A Sits Girl Day

Are you part of the Sits Girls?

It is a large network of bloggers with tips, giveaway and a community. They have been around since 2008. They feature a Sits Girl daily during the week and once you submit your blog for your day it takes many months to be featured. Today’s my day!

The Sits Girl

I had forgotten all about this since it was at least 6 months since I had signed up. They take 3 of your best posts and link to them so others can get an idea of what your blog is about. So hop on over to the Sits Girls and check it out.

I was very impressed look at who has featured the Sits Girls Community over the years.

  • The New York Times
  • Nickelodeon Parents Connect
  • The Huffington Post
  • ProBlogger

They offer many blogging tips that you can easily look up on their website. From choosing fonts for your blog to setting up your RSS and much more. You can also submit your own tips too to them which is a brand new feature just added the other day. What a great way to give and take.

The Sits Girls can also help you to work with brands. This is something I have yet to explore. Another one for the “to-do” list.  Here are paid opportunities they have offered  bloggers in their  network previously:

  • Write a post and embed a video (must get moving on video’s)
  • Attend an exhibit opening at an museum prior to its launch to the public – what an interesting thing to do for the summer.
  • Stop by a PR office to check out a new line of cookware – cooking fans – this is for you!
  • Attend a book signing party with an author at a local bookstore – book lovers will cherish this one.
  • Swing by a cocktail party where a brand debuts all of their upcoming holiday products – doesn’t that sound like so much fun?
  • Come to a private party at a local retailer to meet with brand representatives as part of a focus group

 So have you joined the Sits Girls? If you have do you participate regularly? 



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