1 Easy Way to Check Your Keywords Rank

Check Your Keywords Rank

Check your keywords rank easily. Do you sometimes find Google Webmaster tools or Anyaltics overwhelming? There is a quick and easy tool you can use on the Firefox browser to check your keywordds rank. You must have Firefox 2.0 or higher to install. It is called Rank Checker.

check your keywords rank

How To Check Your Keywords Rank

You need to download it in your browsers toolbar from here. And then you are ready to go. You put in your website’s URL and then plug in the keywords you want to check. It not only checks them for Google but also for Yahoo and Bing. It tells you your keywords ranking. There are approximately 10 search results on each Google page so if you are in the top 10 you are on page 1, top 20 on page 20 and so on. If you are not in the top 200 you will just see a – sign. That means you have more work to do for that keyword. You can also verify your position in the search results by scrolling over the rank number, holding down control, and clicking your mouse on the number – it  will open the associated search results in Firefox.

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Export Your Keywords Rank

You can then export this data into an excel spreadsheet. Give it your sites name and date and that way you can track over time how you are doing.  It’s really a quick and easy way to track your website’s keywords rank on the top 3 search engines. You can see I am ranking in Google but not yet on Yahoo or Bing.  When we first started our website for our medical scrubs we ranked in Yahoo first and Google last. Google is working faster now ranking pages as its algorithmic changes have taken place.

What can you do with these data when you check your keywords rank?

  • Work on the keywords you are not ranking well on
  • Add more of the keywords into your blog slowly
  • Check back in 30 days
  • Don’t stress out – it takes time to rank higher for certain keywords
Have you checked out your keywords rank on your blog yet?  And what other services do you use if you have?


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