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All About Me – Who is Lisa Sicard of Inspire To Thrive?

Looking back, I guess you could say that I always had the entrepreneurial spirit coursing through my veins!  For instance, I started working delivering newspapers as a kid in elementary school.  By age 14, I learned to type so that I could type classified ads every day after school and on Saturdays for the Coventry Reminder, a weekly community paper.

Moreover, I remember that I wanted to buy Levi jeans and my parents would not allow that as they cost too much. So, I decided to make my own money to buy my own jeans!  ?

That First Real Job

One summer while working at the Reminder, they decided to teach me how to make and design ads. Hence, this was before computers and it was the old cut and paste method.  I was a quick study and that lead me to attend a vo-tech high school for commercial art. Likewise, I stayed at the Reminder through most of my high school years and beyond.

The Next Job

Later, I went to work for a commercial printing company to expand my horizons. I found I was bored. That job led me to start to work part-time for a weekly Catholic diocesan newspaper called The Visitor.  Consequently, I designed ads and typed copy for the newsroom.  Soon I became full time as the Art Director.  Then, I decided to attend Community College to get my AFA in fine arts. There, I took mostly graphic art classes.

Next, I set my sights on working at The Providence Journal; the oldest continuous newspaper in the United States.  It was my dream job and I had been applying for jobs there since I was 15.  I finally got my first interview in my early 20’s but came in 2nd out of 75 applicants!

When I called to inquiry why I was not offered the position, I was told that I needed daily newspaper experience. Disappointed but not deterred, I moved towards gaining more experience! After all, I would not give up!

My First Business in My Late Teens – Early Twenties

During this time, I did some freelance work and formed a company called Creative Hands.

I did billboard ads for a local marketing company that placed ads on billboards at the local grocery stores. It was my best account until, tragically, the person died in an auto accident. After that, I made and designed business cards and greeting cards. (Photos of business cards and greeting cards).

In fact, I found some of these cards in my parent’s home after my dad died earlier this year.

Although I was still crushed that I did not get the job at the Providence Journal, I continued pursuing ways to learn and gain newspaper experience. Months later as luck would have it, a photographer from the Pawtucket Times, a daily newspaper in a small city, told me of an opening at the said newspaper!

The First Daily Newspaper

I thought it was for a graphic artist, but it was for the composing department.  I applied and started that job in January.  Once again, I was bored.  I noticed that all the salespeople were making commissions and getting free trips and bonuses for extra sales.  I had a light bulb moment and I started to think that maybe I should try that?  Within a few months, a position came up for inside sales and the layout of the newspaper. I applied for it and got it.

Right away, I found that I enjoyed working with people and helping them design their ads. Because of my previous work experiences, I understood the ad sizes, colors, etc. It made it easier for me to sell. After a few years of working there, my manager left to go to the Providence Journal.

The Dream Job by 30

One summer day while attending a picnic, I began reading the ProJo and saw an ad for a job there.  It was not permanent but a temporary position.  This did not stop me from wanting to apply.  It was as if it had been written with me in mind!  I had to apply and take a chance!

At the time, I had two small children – ages 1 and 3.  I interviewed and after my former manager gave his recommendations about me, I got the job!  Some people were concerned I took the job without health benefits. That only lasted 1 month.

Another position opened, and I was in – full-time, my DREAM job!

Sales Job

I worked as inside sales and as a specialty rep for a few years.  It took a while to get outside sales, as at that time; not many women were put into those positions!  Hard to believe, right?

Within 5 years, I made it to outside sales – perfect timing as I was going through my first divorce. It saved me from having to sell my home.  I met wonderful friends and business owners during my time there.

I spent some time in local small business sales, digital sales, and most of the time with real estate sales. The one category I was not fond of was national and working with agencies. I found that I preferred face-to-face engagement with clients. That part of me has never changed or wavered.

Once again, as I was working in the field I attended Bryant College for marketing classes.

The End of An Era

It was a wonderful job for many, many years. Then the newspaper industry was turned on its head! After 25 years and painstaking deliberation, I decided to leave and go to work for a smaller, locally-owned paper.

That lasted less than a year as I was growing my part-time business and I quickly realized that it was time for me to take the leap and go full time on my own.

My Side Gig

It all started while working at the Providence Journal. I was a rep for website sales and became interested in everything digital. At the same time, I ran an online business called Fancy Scrubs for several years.

I built the website, did all the SEO, blogging, and social media for it. Since I was in a bad marriage it was my way of dealing with it. Then, when I was not working at the Journal, I spent as much time as I could learning and growing that business. It helped keep me sane!

Therefore, it gave me a sense of purpose and a feeling of achievement! In fact, I got the largest sale from a Tweet – a doctor in Texas purchased the largest order of medical scrubs. Because of that, I have not stopped tweeting since.

A Blog and Business Was Born


Hunter likes to be near me while I work often.


I began my own personal Twitter account and my own blog at inspire to thrive.  People – friends, associates, folks I met on Twitter were asking how I did it.  Therefore, instead of answering each individual question there and on email, I started a blog — Inspire to Thrive. I am proud to say that it has evolved and grown over the years; and in the past few, I have started offering services.

Now, I blog for international clients and I train and consult with local businesses.  Furthermore, I also do social media management, digital assessments, and blog for local clients.

Finally, I became proficient at Twitter… much so that my blogging colleagues convinced me to write an eBook! Another achievement I’m quite proud of!



New Chapter Is Born

In fact, I am now in my ninth year of blogging and I am never bored!  Between my 30+ years of newspaper advertising and digital marketing, I feel I have so much more to offer potential clients. I love helping people and working for myself allows me the freedom to do so.

I am so excited about this new chapter in my career. Starting this business has taught me a lot about myself – my strengths, my determination, my sense of adventure, and loving what I do. I will never allow myself to be bored again! Life is too short!


A few more things about me

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More About Me

Read more about my other “works” here.


Awards – About Me

Notably, One of the Top Ten in Report Garden’s Top 10 Twitter Influencers.  March, 2017.

Featured in Fit Small Business Top Marketing Blogs for 2015 and 2016.

Skill Set

– Blogger and Founder of INSPIRE TO THRIVE (9 years and counting!)

– Social Media Management.

– Social Media Marketing.

– SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

– Content Marketing.

– Social Media Training and Consulting.

– Social Media Marketing Consulting.

– WordPress (Extensive Knowledge with some HTML knowledge).

– Google Analytics Knowledge and Usage.

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