15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and Beyond

Bloggers to Make You Think!

As this year is ending it’s time to start thinking about what we will do in the New Year. Who will we learn from? Who can teach us more and help us along the way to succeed online? I choose 15 bloggers that I have come across that have taught me many things. I thought if you haven’t been following these bloggers to make you think you may want to in the coming year 2015.  Hard to believe it has been 15 years since Y2K , isn’t it?

A few of you may have seen some of these bloggers comment here at Inspire to Thrive but others I hope you haven’t come across yet. I know I love visiting blogs with roundups of bloggers that I haven’t yet met. It’s a wonderful way to meet new people in your niche.

bloggers to make you think

Here are the 15 Bloggers:

  1. Danny Brown from DannyBrown.me – I love his tagline – “There’s more to life than social media.” Danny is an author with 3 books under his belt. He writes about marketing and social media.  His blog has been named as #1 blog in the world by HubSpot! He has many other awards as well for his blog since 2011. He also gives speeches at major corporations on marketing and social media. Danny is just truly amazing.
  2. Ryan Biddulph from Blogging From Paradise – I’ve known Ryan for some time in the blogosphere but really came to respect him when I read his eBook Blogging From Paradise – How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging.  Ryan really made me think about why I am blogging and how to take this blog to another level in the future. His ebook was simple and with step by step instructions. He has since written a series of eBooks.
  3. Adrian Jock from Adrian Jock.com – Adrian blogs about internet marketing. He has written a series of internet eBooks as well. You may have seen Adrian comment here and there on this blog. I believe I first met him here around April on a post I did about comments and how many before you give backlinks to commenter’s on your blog. We didn’t agree at first and I ended up thanking him for pointing out our differences of opinion. We have, I believe, become friends ever since. Life would sure be boring if we all agreed all the time. What I really like about Adrian is he watches your back – if there’s an error and he notices, he will let you know. I truly really like that!
  4. Carol Amato of CarolAmato.com – I’ve known Carol for a while but got to know her better this year by visiting her blog more Carol zip lining blogoften. She blogs on how to grow an online business but the one post I loved was about her going zip lining. It’s on my bucket list now! It’s funny how an off topic post can resonate with a reader and turn them into a regular reader of your blog.
  5. Don Purdum from Unveil the Web I just met Don this year by seeing his comments at some regular blogs I visit. He writes awesome content on internet marketing, social media and tips on business. He has been running his own businesses since 2004 and is also a sort after speaker. He always responds to comments and on social media. If you haven’t followed Don be sure to add him to your list too!
  6. Mike C from Sugar Pine Realty – Mike’s blog is not just about real estate – it’s about life and much more. This was one of the first blogs I came across via Twitter over 4 years ago now. I loved many of Mike’s posts as they were about life, social media, relationships, etc. A few on real estate and how it may also related to life. Most of his posts you will be able to relate to. They are short and simple. Most have bullet points. He is very active on Twitter too.
  7. Ramsay Taplin from Blog Tyrant  – This young man really knows his stuff! Ramsay started in his early twenties and sold a fitness blog for over $20,000. He loves to work from his couch and never would want to work in an office. He teaches other bloggers how they too can work from their couch and not have to deal with a 9-5 rut.
  8. Ann Handley from Ann Handley.com – Besides blogging, Ann is an award winning Wall Street Journal author and keynote speaker. She is a writer first and marketer second. Her blog is definitely not boring and you’ll be entertained as you learn along the way following Ann Handley.
  9. Michelle Dale from Virtual Miss Friday – Michelle shares her insights on real life experiences in online businesses, intrepid virtual assistance, travel and digital nomad life with her family. You can learn a lot from Michelle as she shares what she has learned and her topics have quite a range.
  10. Glenn Shepherd from Glenn Shepherd.com – Glen blogs about internet marketing and he got involved just a few years ago back in 2012. Glen has a variety of topics and teaches us creatively through his posts. I never get bored reading his posts and I don’t think you will either.
  11. Ms. Liz from Home Notion – Ms. Liz writes all about content marketing. She also writes about blogging too. She shares her strategies for writing valuable content that will get shared and read again and again. She is another blogger I met via Twitter. 
  12. Jackson Nwachukwu 0f Worth Blogger – Jackson has been blogging since 2009 and is from Nigeria. I came across his blog when he named me one of the 12 Most Stubborn and Fearless Female Bloggers. That got my attention I must admit. I’ve been reading his blog ever since. He has gotten very clever with his headlines and topics on how to build a blog worth reading. I’m sure you will learn some new tips via reading Jackson’s blog in the coming year.
  13. Jenn Herman from Jenn’s Trends – Jenn writes mostly about Instagram, she is the Instagram Queen! I’m amazed at how many posts she can write just about Instagram. If you want to learn more on Instagram Jenn is the one to follow in the coming year.
  14. Paul Spoerry from Paul Spoerry.com – Paul is a coder and web geek who loves to blog. He writes a lot of tech posts which I love and some things off topic which can be interesting too. This is another blog that won’t get you bored when you visit. I’m sure you will learn about technology from Paul.
  15. Kim Garst from Kim Garst.com – Kim Garst is a social media queen that we can all learn from. She engages over on Twitter with over 300,000 followers. And she still has time to engage with me on Twitter! That truly amazes me. Here blog is all about social selling made easy. I love her posts, she keeps them simple!

Other Bloggers Too

There are many other bloggers I will be following in the new year to learn from like Adrienne Smith – a network superstar,  Tim Bonner – always teaching us something new, Enstine Muki – teaches us how to make money online, Ana Hoffman – with her marketing skinny weekly shares what’s new around the web and more,  Sherman Smith – teaching you about running a home business , Donna Merrill – shares her online marketing tips, Sylviane Nuccio – shares her writing tips along with travel and coaching tips, Barbara Charles teaches us about business, marketing and motivation and Brenda Pace – keeps us thinking about life, social media and more. These are just a few other blogs I read and learn from all the time. 


Which bloggers make you think from this past year? Did you know all 15 of the above bloggers?

Who else would you add to the list?


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Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

53 comments On 15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and Beyond

  • Hi Lisa,

    Oh, boy, I never knew about this post, and just found it now. I guess it’s never too late.

    I know most of those bloggers and they are worth knowing.

    One tip that Kumar Gauraw gave me is that when we mention someone on our blog and want them to be aware (besides sending them an email to let them know) is by linking to anything page or post, but the home page. The reason why is that if you link to the home page they won’t get any pinback.

    Don’t know if you knew about that, but that was news to me.

    Thanks for mentioning me.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Why Is Your Blog Not Attracting Your Ideal ClientMy Profile

    • Hi Sylviane, you are welcome. I’m missed some in the past too until someone else let me know. It’s hard to be everywhere everyday, right? Great tip, thanks for sharing that one from Kumar. Linking back to homepage vs post is new to me too. I guess it would help SEO more too. I love learning something new everyday Sylviane, so you just made my day!
      Lisa recently posted..Facebook Page Posts – Who is Seeing Your Posts Now? My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Hope you had an awesome New Year.

    Definitely a great list you’ve compiled here and although I’m familiar with a few names here, there are still some I’ll be looking out for and checking out their blogs this year. Specifically Adrian’s, Jackson’s and Kim’s.

    Amazing how blogging can connect us with so many great people around the world.

    – Andrew

    • Hi Andrew, nice to see you back here. I have and am glad its 2015 and 2014 is behind me. Yes, it is amazing and we can’t all know the same bloggers, right? I always found it fun to find new ones from the bloggers I read regularly so I thought a list like this would be helpful to my readers. I hope you have enjoying the weekend and have a good week coming up Andrew.
      Lisa recently posted..8 Things To Consider When Changing Your Name OnlineMy Profile

  • Hi, Lisa,

    Some of my favorite bloggers are listed here along with one of my mentors, Ramsay from Blog Tyrant. And some new-to-me bloggers to check out!

    Thanks for introducing me,
    Sue Anne Dunlevie recently posted..How To Make Money With Your BlogMy Profile

  • Merry Christmas, Lisa! -This was a most inspiring read and made me look inward and assess my own blogging goals. Thank you for that. I don’t think we’ll be having a white Christmas here in Connecticut but maybe a last minute Polar Vortex will surprise us.
    Lauren recently posted..Do You Feel Like You’re Blogging In An Evening Gown?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa.

    Thanks for sharing these fine bloggers.

    I’m pleased to say that I recognize most of them, and have connected with many. But as always, there’s always more to do.

    I’m looking forward to reaching out some more.


    Nathan Ambrose recently posted..I Want to Comment on Your Blog but I Don’t Know What to SayMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    It’s a great and honorable thing to acknowledge your readers and those from whom you’ve learnt something new! You see, no matter how knowledgeable one is, there is always something to be learnt – always.

    I’ll see what I can do by way of visiting those bloggers here whom time permits to visit…though, these days, I don’t do much commenting again (as you may have noticed).

    Be certain to make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..Let Me Design A Professional Website For You For Free (Pay For Only Hosting And Get A Free Domain Name For Life)!My Profile

  • Great list Lisa, i will keep my eyes on them and see their manifestations in the year 2015, i pray for more wisdom for them and every other blogger.
    Emebu recently posted..7 Evil Forces that Makes You a Failure in BloggingMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa!

    So many great bloggers here. I regularly visit the blogs of a lot of the people you mentioned, but there are some bloggers here I’ve yet to meet.

    I’m always looking to expand my network so I’ll definitely be checking the other bloggers out and paying a visit to their blogs. Thank you for introducing them to me!

    – James
    James McAllister recently posted..If You’re A Jack Of All Trades, You’re Bound To FailMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Wow you have a great list of bloggerse here. Some of which I know and others who are new but not for long. I’l going to stop by their blogs and check them out.

    I’ve been learning a lot about YouTube from Ms. Ileane lately. I’m launching a channel and her tips are very helpful. I learn something everytime I visit her blog. 🙂

    Thanks for introducing me to those new bloggers. Here’s to a fabulous 2015! I hope you’re doing well! Have a great day and weekend :).
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Make Life Easier With These Microwave Cooking and Cleaning TipsMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    I don’t know everyone on your list but most of them I have either been by their blog or seen them around. I think this is a great way to end up this year letting us know who we should be watching, listening to and paying attention to as we start yet another great year.

    We can never stop learning and there are so many areas we each may not be that great in. I know I certainly do NOT know everything which is why I’m so thankful to know so many amazing bloggers that can help me learn and grow myself.

    I can’t promise that I’ll get by everyone’s blog but I’ll try. That’s the problem, never enough time to visit every blog we would love to but if you recommended them then I know they are worth my time.

    Thank you for including me my dear, I’m truly touched and I hope I can help bring everyone into a new year with the knowledge that I know and continue to learn and experience. You’re the best.

    Hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend Lisa. I sure am.

    Adrienne recently posted..Rock It Like You Mean It: Walking The True Path To SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, there are always some you may not know, we can’t be everywhere all the time, right? Yes, I love learning new things and reading other blogs certainly opens my eyes to new things. I do understand about time, sorry it took so long to respond. Been taking some time offline to gear myself up for the holidays. I hope you had a good one and I’m glad it’s over. Enjoy the weekend ahead Adrienne.
      Lisa recently posted..15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and BeyondMy Profile

  • Thanks so much for including me in your list. Really appreciate it. It’s nice to be amongst such fancy company!

    Ramsay recently posted..Want the Best Sign-Up Form Ever? Here’s 7 Clever Examples.My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    A well written post i must say. I have connected with most of the bloggers you mentioned here while i will sure check out the ones i just read about here and i hope to connect with them too. Thanks for showing me more people to connect with.

    olili Bob recently posted..Plague : A New App That Infects Users with InformationMy Profile

  • I know a couple of these folks but I’m not sure if I’ve visited them in a while. I’ve known Danny the longest, bought Ryan’s book & just met Jackson.

    So I guess that’s my next step right? 😎 Nice list; good job!
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..The Concept of Social Media MarketingMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    This sounds like a fantastic bunch and I value your input so I am definately going to check this bunch out (the ones I haven’t already checked out). Kim is amazing. She does find the time to connect. Bonner, Merrill, Pace, adrienne and the others sound like a great bunch to follow along with in the upcoming year. They are amazing. I can’t wait to learn more about this years list you have shared because there were so many I have missed. That is what amazes me about this online world. The talent is just everywhere.

    I have an amazing mentor and she blows my mind. She is right up there with Kim Garst. RebekahRadice.com has a way of teaching, mentoring and keeping your mind thinking creatively when it comes to coming up with more ways of engaging with your fanbase and communities. If you haven’t visited her yet Lisa, I would love for you to take a peek and let me know what you think of her. She is alot like Kim…she will find the time to connect back with you. I consider her a media superstar. LOL

    Take care and happy holidays. I’m relaxing a bit over the next week so we will see if I actually DON’T post…probably not..you know me. LOL

    Irish Carter recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide Party Extravaganza With Michigan Small Businesses – Presents for You and Others!  Join Us!My Profile

  • What a great list Lisa. While I have seen, read and engaged with a number of these blogs, there’s a good number that I haven’t come across yet. I will for sure be checking most of these out in the very near term.

    Paul Spoerry is the first on the list that I’ll be checking out, since he’s a tech geek like me.

    I’ll be bookmarking this post for easy reference into next year.
    CraIg recently posted..Blogging Aimlessly – A 7 Point Plan To Get Your Blog On TargetMy Profile

  • Hey, Lisa,

    I’m SO honored to be featured with this awesome bunch of folks, truly grateful you included me, thank you!

    Some of the folks on your list are friends, others acquaintances, and a few I need to get to know. I’ll
    start with Danny Brown and go from there. Thank you for introducing me to these bloggers that are sure to make me think too.

    I think it’s so wonderful that you have zip lining on your bucket list now. Guess what? I’m moving to Florida in January and SKY DIVING is the next thing on my list… 🙂 I’m 53 years old so I’ve got to do it before time slips away, and I’m not able to.

    Also will be visiting Busch Gardens in Tampa where my daughter lives (and where we’re moving) so that I can ride the roller coasters and see all the animal exhibits! It’s gonna be a great time.

    Lisa, I hope you have a great rest of the week, and I’ll be talking to you soon.

    Carol Amato recently posted..Get Out of the Shadows and Make Your Presence Known (Help for Lurkers)My Profile

    • Hi Carol, you are very welcome. I’m glad there are a few you need to get to know. I just fixed Danny’s link so do visit his place – it will be worth it! I do and I can’t wait to try it out! Not sure I could follow you to the sky diving, but I never say never either. I’m only a few years behind you Carol. I know what you mean – life goes by way too fast. Good luck with your move! I can’t wait to see your sky diving adventure online too! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead Carol. Thanks for coming by and for sharing.
      Lisa recently posted..15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and BeyondMy Profile

  • Wow Lisa thanks so much for the mention! So happy I decided to trash my old blog to start this one ;)….because Blogging from Paradise took off so fast, like nobody’s business. I knew that it would from Day 1 but it took a big league act of faith to make this deal happen. As for the list of winning bloggers above I know and follow almost all of these folks. Winners all around! I have probably commented on everybody’s blog at one time or another 2, which is neat, because I feel commenting can form a bond which other forms of social interaction can’t achieve.

    Ramsay is growing to be one of my faves. I love his style and I also appreciate the community he’s building over there, on Blog Tyrant. I remember for SO many years he published guest posts on Pro Blogger under the name Blog Tyrant, and I just wanted to know who the heck this guy was? I soon got my answer, and I wasn’t disappointed because he’s a genuinely nice, personable dude who really has his stuff together.

    Adrian’s a skilled blogger and commentor, and heck, all of the folks above are really, really good at what they do, from the 15 on the list, who can make ya think, to the folks you mentioned at the end. I genuinely want to help bloggers free themselves, and I want to make them think, if they really want to take a different path in life. I feel Lisa, that so many bloggers are bound, so much so that they can’t see the better way, the way out, that so many want to explore. I know that I had a helluva time exploring and finding that better way before I started my word travels some 44 months ago.

    When I bought into traveling, my career growth increased, and then, over the years, i saw more and more success, until I launched Blogging from Paradise. Then things really took off, both blogging wise and branding wise. I’d been a full time, pro blogger for many years, making a full time blogging income, and I was retired and all, but chasing my dreams, and wanting to be free more than anything, and learning from these pro bloggers, well, it put everything into motion.

    Lisa thanks again for the mention and for sharing this fab list!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..21 Things You Need to Know about Blogging from ParadiseMy Profile

    • Hi Ryan, you are very welcome and thank you for all you have taught me this past year. (Now to be put it to use in the coming year ahead). Wow, you are probably the first one here to know all of these bloggers and commented on their blogs too! Why am I not surprised? LOL. Ramsay does have a different style and at first I wasn’t sure but after reading several posts I began to understand his style and ways.
      Oh yes, Adrienne is the queen of commenting and being social on the social networks. How many years did you explore before those 44 months Ryan? You are such an inspiration with what you have done Ryan.
      You are welcome and have a great day there on the island and enjoy your weekend! I hope you play as hard as you work!
      Lisa recently posted..15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and BeyondMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    What a surprise seeing my name on this list of awesome bloggers. I must confess it’s a wonderful way of starting my day 🙂

    I already know Ryan Biddulph, Don Purdum, Carol Amato, Ramsay Taplin and Ms. Liz and have consistently engaged with them. The other bloggers are my next online to visit and I can’t wait to do that!

    For other bloggers you also mentioned, I have connected and engaged very well with them. Adrienne Smith, Enstine Muki, Donna Merrill, Sherman Smith, Ana Hoffman and Sylviane Nuccio. These are all wonderful bloggers who are always ready to engage with you!

    Lisa, you have done a wonderful job coming up with this awesome list. There is no better way of building relationships and bringing bloggers together than coming up lists like these. I can’t thank you enough for this honor my friend 🙂

    We all are going to make it bigger come 2015 and I can’t wait to start seeing those awesome new year posts!

    Once again, thank Lisa for your love, I really appreciate.

    Remain blessed.

    Jackson Nwachukwu recently posted..Don’t Bury Your Words When Commenting [My 2014 Blogging Strategy]My Profile

    • Hi Jackson, you are very welcome. I’m glad I came across your blog recently and I really enjoy the creativity you do with it. Glad that you too did not know all of these 15 bloggers so you can follow some new ones and connect with them as well. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment today. Have a great day and weekend ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and BeyondMy Profile

  • I havent heard of Dan and I will go check him out.

    I don’t think you hyper linked to his site.

    As for the others I know about 5 of them- Don being one of them.

    So happy you shared this guys who have inspired you.

    Not to forget Ryan who has done a marvelous job of commenting on so many blog.

    Did get to read the book you mentioned and its really awesome.

    Thanks so much once again.

    Peter Kanayo

  • Hey Lisa,
    This is definitely a list of awesome bloggers to follow next year. I know a good number of them on the list. I’m currently checking and connecting with those I never met before.

    I love Ramsay’s home page 😉

    Thanks’s for the shout out on this post. I’m sure there are more ways to make money in 2015 😉
    Enstine Muki recently posted..How Sherman Smith can help establish your home business!My Profile

  • Wow Lisa!

    I feel so honoured to be featured on this list, thank you so much! There are a couple of names there that I know but most I don’t yet know, so thanks for putting this list together and alerting me to them. I look forward to checking them out and I’m sure I’ll pick up some great stuff from them.

    Thank you again and you have yourself a great weekend. 🙂

    Glenn Shepherd recently posted..Why I Rejected Hundreds of Dollars Per MonthMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa –
    I Love this list. I already follow many of these bloggers and you’ve introduced me to a few new ones. Looking forward to what they have in store for 2015.

  • Wow Lisa,

    This is some group of great bloggers. I know many of them, but now have the ability to connect with those on the list I don’t know.

    I know how difficult it is to put up a blog like this with all the linking and you have done an amazing job, especially writing introductions to each one.

    Also, many thanks for the mention, I greatly appreciate it!

    donna merrill recently posted..Blogging In 2015My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Speaking about errors, you’ve just made a big mistake. Again. A huge one… No.3 shouldn’t be there :mrgreen:

    Even if that’s an error, well, I have to admit that you’ve made my day. Thank you! That’s something I still have to learn. Sometimes being imperfect is better than trying to be perfect…

    Since I know only half of the gals and guys here, I’ll have some work to do. Adding that to my latest fight against my poor communication skills, plus the mandatory annual analysis of my main online businesses (not blogging 🙂 ), wow, I see that I’ll be busy in January. Not bad.

    See you around, Lisa, and thank you once again!
    Adrian Jock recently posted..9 Reasons Why Your Blog Comments Didn’t Generate TrafficMy Profile

    • Hi Adrian, you had me going for a moment when I first read your comment – I thought your link was broken or something 🙂 Poor communication skills? Where did you get that one from? Glad to be able to introduce you to some new bloggers, I love checking out new blogs every now and then. Always something new to learn. You are very welcome Adrian and have a fabulous Friday and wonderful weekend!
      Lisa recently posted..15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and BeyondMy Profile

      • Where did I get the communication skills idea from? Not important, but want me to prove it? OK, pls read your reply to my previous comment 🙂 You thought that the link was broken or something, while I was actually making fun of myself – “Adrian, why are you listed there? Get out of that list of nice people!” Q.E.D.

        Well, of course that I can blame you for not understanding my point in the first instance. But blaming others isn’t a viable way to solve my problems (if any).

        Have a great weekend, Lisa! 🙂
        Adrian Jock recently posted..How to Easily Extend the Reach of Your Affiliate ReviewMy Profile

  • I follow Ryan’s and Enstine’s blogs from the list of 15 bloggers to make you think and Bookmarked the websites of the remaining bloggers so that i can learn a lot in the upcoming days. Thanks a lot for this wonderful post 😀
    Lakshman Teja recently posted..Install Xposed Framework on any Android DeviceMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa!

    Wow! That is a fabulous list of blogging superstars and some that I’ve not have the privilege to meet. However, thanks to your link, I’ll definitely be visiting some new homes. 🙂 I don’t know how anyone in the blogging universe can not learn from another blogger. There are so many wonderful and knowledgeable people out there sharing their wisdom! I have learned a lot from some you have mentioned above. My biggest authority is Tiny Buddha. Tiny Buddha helps keep me grounded emotionally and mentally. Their posts always touch me.

    I see 2015 as being an even bigger year for some of the bloggers you mentioned, as they start a new journey or a bigger journey. I don’t make resolutions but my goal for 2015 is to stay focused on My Girly Parts and grow my Community.

    Here’s wishing you a prosperous New Year Lisa! :mrgreen:
    Bren Lee recently posted..Night Sweats: Do They Make You Feel Like You Spent Hours at the Gym?My Profile

    • Hi Bren, you are welcome. I’m sure you will enjoy some of these bloggers you have not yet come across. I love the links you share from Tiny Buddha – I’d agree with you on that one, very wise wisdoms from that blog. I hope you do meet that goal Bren – I’m sure you can if you stick with it. Enjoy the Friday ahead and weekend. Thanks and you too for the New Year!
      Lisa recently posted..15 Bloggers to Make You Think in 2015 and BeyondMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    WOW! What an inspirational group of bloggers. Some I know and most I don’t! I can’t wait to get on their blogs and read their awesome work. I know if you like them, I’m going to as well.

    2015 is going to be a really special year and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us all.

    Thank you so much for the mention and the very kind words! I’m honored and blessed!!!!

    Have a great upcoming weekend Lisa!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted..Who’s to Blame When Internet Marketing Doesn’t Generate Leads or Sales?My Profile

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