10 Confessions of An Obsessed Blogger

Are You An Obsessed Blogger?

I think I realized I’m an obsessed blogger. Last week I was brushing my teeth and tweeting away. I tweeted out “Does anyone else tweet while brushing their teeth?” Bren from Pibblesnme tweeted me back “I tweet blow drying my hair”. I laughed for I had been doing that too. Curt tweeted back “I’m not coordinated enough for that.” LOL. I wondered: Are we all obsessed bloggers?

obsessed blogger

I confirmed to myself that I am the other day. I was meeting a dear old friend for lunch and I started driving to the restaurant and was thinking about my next blog post and found myself on the wrong highway and headed in the wrong direction. I think I was on auto pilot and driving to work (it was a holiday…) I had to re-route myself and ended up late arriving meeting my friend for lunch.
Now for those that may have have known me a long time know that I am never late. As a kid my parents were always early for everything, it was ingrained in me to be on time. And I always was on time. That is until I started blogging. Now I’m rushing to make it on time or a few minutes late. What’s a few minutes, right?

What are the 10 signs of being an obsessed blogger?

  1. You end up late for everything – always one more tweet or more more blog post to or blog to comment on.
  2. You tweet from everywhere including the bathroom, the tub, in the kitchen cooking, etc.
  3. You look at your stats more than 1x daily.
  4. You are asked to go somewhere and think: Do I have the time? But you still go, after all you have several apps on your smart phone or tablet to be able to multi-task at anytime from anywhere.
  5. You burn the cookies in the oven because you think you have a few more minutes or the water boils over and the pan is no longer of any use.
  6. Your house is full  of dust – who has time to clean when there is another post to write? (Until of course you can no longer stand it.) You read more blogs than anything else
  7. You really get to know a lot of different bloggers and actual meet up with some in person (that’s an awesome thing).
  8. The keys on your laptop no longer have letters, they are wiped gone from so much typing. (Thank goodness I know them by heart and don’t need to look!)
  9. You feel better after you complete a blog post – you feel a sense of accomplishment and sometimes it may just relax you too until you feel that next post coming on
  10. Driving in the wrong direction because you are thinking of your next blog post.

What would you add to the confessions of a an obsessed blogger?

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