13 Fun Blogs to Make You Smile, Laugh and Sometimes Cry

Fun Blogs to Make You Laugh and Warm Your Heart

If you read many blogs to learn from you may need a break and these following fun blogs will make you laugh, sometimes cry and warm your heart. Everyday should be filled with a some laughter!

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Enjoy Reading These 13 Fun Blogs Today!

1. The RedHeadRiter – This fun blog will surely make you smile at times and sometimes make you cry. You never know what topic will be next but it surely will be witty with some wonderful images. This blog is filled with many topics and informative how-to posts on many subjects that I could not list them all.

2. ThinkSpin – Lauren will surely make you laugh out loud with her humor musings over at her fun blog. She has always wanted to write and it shows in her posts today.

3. Pibblesnme – Brenda will warm your heart and it’s not all about Titan, her adopted pitbull. She blogs on various topics and was one of my first fun blogs to visit for fun and relaxation.

4. Richly Middle Class – This blog is another variety type blog about family, health, lifestyles and more to warm your heart and make you laugh at times.

5. Jan Bierens – I struggled deciding which category for  Jan’s blog because he teaches on many topics but his creativity can really make you laugh hard and smile so I put him in the fun blogs category. (He could have gone either way)  His creativity amazes me and if you haven’t read his blog, check it and see for yourself.

6. The New Modern Momma – Candice and her daughter G will surely make you smile and I feel like I’ve watched G grow up as this is another blog I read from the beginning to relax after reading all those blogs to learn from. Candice did introduce me to Pinterest – Thank you Candice for that! She is very technical savvy too and offers many giveaways at her blog.

7. Aha-Now – Harleena will truly warm your heart with her family oriented blog as she is the ultimate positive personality. Her blog focuses on family, relationships, health and inspiration. She is always trying to make you feel better and live a better life.

8. Chasing Joy – Arlett is another very positive blogger I met early on. I love her Flashblack Friday features and her positive attitude through life’s trials anad tribulations. You will be inspired reading her posts and do join her Friday Flashback.

9. Good Day, Regular People – I just came across this blog recently by Alexandra and really enjoyed reading through it. It is a blog filled with you humor that you will surely laugh and sometimes cry from laughing. She was nominated as BlogHer Voice of the Year for Humor in 2011. An impressive fun blog!

10. The Jiggly Bits – Teeny is hilarious as long as you are not offended by her language at times. This is truly one of the fun blogs to read today. Her tagline is: …Because Life is Funny.

11. Press M for Menapause – Okay I’ll admit I’m almost at that “age” and  this is a fun blog for ladies of almost and of that “age”. It will surely make you laugh and her images are so funny you will cry at times.

12. Snapshots by Happyone I love nature photos and Happyone updates reguarly with gorgeous photographs of nature. A fun blog to relax with.

13. Ohio Nature Blog – Another photography blog focused on nature that also teaches about the nature surrounding the photos. Tom is a photographer with a passion for nature.

I hope you enjoy these fun blogs to read as I do. We could all surely use a laugh along’s life journey today and everyday.

Do you prefer fun blogs that make you laugh or blogs that warm your heart?

Coming Next: Up and Coming Blogs of 2013 (If you have suggestions, contact me!)

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