Is Getting Free Stuff Online the Same as Making Money Online?

Is Getting Free Stuff Online the Same as Making Money Online?

Free Stuff Online Is For Me – You Too?

If you receive FREE stuff online is it the same as making money online? There are several ways I’ve been getting some free stuff online the past few years. Sometimes I feel like it’s just as good as making money online. Some of the stuff has filled up my bathroom and kitchen with all kinds of supplies.


3 Ways To Get FREE Stuff Online

1) Klout – You never know what perks will become available next from Klout. I’ve gotten some worth $5 from McDonald’s up to $100+ from cosmetic companies. My bathroom is full of great moisterizers and more from Klout perks. A great package recently came from People with a leopard print scarf among many items. One of my favorite Klout Perks was a gift card to Chili’s for $15. Klout Perks Tip: Be sure to open your email asap when you receive a Klout Perk before it is no longer available. Brands only give out so many samples. It may be the best free stuff online you can get today. Of course talk about these perks on the social networks – don’t keep them to yourselves! 

free stuff online


2) Influenster –  This one is a little different but once you get the hang of it you can get FREE products sent to you for reviews. They offer a wide variety of products and things for you to review. If you don’t like the product, do let them know why! Honest reviews are the best. You can see my site widget button for Influenster near the bottom of the blog. If you click it you can learn more. After 3 clicks I will have earned another badge as well. The more badges you have the more FREE stuff you may receive from major brands. You can fill out easy to complete surveys and reviews to earn points along the way. You can also get more points for inviting your friends via email. Please contact me if you would like an invite.

3) Buzz Agent – I learned about this one from Tim Bonner’s blog on getting FREE stuff online.  I just got an email the other day on an offer and I had honestly forgotten about them. But I quickly learned if you do reviews on their site you have better chances of getting more stuff for free. It is free for you to sign up. buzz agentAll you need to do is fill out some quick surveys so they can see what campaigns you may match up with. Once you receive your free stuff online be sure to rate it, share it on the various social networks and then more free stuff online may be headed your way in the future. What do YOU have to lose?


That is definitely something you will have to ask your tax accountant. Swag is considered income by the IRS from what I’ve read. You can read more here about Gift Bags and the IRS.  Always check with your accountant as to what you need to claim or not for your income taxes. We don’t want the IRS to come knocking on your door.

Do These Websites Take A Lot of Time?

You are probably thinking I have no time, right? I only spend about 15 minutes per week on these. When I do get new products I always take photos of them and share immediately. These 3 websites, Klout, Influemster and Buzz Agent are not a big time sucker like being on the social networks can be.  Once in a while I may do a review of a product if it fits this niche. Otherwise I may jump on Tumblr and do a review there. It’s up to YOU, but if you like getting FREE stuff you will enjoy these 3 ways to get your free stuff online.


Have you been getting any FREE stuff online lately? 

Do YOU have other ways in which you get FREE stuff online?

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