The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K Tweets

Great Social Peeps I Met Tweeting 100K Tweets

100K tweetsAlong the way of tweeting 100K tweets I met some very awesome social peeps. They are the peeps that keep me tweeting day after day. I was surprised to see how close I was to tweeting 100K  and when I hit that big number I realized it was the great social peeps I met along the way that inspired me.

The First Social Peeps I Met on Twitter

janet wokay on TwitterJanet Wokay on Twitter – Janet was on Twitter a lot in the early days like myself and we somehow connected and chatted. I had lost track of her until recently and reconnected. She tweets about a large variety of topics and is fun to connect with. Do follow her today!


Mayura on TwitterMayura DaSilva – Mayura was one of the first peeps I connected with via blogging. Mayura is from Sri Lanka and when I was up in the wee hours of the am or night I’d catch up with Mayura. He is the smartest tech person I know and turn to when I have any issues. I’ve learned so much from him through the years. You can learn from him too by following him today. Mayura also has great taste in music.

Brenda on TwitterBrenda Pace on Twitter – Brenda and I met like Mayura via blogging and became great friends. Brenda is the type of friend if she doesn’t see me on Twitter will be looking for me. She knows I must be really sick or in an accident if I’m not tweeting 🙂 Brenda has a lot of interesting tweets and you’ll know exactly how she feels about an issue. You’ll enjoy following her with her varied topics including her love of dogs. I bet many of my 100K tweets were with Brenda.

Paul on TwitterPaul Roberts – Paul introduced himself to me when I had an icon as an image. He explained that I would get more followers if I used my own photo. When I did he touched it up for me nicely. He is an excellent photography. He loves to tweet quotes and much more! Check him out today on Twitter.


Nancy on Twitter

Nancy Cawley Jean – Nancy was the local person I met on Twitter. She introduced me to 4 other local gals who now get together for lunch every few months. We connect during an earthquake in Providence years ago. Anytime something is happening locally these are the gals I turn to. If you are a Rhode Islander, Red Sox fan or dog lover follow Nancy today!

Social Peeps That Will Always Engage

Corina on TwitterCorina Ramos – I met Corina years ago from blogging. She has been a great supporter to me on Twitter. Thank you Corina! She coined the term “socialverse“. She tweets about many topics and is always engaging on the Twitter network. She also is a dog lover and fun to follow.


Adrienne on TwitterAdrienne Smith – Adrienne is called the Queen of Social – she is always out there networking. She like many bloggers always responds and engages with others on the social networks. I love her new Twitter image. She just updated it recently. You’ll learn a lot about blogging if you follow Adrienne today on Twitter.


John Paul on TwitterJohn Paul Aguair – John is a local guy – just a state over from RI and is always engaging on Twitter.  He taught me about Follow Friday and connecting with others using the #FF hashtag. I consider a local and a big deal in Social Media as he has a rocking blog and many Twitter followers.


Ryan Biddulph on TwitterRyan Biddulph – Ryan is always engaging from all over the world. This is the most creative tweet I received in the 100K tweets to date from Ryan. You’ll love following Ryan for all kinds of tweets as he is Blogging from Paradise, on an island and traveling the world with his wife Kelly. He writes amazing eBooks and they are top sellers on Amazon. He really is full of energy!

 Tim bonner on twitterTim Bonner – Tim is another blogger I met near the early days of my blogging. He is a daddy blogger from across the pond. He always has interesting takes on things and I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. He is very knowledgeable on blogging, SEO and social media. He is not afraid to try new things out and write about them. Follow him for the latest updates.


 Erik Emanuelli on TwitterErik Emmanuel – Erik is from Italy and blogs about making money online. He is always engaging on Twitter. He has done guest posting for me here at Inspire to Thrive. He has many interesting topics besides money. You will enjoy following Erik especially if you love extreme sports! Erik has more loves than just making money online.


 Mitch M on TwitterMitch Mitchell – Mitch is always engaging on Twitter but beware – he is not a morning person. I met Mitch via blogging and he loves to chat on Twitter on many a topic. You can follow him for great leadership tips and more. He is a New Yorker and loves quotes. He surely has helped me along to the 100K tweets via our conversations. (Mitch is the only peep to label his photo via his name so far…)


 Adrian JoAdrian Jock on Twitterck – Another blogger I met via blogging away here. Adrian is a character. He will let you know if you make a mistake so be sure to have thick skin when interacting with him. But that’s what I like, someone who will tell you when you mess up. I’ve learned a lot from Adrian and so can you if you follow him today. He has great tips on solo ads and social media to mention a few.


 The Redhead Riter on TwitterThe Redhead Riter – Sherry is a lot of fun to follow. She has a very interest blog on many topics and she tweets all the time.  Sherry also has a lot of wonderful tweeted quotes out there. She also is a foodie if you love to follow foodies you must follow her today.


 Jan Jordan on TwitterCuratti – Jan Jorden is great at interacting on the Twitter network and always thanks you for sharing her posts. She is always so pleasant and tweets about content marketing, social media and people. Jan is from New York and if you follow her today you’ll be glad you did and you will surely learn from her too.


 Harleena on TwitterHarleena – Harleena is the Queen of Comments and Interactions. She is a gifted writer and if you love to learn more about self development and relationships Harleena is the one to follow. She is always there to respond and engage. She also tweets wonderful quotes, follow her today for an interesting array of tweets.


Jens on TwitterJens Berget
– I met Jens fairly early during my 100K tweets. He is from Norway and is also a blogger. His topics are similar to mine and he is an avid health nut and started a Vegetarian Festival in Norway. He is a pretty cool guy to follow and he will always engage on the Twitter network. He is peep I must have tweeted with often to hit the 100K tweets. Thanks Jens!


 IleIleane Smith on Twitterane Smith –  Ileane was one of my first blogging mentors. I sure learned a lot from her in the early days and still today. She is always there on Twitter to respond to any questions. She is well versed in YouTube and Podcasts so if you want to learn more about them do follow Ms. Ileane today!


 Carol B on TwitterCarol M Biederman – Carol is wealth of information on Travel. If you have any questions about travel she is the one to follow. She does respond quickly on the Twitter network. She blogs about travels and gives you great ideas of where to go and what to see. It truly is fun to follow Carol and her travels. She also tweets about getting good deals on products. Another reason to follow her today!


Don on TwitterDon Purdum – Don is a great communicator and engages regularly on Twitter. He is a consultant for businesses to learn how to communicate with their clients via marketing and sales. Don is also a blogger and where I met him first. Don is from Pennsylvania.


 Gina on TwitterGina Valley -Gina finds humor in parenting and I love engaging with her on Twitter. She is really funny and blogs about many things in her humorous way. If you want to laugh follow Gina on Twitter. Gina has several children. I was shocked to learn just how many and all that she does one day.


 Suzie on TwitterAce Concierge – Suzie is a great at engaging on the Twitter network. She is another person that really helped me tweeting 100K tweets with our conversations over time. Suzie is a virtual assistant and blogs about her experiences.  She also is a time management queen. Follow her if you need help with your time!


 Sherman on TwitterSherman Smith Sherman loves to chat too on Twitter who I met from blogging. He is on the West Coast from California and if I hear about an earthquake I usually check in with Sherman. He is into network marketing, personal development, marketing and much more. Follow Sherman and have a chat with him today on Twitter.


 Grow Map on TwitterGrow Map – Gail Gardner is behind this one on Twitter. She is a freelance writer and Small Business Content and Social Media Strategist. She is always on Twitter to respond to any questions and she shares other bloggers posts as soon as you hit the publish button. Do follow her today and learn more along the way.


 Debbie on TwitterDebbie Doglady – I met Debbie fairly early on Twitter via blogging. Debbie is a varied  blogger with topics from her dog to her 40+ year marriage, her travels, music and much more. She is inkeeper from Toronto and loves history. Follow Debbie for some interesting tweets on many topics and she will engage with you as well I’m sure!


 Sherryl on TwitterSherryl Perry – Sherryl is an internet marketing strategy specialist. I met Sherryl via blogging as well and she is always ready to engage on the Twitter network. I just realized as I’m posting this that she does not live from from me in Massachusetts. She loves helping small businesses with their internet marketing and more. Follow her today for some great tips!     

Great Brand Peeps

Some brands know how to respond fast to your questions and others still don’t get it. I’d like to share those that do GET Twitter and the importance of responding quickly on this network.


 Southwest Airlines on TwitterSouthwest Airlines – This brand interacted with me last time I flew and was stuck in Arizona due to an air terminal issue in Chicago. I got my answers via Twitter much quicker than anyone could answer a phone there and was able to get another flight a few days later. I really appreciated their quick response on the Twitter network.


 Cox communicationsCox Communications – Cox is another company that responds quickly on Twitter. When I had an issue with service they do were faster to reach via Twitter than the telephone.  The got answers to me via direct messages after the first tweet and were able to solve an issue that way rather than the phone.


Verizon on TwitterVerizon –
Verizon also was fast to respond when I had issues with my mobile phone a while back. They quickly got me in touch with the right people to fix an issue. They responded at a super speed. They realize they need to be where others are like on Twitter.


 Hostgator on TwitterHostgator – This is another company that responds on Twitter much quicker than via telephone. I’ve only had a few issues over the years with them as my hosting company and their 24/7 tech service is just awesome. If I cannot reach some via phone or chat I get info from them via Twitter. They either announce a problem or will respond quickly to any questions I may have tweeted them.  

More Great Peeps – Locally in RI That Led to 100K Tweets

SnowinRI on TwitterSnowinRI – Timothy Snow is from RI  but is now in Los Angeles as a Community Manager and a Top 25 Influencer on LinkedIn and Ambassador for Verizon. I’ve seen Tim grow his Twitter account to over 100K followers over the years as he become a top influencer. Tim is great to tweet with and remembers his Rhode Island roots as well.


 Michelle on TwitterMichelle Quillin – I met Michelle via Nancy Cawley Jean and she is among my Twitter Friends that I get together with regularly. She is the sweetest person you’ll meet on Twitter. She is a Christian who loves pets and youth as she is a youth minister. She tweets about helping youth and wonderful quotes. Follow her today.


 Christina on TwitterChristina Salgi– Christina is another one of my Twitter friends that we get together with. She founded the Salgi Foundation for Esophageal Cancer Research. She is an amazing young woman to follow. She tweets about health issues, quotes and more. She also is a dog lover.


 Cynthia on TwitterCynthia Toti – Cynthia is the other woman from our Twitter group that is full of energy and spark. She is up early like myself and tweet often in the early hours of the a.m. She is an avid dog lover with 3 of her own along with 2 cats. She has many varied interests and is a really interesting person to follow on Twitter. She is part of my 100K tweets for sure!


 John on Twitter John McCarthy – I’m not sure how I came upon John on Twitter but I believe he responded to a tweet I posted about Rhode Island. I added him to my local group and gave him shout outs on Fridays. When I would skip a Friday he would give me a great shout out. Thanks John for being part of my 100K tweets.


 Alan on TwitterAlan Rosenberg – Alan is the  Features Editor at the daily newspaper where I work. (Yes, my daytime job…) He is creative with his tweets and uses lots of cool images. If you want to do know what to do on a weekend or what’s going on in entertainment in Rhode Island, Alan is the one to follow on Twitter.


 Pam on TwitterPam Cotter – Pam is the breaking news editor and social media editor at the same daily newspaper. She always has the Rhode Island breaking news first and I love how she analyzes some of it via her tweets. She is a real cool peep to follow if you live in Southern New England. Just beware – she is not a Patriot’s fan.  That’s not easy living around here.

RI Problems on TwitterRI Problems –
This peep on Twitter has funny tweets all about Rhode Island. They also sell tee shirts and sweatshirts with RI slogans on them.  I just looked at their twitter feed this morning and laughed about drinking coffee on the roads around here with all the potholes. They surely get Rhode Island.

Claudia on TwitterClaudia Zompa – I have the pleasure of meeting Claudia when she first arrived in RI from Chicago. She reached to me via Twitter and we met for coffee. She is a wonderful person with many interests and lots of energy. She is a Development Coordinator for PPAC here in Rhode Island.


The Queen on TwitterThe Queen – This person I met at a Tweet Seats event several years ago here in Rhode Island at PPAC. The tweets are about their kids and funny things that happen. The queen is a social media strategist and a writer. Follow along for some fun and laughs from The Queen on Twitter.


iheartrhody on TwitteriHeartRhody – I’ve also met the person, Erika, behind this account. She is a blogger that started to blog for a daughter to learn blogging and photography. They do a great job showcasing things all around Rhode Island. They are from the midwest. If you want to know about Rhode Island do follow them today!


Ethan on TwitterEthan Shorey – Ethan is from a local paper in Northern RI and is always there is to interact on various topics.  It  can be about Rhode Island, politics, sports, or any type of interesting story. Ethan is there to tweet about it and share with some great photos along the way. Follow him if you want to know more about Rhode Island and some other fun things.


Social Media Mavens That Tweet Back

You know how some people get so big they think they don’t need to respond back anymore? Well these folks DON’T. They engage with everyone and don’t consider themselves better than anyone else. Just because they have over 100K followers doesn’t mean they don’t respond.


Kim Garst on TwitterKim Garst – Just because Kim has over 270,000 followers doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for you. She does. She is amazing on Twitter and elsewhere with her response and genuineness. She is a social selling strategist, a best selling author and on Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencers. She is someone all should follow and learn how to really engage on social networks.


Laugh NYC on TwitterLaughNYC – Paul Corrigan is funny. He’s been fun to follow and he is great at interacting. He is a stand up comedian in New York. I began tweeting with him on Follow Fridays. He has over 100K followers but always has time to interact on Twitter especially for a good laugh. If you want to be entertained do follow Paul today!


Lori on TwitterLori Moreno – Lori wears many hats including a brand parnter, a lawyer, a foodie and much more. Lori has over 200K followers on Twitter but she will connect with even though I’m sure she is a very busy gal. Follow her today for tweets on all kinds of interesting things and quotes. You’ll surely learn something from Lori! 


The Very First Tweet of 100K Tweets

Every wonder what your first tweet ever was? Mine was pretty lame.

Go to Discover First Tweet here to see yours. It really is amazing to think how much has changed on Twitter since 2009 and how much has not changed over the 100K tweets.

Twitter Stats From 100K Tweets

You can also get other cool tweet stats like the one below that shows where I’ve tweeted from. I often get asked if I tweet all day. Of course not! As you can see below in the chart below the Triberr feed shows up with the highest number of tweets.


Tweet stats

Who did I forgot to add to this list? I’m sure they are some I have and I do apologize.

If I learn of more I will surely add them to this post.

Who do you love following on Twitter and why? I’d love to know in the comments below.


Thank you to all who helped me to the 100K tweets!

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30 comments On The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K Tweets

  • Hey Lisa,
    Awesome indeed! yes these all are really helpful guys like Ryan , Harleena mam and Erik .
    Always helped me a lot in my blogging career and nice to see your engagement with these guys.


  • Hey Lisa,

    Nice list there. There are a lot of those who I keep coming across on the web. Sherman Smith, Don Purdum especially Brenda Pace. She is a nice person and is really doing well with her busy life and blog simultaneously.

    Will surely try and connect wit other people in the list.
    Imnabeel recently posted..How I Ranked 2 Posts in Hours After Posting [Niche Genetics Case Study]My Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    This was a great list and I’m surprise to be on it. Sometimes I feel like I’m not on twitter enough but I really appreciate you adding me.

    I was going through your list and I was superseded to see that I was following a lot of the same bloggers. There were some that I haven’t engaged with in a long time or just haven’t at all but still they were on my list of twitter friends.

    I added quite a few of the ones I wasn’t following and I look forward to engaging with them.

    Thanks Lisa for sharing! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..Why Your Blogging Goals Suck As A BeginnerMy Profile

    • Hi Sherman, you are always there when I tweet you 🙂 I’m glad you found some old friends on the list and probably some new ones too. I hope you do connect again with them. Thank you for coming by Sherman and for taking the time to comment on this one. Have a great weekend ahead. Hard to believe we are heading into November!
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    How great it is to see tons of my blogging buddies on this list! I love the way you crafted this by writing about each one of them. What a great list here for us all to connect to more people.

    Only goes to show the power of Twitter. Recently, I’m stepping up into Twitter because of how great the social interaction is. I was away for a long time on other social sites. This only goes to prove how great Twitter is. Thanks so much!

    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Bloggers GraveMy Profile

    • Hi Donna, Thank you. Glad you found many of your Twitter buddies here too. I hope you like the ones you haven’t yet met yet too. It really is powerful to connect with others. A great way to network too. Thanks for coming by Donna and for taking the time to comment. I hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend ahead!
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, Thank you for including me on this list, some of whom I already know and others that I will follow based on your recommendation. I always enjoy sharing and learning from you and really appreciate your generosity as well. I have met some of the most wonderful people on Twitter like you and really feel part of a community where we’re on a journey of discovery together and it makes the work day very special in so many ways. Some of my followers have actually become contributors to my blog and others have become clients, collaborators and a few are now close friends. It’s an exciting time to be part of all this and I look forward to watching it unfold everyday. Thanks again Lisa, see you online!

    • Hi Jan, you are very welcome. Yes, isn’t it wonderful how many people you can meet on Twitter? And Triberr too is a big part of “blog” circle. That’s awesome how you have received contributors. clients and great friends via Twitter Jan. That’s why I love the Twitter network. Thanks for coming by and sharing your experiences with Twitter here Jan. Have a great rest of the week and see you back on Twitter.
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I was happy to see that I am connected with so many of the people on your list. Of course, I had to check out the ones who I didn’t already know and I’m now following them.

    I had no idea how many tweets I had. So, I checked and saw that I’m at about 52k now. I’ve been wondering if I may be tweeting too much but I guess not. 🙂 Besides, the number that I’m proud of is breaking the 10k followers. I see you’ve achieved that too. Congratulations! I know that you and the other bloggers listed here have all grown their followings organically and that’s something that we can be proud of.

    Thanks for including me. This is a really great list to be a part of.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..Do You Sell Online? Want To?My Profile

    • Hi Sherryl, I hope you enjoy the new peeps you followed. Wow, you are getting up there too Sherryl. Yes, I love that we have grown them orgically on Twitter. It never ceases to amaze me when I get a new follower though who is selling Twitter followers – I can’t believe they will do that in 2015. Now Twitter does have a decent ad program I used once for my other handle Inspire to Thrive but I would not buy followers any other way. You are welcome Sherryl and I hope you have a great new week. This is it for October…
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Wow! Thank you so much for including me.

    I have a lot of fun interacting with you on Twitter. I always appreciate your questions and insights.

    I see a lot of familiar faces here. I also see a lot of people I have never met before how exciting. I’m looking forward to connecting with them.

    Congratulations on reaching a huge milestone. What an amazing accomplishment.

    I hope you have a great start to the new week. Thanks again for including me.

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted..Why You Need To Hire A Business CoachMy Profile

    • Hi Don, oh, you are welcome. You always interact there and don’t ignore anyone either on Twitter. I hope you enjoy some of the peeps you haven’t met yet. Thanks, I can’t believe I have tweeted that much. You got on there a few years behind me so you’ll catch up in no time. Have a great week ahead Don and see you back on Twitter 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    You have made a great list.

    Though I don’t know all of them, but still I do know many of them who are amazing in their work. They use Twitter in a unique manner. I am sure people are going to love them all.

    Adrienne, Harleena and all other are great. I have been following them since a log time. And no one can forget you, Lisa. You are awesome. I love to read your blog posts and grab your tweets.

    Thanks for the post.
    Enjoy your day.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted..How To Add New Users In WordPress For Better Site Handling?My Profile

  • Such a cool list Lisa! And so many great names here 🙂
    As, always – I like it a lot!

    I wish you a pleasant weekend!


  • Hey, I made a list, and there’s a lot of the school’s cool kids here also. 😉 Thanks for including me in on this great list, and for warning people that, at any time, I might talk their heads off on Twitter. Hey, it’s supposed to be about engagement right? 😎
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Promoting Ourselves On Social Media – Take Two, TwitterMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Wow…100K tweets that is awesome! Congratulation on making that milestone. You have a great list of tweeps here. There are some I have connected with but I’m going through your list and connect with some new folks here :).

    That’s why Twitter is my favorite social site. We can instantly make connections with our fellow bloggers and our favorite brands and they actually reply back. I think it’s awesome. 🙂

    Thanks so much for including me on this list. I consider myself truly lucky to have connected with you! Here’s to your next 100K tweets! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a great week Lisa! See you in the socialverse my friend ;).

    Corina Ramos recently posted..How to Get Noticed by Influencer Networks and BrandsMy Profile

    • Hi Corina, thanks, I couldn’t believe it when I noticed it around 98K. Do check out the list and I will update with a few I did forget. That’s the hard part about a post like this one.
      I like that part of Twitter too – as I always tell people with Facebook you have to be friends and not everyone will accept your friend request. We make friends on Twitter and then later connect on Facebook. I’m lucky to have connected with you Corina. Thank you and yes, I will see you back in the socialverse. Enjoy the weekend ahead too!
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa! Congrats on the milestone! Yes, I’m sure a lot of these are between you and I, although I think we’ve both been slacking lately. I need to get motivated to get back to networking more with my tweeps!

    You’ve mentioned a lot of tweeps who I connect with almost on a daily basis, even off Twitter. You’ve also shared some new ones for me that I’ve gladly hopped on over to Follow and look forward to getting to know better.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post and again congratulations! How long for 200k? 😉 Happy Thursday!

    Brenda Pace recently posted..It’s Alright to Feel VulnerableMy Profile

    • Hi Brenda, thank you. LOL – yes we sure did tweet a lot Brenda and it was fun. Good to know you enjoy some of the same peeps as me and maybe you’ll find some new ones to interact with as well now. You are welcome Brenda. I am sure the 2nd 100K will be quicker as I didn’t tweet much in that first year or two. I wasn’t even blogging back then. Enjoy your evening and Friday is almost here!
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    What a cool post and boy do I see a lot of familiar faces here.

    I remember some time back where you could look back and see your first tweet and even download all of them which I did. I just got a kick out of seeing how ignorant I was back then and all the stupid stuff I tweeted. You know, spamming links because that’s what I was taught.

    The account I have right now though was not my first. I deleted probably two accounts before I started doing things the right way. So I’ve had this Twitter account since August of 2008 but I started back in 2007 when I came online. I think I would really be embarrassed at what I shared in those. LOL!!!

    Thanks for the mention and I’m glad we met early on. See, we’re still here supporting each other so I think that’s the cool thing about meeting some amazing people online.

    Rock on Lisa….

    Adrienne recently posted..Open Oceans of Opportunity By Being Vulnerable and HonestMy Profile

    • Hi Adrianne, thank you. Me too but hey we tried amd we learned right? Wow, since 2007? I was on MySpace and Facebook first to check up on my kids. Twitter was my own when I first started, they weren’t there. I had no purpose at first just to learn something new and have fun. I still enjoy Twitter to this day. I’m glad we met earlier on too Adrienne. Thanks for always tweeting with me. You are welcome and have a great rest of the week – it’s almost the weekend.
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for the mention. Reading my description that you posted and trying to be in your reader’s shoes, I guess that Adrian is kind of bad guy I should better avoid in order to be safe. Not complaining though, the description is quite accurate 🙂

    I scanned quickly your list. Some of my friends, some people who blocked me, others that I blocked myself 🙂 Nice list anyway. Now let me go back, read it in detail and choose my next victims from the new faces :mrgreen:
    Adrian Jock recently posted..How to Harm Your Twitter Marketing by Using TrueTwitMy Profile

    • Hi Adrian, you are most welcome. LOL, I’m glad you are there to let me know about the erros, etc. you’d be the one I want to be in foxhole with 🙂 Now if I could find more people like that in my offline life. I’m sure you can find some new victims from this list Adrian. Thanks for coming by and for your input. Have a great rest of the week!
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Awesome list indeed! 🙂

    I loved the way you weaved this post, especially the little write ups about each one of us, and thanks so much for adding me up as well – humbled indeed!

    It’s good to know more about others through this list, though I think I know most of them, while it’s a great way to connect with the ones we don’t.

    Thanks for sharing, and I’d surely be passing this along. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Guide To Healthy Living – The MEN ApproachMy Profile

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