13 Blogs To Learn From in 2013 for Your Website’s Success

13 Blogs I’ve Learned From

Every now and then someone asks “How do you find this internet stuff?”  I read some really informative blogs to learn from and I wanted to share them with you for your 2013 reading list. These blogs to learn from are guides to better understand social media, blogging or other website tidbits. Things change rapidly in this arena and you must keep up to stay abreast of the latest happenings.

Blogs to Learn From

13 Blogs to Learn From:

1. Basic Blog Tips – Ms. Ilene has done an outstanding job on her blog. She has many contributors that write for her now. There is always something fresh on her blog and she is accessible as well. One time I had a question and she replied via a short video. I was stunned. She did that for me? She is the queen of podcasts. Have you listened to one of her podcasts yet?

2. Sly Marketing – Jens keeps it interesting. He writes about marketing and writing. He has a unique style and writes from his experiences. Jens is a sole entrepreneur so he can surely understand the things you go through for your blog or website. He sometimes also writes personal pieces that will help you get to know and really like him.

3. Adrienne Smith – Adrienne has been an affiliate marketer and is a network marketer that doesn’t push her own stuff.  She also teaches us something in a very personal and distinct way that you come to love her. She is the master of relationships. Once you get to know her, you’ll never stop reading her latest posts.

4. Mayura4Ever – Mayura is a technical genius who shares his tips and tricks on blogger style blogs. He sometimes shares other online tips for all of us – no matter what type of blog you may run. He is a phenomenal commenter as well.

5. Hot Blog Tips – This blog is run by Brian with the helps of Mitch and Cheryl on their “Google Hangouts” and videos. Always informative and debatable too. (I think they love debates) This is another not to miss blog. I was amazed to learn Brian has another full time job. I thought his blog was his full time job. Some people really amaze me.

6. I’m Just Sharing – This one is from Mitch, who you see on the Google hangings with Brian from Hot Blog Tips. Mitch has several businesses and blogs to learn from and he blogs about them as he shares his stories and tidbits.

7. Just Ask Kim – Kim really impressed me with one of her videos on Facebook recently. I hadn’t visited her often as the others but that video was so impressive and informative I had to share. I must visit her more in 2013. She really is an expert on Facebook.

8. Cirqued de Mot – Susan Silver is a master of SEO and copywriting and has some wonderful tips and tricks up her sleeve that she shares on her blog. She is a refreshing writer and you’ll be glad you visited her blog to learn something new.

9. SEOMoz – This blog is naturally all about SEO. It can be overwhelming at times and sometimes over my head but isn’t that how we learn? If we knew it all before reading what’s the point? They really have an outstanding group of people teaching SEO on their blog. The best of the SEO geeks.

10. ProBlogger – Darren Rowse has been blogging since 2002 and professionally (making money from blogging) since around 2004. He has guest bloggers on his blog to teach us a lot of stuff to be able to on the the right road to success online. Did you know he has a degree in degree in Theology?

11. Matt Cutts Blog – Matt is SEO, he is the master behind Google. He has been with Google since 2000 and is now the head of Google’s Webspam team. Who else better to learn from? After watching some of his video’s you will see he is quite personable too. Truly one of  the best blogs to learn from on Google. Matt has a Ph.D. from Chapel Hill. (I wish my niece was there then, maybe we would have had Matt over for dinner). 

12. HubSpot Blog – One of my first reading blogs to learn from on the internet as I began my online journey. You will always learn a little something there and the images they use will make you smile. They can be so darn creative.

13. Mashable – Probably the king of social media and internet news, another must read blog. They recently redesigned their blog if you haven’t been in a while, check it out. They update continuously with any breaking news related to the internet.

Have you been reading these informative blogs to learn from in 2012?


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