6 Reasons I LOVE Twitter

Do You Love Twitter?

Love Twitter

Why I love Twitter!

1) It’s Fun! Once you get to know people you will really love Twitter. Sometimes if I am out and about I can take a picture of something a friend on Twitter would love. It’s easy to insert a photo into the tweet.

2) You can make friends with various people all over the country or world. You get to know them by their tweets and interests and then you can get to know them even better on Facebook.

3) Great business tool – We have had some of our largest orders through Twitter. We also have learned a lot through Twitter, tips and tricks. You must engage on Twitter for business as you would via your personal account if you have both.

4) It’s Quick – I like things fast paced and Twitter can be fast. I love Twitter for the speed you can tweet or find about things. You only have 140 characters to get your point across. I like short and to the point.

5) It’s a great way to follow breaking news. An example: The tornado that touched down in Springfield, MA. I was on twitter with hashtag #tornado and got the info as it was happening, 20-30 minutes before it was on any other news source. I was able to let my son who lived in the area of the warning about it. (It didn’t make it that far down South)

6) You get to read a lot of blogs if you like the tweet and click on the link. If the tweet is interesting you can go to the blog. Again, its all what your interests are.
I have several accounts for business and my personal account too. I had started the personal one years ago – I just had to know what Twitter was all about. It’s my favorite social media platform.

As of July 2012 Twitter has 140 million users.

If you don’t tweet – what are you waiting for?

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