2 Days Into Slowing Down Blogging & Social Media

Slowing the Blogging & Social Media Process Experiment

It’s been 2 days and life can sure get in the way. Between doing inventory on the retail sites and having meetings on my lunch hour I have to play catch up early a.m. and til 9 pm. My lunch hours have been filled with meetings lately so commenting has really taken a back seat.  I also have concerns about the impending weather forecast. If you remember last year we had a tropical storm and I had relatives staying with us for 5 days. So I must prepare for that possibility soon. One way to slow me down, have a hurricane.


weather could affect blogging

What Didn’t Get Done in Blogging and with Social Media?

  • No time for Stumble Upon
  • Less commenting on other blogs
  • Less Facebook posts and comments
  • No time to visit Blog Engage or Scoop it
  • Less tweets except for this one below from a friend about slowing down
  • Less blog posts here and on my other blogs
  • No time to clean up old posts here or using webmaster tools, but do keep on the retail sites for those (That is priority #1)!
Of course those that know me doubt I will make it for a week – LOL.


I have noticed less commenting and it really has me thinking. Is blogging really a social media form itself? I think it is for most of us bloggers unless you are a Seth Godin. Or if you are doing a business blog for SEO purposes and for information only. This is something did not know in the beginning days of blogging. You can’t just blog it and forget about it if you want to reach a wider audience.

blog and forget about it?

So not only must you make time to produce a quality written blog post but you have to share it over various social media websites. You then must engage with others on their blogs with comments and more shares. It’s really a never ending cycle. It’s like a hamster on the hamster wheel that keeps going round and round. When things get crazy I prioritize and write a list. It can really help you to stay sane throughout the process. Of course taking a deep breath will help you too.


How do you choose to slow the never ending cycle of blogging and social media cycle?

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

35 comments On 2 Days Into Slowing Down Blogging & Social Media

  • You can see from the pink line; it looks like the conservative folks closed there laptops at about 11pm, while the democrats stayed up absorbing the victory until 1am (green and blue lines).
    Ann recently posted..Bad Links – How to Tackle this ProblemMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa
    Thank for excellent post and share it. It is very important and helpful post for us.

  • I love this conclusion and I agree you can’t blog and forget about it. After sometime I saw something that I had seen before and this is spammers. If they think your site is abandoned or left alone too fast, they start spamming your blog comment area like crazy. I get spam just like the next person, but they come quick and come in bulk. It’s like they have radar that you have left the building and they are free to roam around and leave stupid comments. I mean let’s be real, why would a air conditioning company want to comment on a twitter post.

    Did you experience this on any of your down times?
    Sonia recently posted..How to Create Custom Facebook Feeds That Interests YouMy Profile

    • I haevn’t but I’ve noticed a lot less spam with the premium CommentLuv – another reason to love CommentLuv – I had in the past seen them come in bulk. But that was before the premium plug-in.

  • Very interesting post and something that I often wonder about. How to keep up with it all? I find that it can be very hard to keep up with the blogging, facebook, twitter, linkedin and crafting forums. I try and devote the majority of my time on my facebook and twitter accounts and I really try to make an effort to make it to my crafting forums on a weekly basis. I usually comment fairly quickly on my blog as I have the app for wordpress installed on my phone and on my iPad. I have to try and remember though that I am only one person and that I work full time and have kids!

    • Thanks Beth, I’ve yet to delve into forums. I know I should but time hasn’t allowed it yet. I also try to keep up on Pinterest and Stumble. Thank goodness for our smartphones. They sure do help!

  • I agree with Christine – you do keep up an awesome blog.

    I t*try* to take weekends off (when not doing a blog challenge). I admit, it’s way easier in the past few weeks after I quit my full time job, though I’m probably working more hours than my corporate job on my “stuff”!

    I use my trusted timer before I go head deep into social networks or my blog rounds. The only exception to using my timer is during my “free reading time”. Usually after the kids are in bed, I surf, read Kindle books and generally chill.

    Good slowing down experiment!

    Have a wonderful day.

    Dee Ankary recently posted..Contest Results And MoreMy Profile

    • Thank you Dee and thanks for making my Halloween with a treat from your contest! I bet you are working more hours for yourself than the corporate job. I work a lot on the weekends on all my websites and blogs except when I take time to visit with family or exercise with friends. Good idea on timer, I’m almost in panic mood as it’s nearing 7 a.m. and I have 30 minutes to finish up before heading to day job. I’ll post soon on the slow down experiment and your product complete blueprint. You sure will inspire me to get that eBook started and done by 2013.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I think anyone who has been blogging or connecting with others through social media for any length of time can relate to what it takes to keep this cycle going –

    I think, as you said, it comes down to prioritizing. And doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

    Otherwise, we’ll go crazy trying to reach every outlet that we think works, when in reality, it may not be worth the ROI.

    You definitely keep up an awesome blog here though!

    Christine Brady recently posted..Top 3 Questions – List Building, Product Creation and Lack of MoneyMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa.
    One week you say? That’s 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes or 604800 seconds. That sounds long, way to long. Knowing you a little you’ll be back full blast before we know it.
    On the other hand… I have said many times before “Zoom out to get the bigger picture, zoom back in and focus!”. A little off time does not hurt anybody…
    JanBierens recently posted..Ongoing changes – Bite the BulletMy Profile

    • True, it’s long Jan and I sort of blew it in a way since I did another post. But I’ve spent time away from commenting and some social media except for the weather coverage that I’ve been glued to.

  • Very useful article. Social promotion play very important role to increase traffic of Blog.however it should be neither too much nor less.
    Vishaka Raj recently posted..How to Download Picture Messages on Android DeviceMy Profile

  • Lisa, it is good to slow down and refresh ourselves. A first blogging can be a little overwhelming. I plan to take a break, but I am afraid I will lose ground.
    Michael Belk recently posted..Is gratuity in restaurants a must or can the customer make a judgment call?My Profile

    • Hi Michael, I know, it’s a big balance act. I just did a new post but was asked questions from friend on it so I felt I should share it. But I’m not having the time to comment on other blogs and that does lose you some ground. Of course if I lose power that will really lose ground but we have no control over the weather.

  • It is really a tough grind. I know I don’t comment nearly on enough blogs or guest post as often as I shoule. I also do not even have the time to write what I wan to. I am hoping this weekend to get every single post done for the week that I want to. So I can go back to a full time blogging schedule, but it is difficult. I almost thought about leaving triberr too. It takes a lot of time to sort and approve posts.
    Susan Silver recently posted..#SearchTherapy ;Send in Your StoriesMy Profile

    • I wouldn’t leave Triberr Susan – it does help! I do approve from those I know and others if I have time read before submitting. Even if you don’t get there everyday I find it does generate more shares.

  • Hi Lisa,

    NOW I can relate to this dear 😀 I have to slow down my cycle. Suddenly a policy imposed by my Internet Service Provider and connection speed downgraded for ones who exceed 40 GB. I already reached it, so until Nov 1st, may be I’m offline mostly. It takes around 10 minutes to load a page with plugins on it. Anyway I’m here 😉

    You know, everything goes with Internet as we live online. For you it’s time and hope hurricane will count too. But for me, it’s Internet 😉 Whatever it is, have to catch up we are able to. If you are trustworthy, just don’t worry 🙂 Everyone will be with you no matter what. Life has ups and downs. But objectives never change 🙂

    I have heard the hurricane almost killed 25 people. Hope it will ’cause a least damage there. Be safe and ready dear.

    Mayura recently posted..How to Get Your Comments ApprovedMy Profile

    • Yikes, that’s not good. Could you switch providers there? Thanks for your wishes with storm. We will see if it holds up, sometimes they forecast things that never develop but this one is sure looking like it will. You’ll know if you don’t see me on Twitter for days. I could also charge my Droid in the car for a bit, but would have limited usage I’m sure.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I can so relate to this post. After having months off due to health issues I really noticed that everything dropped off a cliff.

    It does seem that we have to be at our desks pushing our content out there. Even now that I’m back (part time) and creating new content I still see that my figures are way below what they were prior to taking time off.

    It does get like a hamster wheel doesn’t it 🙁

    Best of luck with the hurricane. We see them on the news here and feel for you all every time.

    Take care,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Creating and Using Secure Passwords With EaseMy Profile

    • Hi Barry, yes being off for months would sure do that but your health must come first. If that storm holds up to what they are predicting I may have no choice but to be offline and get some rest 🙂 Got my batteries and candles ready.

  • Exactly! I shared something from Camille and her baby bump update and someone was asking me what they missed? Am I preggers? OMG 😛
    Suresh Gupta recently posted..Bad Links – How to Tackle this ProblemMy Profile

  • I sure understand how it feels to slow down. I am working more than ever, but it’s mostly on my business and for my clients. I have had a difficult time switching between work and blogging lately.

    But, fortunately I don’t have to deal with a hurricane. I hope you’re doing ok.
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..Do you need to use images in blog posts?My Profile

    • Thanks Jens 🙂 It may be a way for me to be offline for a few days. (I may crochet.) I do have go-charger that will help keep my Droid going. Thank goodness for that since our suppliers are not in the hurricane zone. But I bet we’ll have a lot of people offline for days if this storm holds up to what they are predicting.

  • Hey Lisa

    I hope you’re feeling a little more relaxed at least from slowing down even a teeny tiny bit!

    I’ve not seen a huge drop in traffic since I decided to only post once a week and the amount of comments are about the same.

    I do get out there and do as much commenting myself as I had done before though so maybe that is the key.
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Are You Real Or Are You A Fake?My Profile

    • Hi Tim, I’ll say a teeny bit yes. Good to know you haven’t seen a drop in traffic. I bet it’s the commenting factor for you. I do notice it does make some difference. I don’t like to comment unless I really have something to say. That can be hard at times.

  • Oh, yes slowing down! I can relate back to it.

    These days, I slow down a lot (I still catch up, though).

    My schedule works on the basis on commenting every weekday except for Tuesday (lately, I haven’t been able to keep up commenting on Mondays or on Wednesdays, so I have to put extra effort in on Thursdays and Fridays to catch up!).

    But, it all works out (At least for now, it will). I do realize that I need to actively follow my schedule though, before I start my new blog (or everything will go out of order!)

    Anyways, I hope you catch up, Lisa (you can! Don’t worry :D).

    • Nice idea Jeevan, saving commenting to certain days of the week. I guess I think of it like email and hate to go more than 24 hours without responding. It is sort of ingrained in me from my job to respond quickly to customers 🙂 But this blog is my relation and not a job 🙂 You got me thinking.

  • Wish I could tell you Lisa!

    I guess this period while you are trying out the experiment, it must be a rather peaceful time for you too. Aren’t you more relaxed and have more time for yourself, and your family? Don’t you wish you had less of Internet and more time offline doing other things you want to do and that needed your attention?

    Yes, we have our work online and we really can’t stay off blogging. Nor can we not be on the social media, just as I mentioned yesterday too. I guess for a short period it’s alright. More than that can affect our blogs. 🙂

    Thanks 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Why Can’t Men and Women Be FriendsMy Profile

  • When I get overwhelmed, all those extra bloggy networks take the back burner. Honestly, I was never good at keeping up at them anyway. I focus primarily on FB, Twitter, G+, my blog and reading, commenting, and SHARING other’s blogs. If each blogger would share the post they are reading, could you imagine the views? I make it a habit that to share posts even if I don’t comment. Yet, I don’t see that reciprocated but by a select few. Anywho, you can’t do it all. Last time I checked, you’re not Linda Carter as Wonder Woman. 🙂 Somethings gotta slide. However, I totally believe in bloggers helping bloggers. Read a post, share it. Oh, since I did a semi lil rant….again, when I’m overwhelmed, I just cut the strings. It’s hard but I prefer my sanity. 🙂

    Great post Lisa and don’t stress it. A lot of people read but just don’t comment. If you install that “plugin”, you’ll see 🙂 BTW, you just gave me an idea for my own post! Woot! :mrgreen:
    Brenda recently posted..Hubs! You’ve Been Busted!My Profile

    • Great point Brenda. I do try to share most I read too. Ah, I’m not? How disappointing! 🙂 You are right life can get too stressful and some things have to give every now and then. Can’t wait to see what you develop from this one.

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