air. I thought that won’t happen to mine. I have made several free WordPress blogs over the past year. I was so afraid of going with self-hosted because I heard some of those ended up offline or with other hosting issues. I was afraid of the time commitment and learning curve. How could I handle it all?

afraid of losing blog

How Can I Do It?

Well last weekend I had decided to get over my fears and move one WordPress site to a self-hosted site so I could learn about it. I heard they were better for SEO and that the plug-ins offered so much more for your blog. So I transferred one to a self-hosted site. I had some great advice from Vanita over at After Bed Time Blog and went with Selby self-hosting through Val there who was great at helping me after setting it up for just $19 for 6 months. When it was complete I thought what was I so afraid of? And only $19 for 6 months. No big dollar commitment. I still have a lot of work to do to make the blog better but it is so easy with plug-ins and I hope over the weekend to have more time work on it and learn a lot about the versions.

I then went to look for another WordPress blog of mine and to my amazement found it was GONE into thin air with a message that said “This blog is no longer available. This blog has been archived or suspended due to the violation of our terms and services.”  I was in shock. The blog went poof and VANISHED into thin air!

The Blog Went POOF Gone- Into Thin Air!

After I collected myself  I went on to email WordPress about it and they responded that I had too many links to an eCommerce site. Thankfully it was the least important of all my blogs and that I had transferred the other in the nick of time! Here are the several lessons I learned from this entire experience of a blog that went poof:

  • Back up your blogs – Any WordPress or Blogger blogs – always do a backup, weekly or daily
  • Read the fine print of the terms and conditions
  • Don’t be afraid of self-hosted blogs and websites
  • Don’t be afraid of your abilities – you can do more than you think if you put your mind to it and seek advice from those who have been through it
  • Learn as much as you can by reading other’s mistakes and successes

Are you using a self-hosted site or still the free versions?
I will be moving this blog over to in the near future as soon as I learn more from my first self-hosted site.

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  • Thanks Val, you have been awesome during this process! I just went to my other WP sites and did the export. Very easy to do and a great habit to get into of doing daily or weekly just in case. I have been checking for upgrades and it says everything is up to date. I look forward to converting my other blogs too.

  • Grumble, grumble, grumble. I can't believe they won't even give you access to your export file so we can get you backup. Maybe ask them directly if they will let you do that. It doesn't hurt to ask 😉

    You always want to keep your WP version and plugins updated. But especially your WP. Usually an upgrade means that there have been security upgrades and you want to keep up with those. Just hit the export download in your tools once a week or month depending on how much activity you have on the site and you'll be able to get it back up and running in a pinch.

    It looks like Samantha's commenting issue was pre-self hosting and it was the site that was requesting she log in. Is that correct Samantha? We want to make sure you can comment on the current site 🙂

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