13 Up and Coming New Blogs To Read In The New Year

13 of the Finest Up and Coming New Blogs to Read in 2013

New blogs are an inspiration to read. They have different perspectives and ideas. New bloggers need readers and a running start so they can continue to blog. Did you know only 20% of all bloggers continue to blog for 6 years or more? I have come across some great new blogs recently and wanted to share them with you for your 2013 up and coming new blogs to read. Enjoy the reading!

new blogs to read for 2013

The 13 New Blogs for 2013 to Read:

  1. Hi4HiTech – A new and upcoming blog by Sapna – A great guide on knowledge sharing for naive programmers to experts. She has been writing other blogs around the globe for companies. This blog was just started in October of 2012.
  2. Captured Blogging Tips – Another new blog I just discovered with a lot of SEO tips and tricks. This blog has been around only over a month.
  3. Attraction Marketing Consulting –  Margarita is from Bulgaria and is a network marketer with a blog on tidbits of marketing and more.
  4. Squirrel Social – A local social media company in the littlest state in the union. I really liked their new social media tips for 2013 in their new blog. Something about their name too is catchy. Would you agree?
  5. Quick Blog Tips – By Ben Barden. I love the quick blog tips that Ben provides in a thought provoking manner and short posts (usually).
  6. Pauline Bennett.com – Pauline Bennett writes about list building with tips and tricks on how to grow your list and start a newsletter.
  7. Neamatproblog.com – A very new blog by Neamat Tawadrous on cutting edge attraction marketing tips geared towards entrepreneurs. She learned the ropes working from home and is teaching others how. I just came across this informative and very well done blog as I was preparing this post. Her blog was started in mid-November.
  8. Mr Ryan Connors Blog I came across this very clean looking blog on tech, social, business and marketing.  A very new refreshing blog.
  9. SarkeMedia – Sarah Arrow is a brit with a fresh blog on internet marketing. I found her on bloggers and enjoyed several of her posts.
  10. Life Reset Coaching – This blog by Ciara was created to give you the tools, the mindset, and the confidence to create a new experience of your life. If you are looking to make changes in your life, check out her blog today.
  11. 1singularsensation.com – Helping you manage your social media strategies. A nice and clean looking blog that has not been around for too long by D Dixon.
  12. Eager Existence – A travel blog that begs the question “Are you really living or merely existing?” A clean looking blog with travel topics and more by Ian Cartwright. I fond this one in Google communities.
  13. Jibarry – The Library Of Jibber Jabber – a different type of blog about anything. I ran across this a couple times in my search for new blogs and liked several of the posts and I think you will enjoy them too.

A special thanks goes out to Mayura from Mayura4Ever on submitting a few for my review. This was a very time consuming process of going through at least a hundred of blogs to find 13 that met the criteria. If you know more feel feel to leave them in your comments too.

How often do you read new blogs? And have you read many of these blogs yet? 


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