How to Select the Right AdWords Management Agency

Setting up AdWords is one of those things that most business owners know they should be doing. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. It is not a project to be trivialized. Therefore, without the right levels of expertise, it can take up a lot of time and budget.

With digital marketing in general, and AdWords management specifically becoming increasingly technical in order to maximize results, setting up Google campaigns is a job for experts. The results can be very rewarding, but the effort can be intense.

adwords management

Ad copy needs to be optimized, keywords need to be researched and tested, and overall campaigns must be continuously tweaked and analyzed.

All things considered; it is fair to say that Google AdWords campaign management is quite fiddly! Business owners have a business to run, customers to keep happy, and staff to manage.

Adding AdWords management into this list of jobs risks either missing details and having an ineffective campaign. This can be distracting you from other tasks or wasting valuable budget on the wrong type of leads.

How to Recruit Your AdWords Management Company

Once you are over the hurdle of deciding that you need to hire an AdWords management company to run this important marketing task for you, there is a little work still to do.

Investing a little time in finding and qualifying the right AdWords management services agency to run your campaigns is worthwhile.

As with many important purchases, understanding how the agency engages with and works with their customers is one of the first steps.

Look for signs such as how quickly your initial call or email was responded to. Then how much attention they paid to what you specifically asked for.

If you received a generic, late, or no reply – watch out!

no response

You want an agency that reads your requirements, takes your individual comments into account. And then one who wants to understand your business in more detail.

Generic replies or cookie-cutter style replies mean they are likely to be juggling too many customers to give each one the individual service levels that are required.

Good AdWords Management

Successful AdWords management relies on good targeting. The leads you get will depend on how tightly you target the location of your potential customers and leads.

Whether you are targeting worldwide customers or much more local to your own location will depend on your business and the services you provide.

But the beauty of AdWords compared to other forms of marketing is that you can be very precise. Precise about the location of your leads, and profile your campaigns accordingly.

Regularly looking at your ads, and how each one is performing is also a good practice. Even if you have an agency running your campaigns, you will want to look regularly and see which campaigns are performing the best.

This will not only guide your future campaigns. It will give you access to some useful data about what messages resonate with your potential customers.

However, a good AdWords agency also must keep up with all the AdWords changes that are coming out sometimes daily. Things change rapidly in this area of expertise.

Better Reporting and Analysis

Good AdWords management agencies will provide reporting and analysis in their overall package.

Have you used AdWords in your small business or blog? I’d love to know more in the comments below.

I had done AdWords management years ago and it was a very time-consuming task. Moreover, you had to continuously watch and adjust the campaigns daily.

Today, I would not tackle that on my own!  Managing social media is plenty to keep me busy 🙂

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