Embedded Tweets – 1 Way To Make A Tweet Last Forever

Embedded Tweets – Making The Tweet Last Forever!

I had some peeps really like the embedded tweet feature the other day that I used in my post so I thought I would share how to do it on your website or blog. The funny thing is the plug-in I used the other day did not work today or yesterday but I found a better one today that allows you to see the background of the tweet. This plug in is called Twitter Blackbird Pie. There are a few other embed tweet plug-ins available too for your choice.

This one it really is simple as pie!

embedded tweets

Step 2 How to Embed a Tweet

Step 3 of how to embed a Tweet

You then just paste the id of the URL you copied from on Twitter in the blackbird pie code. A very simple way to embed the tweets. Don’t you love the way embedded tweets look?

You may see a few examples here:


Of  course if you do not have a WordPress (self-hosted version) blog or website you cannot have plug-ins but if you have blogger blog or website I can refer you to Mayura4Ever who did a post on that for blogger blogs. Check out his post to learn how to embed tweets for your blogger blog.

Are you using embedded tweets on your blog or website yet?


Updated 5/18/2013 and you can see I have Twitter Cards now installed.

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