4 Ways To Research For That Next Awesome Blog Post

4 Great Ways To Research

Have you ever thought about how to research for your next blog post? Some topics may need more research than others. Some come from life experiences or others from something you read and you may want to expound upon. In the old days we used to do our research in a library. Today the research is all done online. Knowing how to research can add quality information to your blog.

research online or books


Recently another blogger Allie from Ramblings of a Wahm was going back and forth with me in regards to recent post on masking links and affiliates. It got me to thinking more about shares on social media for affiliate products.

I’m still researching on affiliate links in social shares ever since this Twitter conversation. I found several ways but want to research the topic more before doing a post on it. Too many legalities involved and I would not want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. So what are some ways to do this research online?

Four great ways to research include:

  • Google Alerts
  • LinkedIn
  • Twilert
  • Quora

My favorite is Google Alerts.  You can pick you topic or keywords and have it sent to your email. You can set it up so it does it immediately when it publishes on the web or 1x daily or weekly. You can set up your own parameters.  I suggest setting one up for your name, your business, your blog, your topics, etc. It comes via email to you. I’ve been using it for years and it’s been a huge help at my daily job as I get alerts on my accounts and account category. I use it for the websites for names and keywords.

LinkedIn is great for doing research on companies. You can follow companies on LinkedIn and get the latest news on them. You may also follow individuals and groups. There are many ways to use LinkedIn for research on people and businesses. There is also an answers place on LinkedIn. You may ask or answer them.

Twilert – A great way to stay on top of tweets about your topics. You can set up emails to come daily or more than 1x daily or just weekly. These are great to see if anyone is tweeting your brand or to see what the competition is doing on Twitter for names and/or keywords.

Twilert alerts

Quora – This one is great to ask questions. There are many topics here related to websites and blogs. One time I found an answer to the best way to ship for the lowest price. There are many experts on this website ready to answer your questions. Of course if you are an expert you may answer them there as well.  Your content can be shared and you can see who it reaches via Quora there. (That’s new) You follow users and users can follow you like other social sites. You can set up topics to follow on Quora too.

What Ways Do YOU Do Research For YOUR Blog Posts?

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