Have You Tried NewsMeBack social website?

Have You Tried NewsMeBack Social Website?

NewsMeBack Social – A Different Kind of Social Networking Website

NewsMeBack Social – I love getting to know all the social networking websites from the share button. There are still so many social networking sites I have yet to visit or understand. Some are very different than from what you would expect.

NewsMeBack social

I believe I found another one as a source of traffic to our website and blog here. It beat out Facebook for traffic the other day to this blog. It is called NewsMeBack. It touts itself as the place for citizen journalism and social news, a place for you where you can put your news, events from everyday life, something interesting that happened in your life or else.


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It’s simple to join and submit your news and blog posts to NewsMeBack social. You have to choose from 1 of 5 cities of where you want it posted. The one element I cannot figure out is the social element. I can’t seem to find how to follow others. There are no directions to be found. Maybe someone from NewsMeBack can explain here in the comments. I’m hoping!

Updated 5/26/13 as I had to delete the old comments from Blogger, they did respond.

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