3 Ways to Keep Connected on the Go With Fab Apps

Keep Connected On The Go!

Do you keep connected to your social media on the go? Here are a few of my favorite apps that can aid you to stay connected on the go:


This one is great to manage multiple Twitter Accounts. I still use it to this day. I have had it now for 3 years and love it. I lets you see conversations and re-tweet with using your own comments. Something we still cannot do on the regular Twitter app on Droid.

keep connected

You can do so much with Tweetcaster including:

  • Direct Messages.
  • Re-Tweet’s with added comments.
  • Search on Twitter.
  • Color Code Your Tweets and Replies.
  • Edit Profile.
  • Multiple Font Size – Great if you forget your reading glasses.
  • Follow Management.
  • Lists Support.
  • and so much more – you can read at Tweetcaster.

Pinterest App

The Pinterest app is my all time favorite. They have updated it along the way and it was not even around when I first did this post. Neither was Pinterest.

Pinterest app keep connected on the go

The Pinerest app does everything you can do from your desktop or laptop. That is what I love about it. It is the easiest app out there to use. It helps to get more pins and shares by using this app during my lunch hour. You can read more here on the best app for pinning.

Facebook App

The Facebook app is great for your personal account but I have not found it effective on the pages accounts on the Android. If anyone has tips on that, I’d love to know more. Since I first wrote this post almost 2 years ago, Facebook has come up with the Pages App.Facebook pages I like it but it’s not perfect. I still cannot comment as my page on other Facebook pages with this app. I can update my own Facebook pages and comment on my own  pages but I still need a laptop or desktop to comment as a page on other pages. The best thing is that I can see when someone posts on my pages and I’ve had some spammers comment that I could delete immediately, Nice! One day I felt like a fly swatter as the spammers kept coming and posting. I finally had to block them.

Do you use apps on the go to manage your social media?
Updated June 29, 2013


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