1 Way to Make Follow Friday Simple

Follow Friday Simple

Follow Friday Simple! So today I wondered what is this @ffhelper?  I see it across Twitter every Friday and never had the time to explore it. This Friday was different. I did explore and do you know how simple it can be?

Follow Friday Simple

Just Log Into Follow Friday

All you do is log into FollowFriday Helper with your Twitter ID and it has all the suggestions for you based on a filtered list of tweeps that interact with you. All you have to do is just click away! You can add text before and after each tweet before sending out. You can add them to your buffer to spread them out. No one wants to see hundreds of tweets coming out at once.

Why hadn’t I done this one before?  I do like to write my own Friday greetings and am not a big fan of automation for social networks but you can do both with this FollowFriday Helper. Friday is the day to be on Twitter. If you have to miss one day on Twitter do not let it be on a Friday.

Will I see you on Twitter today? Have you been using the FollowFriday Helper? Happy Friday! #FF

*This post has been updated May 31, 2013 and the Follow Friday Helper is gone! I’m searching for a new one as I miss that one a lot on Fridays.

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