Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier Every Day

Get Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier Every Day

 Free Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Free apps to make your life easier. Doesn’t that sound good?  Each day I find I’m using more and more of my Droid apps and I wanted to share some of the best free apps I really love. These are all easy to use. I don’t like to have to spend a lot of time learning how to use them. You want to load those free apps and go, right?

Free apps

25 Free Apps For You – Droid Apps and Apple Too

Amazon Kindle – Great for those eBooks! Easy to read and easy to purchase.
Brightest Flashlight – You never know when you will need a flashlight and this is one of the handier devices for a mobile phone today.
Buffer – I love this app on the phone as I can share anything anywhere at any time.
Calendar – Another one you must have to keep track of your appointments, vacations, scheduling posts out, etc.
DropBox – I haven’t used it yet but have it set up and ready to go. The drop box is a great way to keep all your files in one place.  It is compatible with your desktop or laptop. Everything can be synced and easily found. You can read more about it over at Angela McCall’s post on “Save your business in the clouds”. 
Facebook – Stay connected with family and friends via your mobile phone from anywhere at anytime. You can also use the Facebook Pages app and Facebook Chat.
Flixster –Not sure what movie to see? Just check out Flixster with your area location and it will tell you what is playing in your area; you can watch the previews too and purchase tickets. Love it!
Foursquare – I use it remember where I’ve been and to check out what my friends are doing, great for restaurant reviews too. A nifty app when you are on vacation.
Get Glue – Great to check into movies and shows that you are watching on TV. You can chat with others who are watching them. It’s like having your long distance friends and relatives in the room watching TV with you.
Instagram – If you love photos, videos and images this app is for you!


Key Ring – I love this one! This app saves me from carrying all those store tags around my key chain. It makes my purse lighter.
Mint – An app to keep track of your money, your spending and your savings. I had done this one year’s ago online and now they have a great free app to make it easy for you on the go.
Navigation(Now called maps – by Google) This app is great if you are on the road for your job or travel. It can even suggest to you places nearby. I sometimes do cold calls and ask it “mortgage companies” and it will tell me those in the area to visit. You can even read the reviews of the businesses. There are several other navigation free apps available for mobile.
Pandora– A great music app on the go. I started using this one on my walks and the FREE apps version is great. You pick out radio stations that just play your favorite music. You can create up to a hundred of your favorite stations. With the premium app you can get NO ads, streaming select albums before they hit the store and Facebook integration.
PicsArt – One of the best mobile photo editor apps where you can become a great artist.
Pinterest – This is my favorite social media app. It is so intuitive and easy to use. It also has every function you need so that you don’t need to get to a desktop.
Runtastic – This is my latest favorite of free apps. I went walking at the riverwalk and I did not know how far the walk was. This app told me that and much more.
Tango – Text voice and video, great for video conferences. Everyone raves about this communications app.
Textgram – I learned about this app from Just Ask Kim. It is a lot of fun to create images with quotes.

Droid apps

The Weather Channel – I downloaded their app to get weather alerts as we are prone to severe weather in the summer. I love having the alerts pop on my phone and when I open this is what you see for the severe weather:

weather alert app

Twitter and Tweetcaster – I love Twitter and Tweetcaster helps me maintain several Twitter Accounts, I like that you can retweet with comments and see conversations, something that Twitter itself does not offer on mobile yet. I do use Hootsuite as well for one account and it has improved. I may go back to Pro if more improvements come along as some have since I last checked.
Tune In Radio – Great way to listen to radio when you are outdoors.
Viewdini – This app is like having a personalized video companion with you to discover, watch and share your favorite shows. You can connect with Facebook and your service providers to get more personalization.
Website Magazine – I love checking the latest info from them via their app. It is much quicker than opening their emails and reading each piece through. (It looks similar to the WP Touch plugin for WordPress.)
WordPress – A must app to answer comments on the go and on lunch. Great for approving or putting comments into spam too.

Do you use many of these free apps? What else would you add to the list?


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75 comments On Get Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier Every Day

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m little late on reading this post. Previously I’ve posted an article same like this, but it has only the list of popular entertainment list. Now, I’m gathering knowledge on all category apps. I’ve few questions that popped up in my mind after reading this article.

    1. How good is the ” Buffer ” app on mobile when compared to the desktop web app? I’m not a user of the buffer, but still, I know a little bit about it.
    2. What about ” Get Glue “? After all these years do you still recommend it as good?

    Please let me know whenever possible. I’m subscribing to the follow-up comments. I’ll be waiting for your kind reply. Thanks! Once again Lisa.

  • Hello Lisa
    Thanks for the useful list. However I have been using couple of apps from the list one of them is Pinterest which is awesome.
    Keep updating us with more awesome apps.
    Mohit farswan recently posted…How To Fix Google Play Store Services Has stopped – LollipopMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I agree with you point here. I, too, have fond myself using my Android apps more and more lately — they just seem to increase my production and social media activity. I had not come across Textgram yet, though, and it looks really cool, so I will definitely check it out. Most of these on your list are ones that I am using as well. Sometimes some of them, like Google Maps or The Weather Channel, can literally be a life saver. Thanks for sharing about these apps. Have a great day!

  • Awesome list. Flashlight is a must have app for good android phones. I am also using Facebook, wordpress app, analytics, adsense, messenger and picsart. Those are really great. I will try other apps that you listed here.

  • Thanks Lisa for the wonderful list many of the above mentioned apps I haven’t known about. I have tried almost all the social apps you listed but have to try these ones Mint, Runtastic and Get Glue. Below are my favorite apps you will definitely like!

    1. Evernote
    2. Nearify
    3. Pocket
    4. Flipboard

    Thanks =)

  • Hey Lisa, I must say you have made awesome list of apps. I tried few of them on my phone but I would like to add few more in list 🙂 like – Viber, Cam scanner. Viber is best alternative to Whatsapp. Whats app is paid and even it do not allow sending music files on iPhone. Other is Cam Scanner, If I talk about my self than I am using pro version of this app as I found it very useful. It can help you scan your important papers right from your phone camera, I think you should also try this apps.
    Brijesh Gohil recently posted…How To Send Music Files on Whatsapp iPhone ?My Profile

  • If I use all those apps on my phone, my phone battery will be dead for sure. 😛 Jokes a part. Anyway, For regular people, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Flipboard, Dropbox.Google Drive does everything. But for a blogger (or related to blogging stuff), there are so many apps. For example, the WordPress app, which is being used by so many people to save some important article ideas in draft. ON the other hand, Evernote and Feedly also works great to add to-do list and collect latest news respectively. This is my own view and I forget to say that your list is also great well. Thank You!

  • oluwadamilare Bakare

    awesome list of apps you have mentioned in this most and I serioulsy find them useful in my new acquired android phone which am still looking for apps to install and this article as solved my problem of searching for names and they are also free, totally awesome.

    Thanks lisa

  • I am an android phone lover. I have used a number of apps but here i found some new apps for my hTC Desire V like DropBox and Get Glue. I will install these apps. Thanks for this information. 🙂

  • well ! as this is the era of free apps, the post is goin to b very useful for android users……. 🙂

  • Great resource, Lisa.

    I can definitely use some improvement when it comes to increasing my productivity. I’ve tried a few apps and Google chrome extensions, but what I’ve found to work the best for me is good old fashion black and white checklists. Or as I like to call them “action lists”.

    I map out all the “actions” I need to take daily to be productive and I try to make sure that I don’t go to sleep without every action being checked off my list. For the most part I’ve been able to stick to it and I’ve been the most productive I’ve been in a long while.

    I don’t really play around with my Droid too much but I’ll def peruse the apps on this list to see if I can make good use of them.

    Thanks for writing this up and sharing, Lisa. 🙂


  • You missed one of the most important and useful productivity app available today. Evernote is such a versatile app that everyone should have it in their repository. Even their free version offers so much utility that you don’t need to spend any money getting the premium version. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to capture anything and everything from wherever they are in whatever form they want.

  • An amazing collection of productivity apps Lisa. I already know and uses most of them but, i don’t know some as well. I will certainly check them out later. Thanks for sharing this with the bizsugar community.


  • Android is an ever growing platform.
    More and more smartphones are coming with the android platform.
    The developers are also competing to provide latest innovations.
    Thus, the list of these free and valuable applications is ever extending.
    Thanks for giving the information about some of the great ones!

  • Hello Lisa, Nice write up, Apps sure make your life easier don’t they? With all that going on these days we can do just about anything right from our smart phones. I use most of what you displayed here in this post. Thanks so much for the share Lisa it’s good to know what everyone is using…

    Have a great day.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Well, productivity is the name of the game when we talk about getting things done for small business…because, as you well know, none of us really have enough time. That’s why lists of apps like this one are worth their weight in gold. Thanks for sharing it with the BizSugar community.
    Heather Stone recently posted…Rebranding Midas as Maine Auto ServiceMy Profile

  • Patricia Weber

    Unbelieveably, I have most of these. And I thought I was disconnecting from being so connected. One I didn’t know about which i do believe would be helpful – the wordpress app. Now THAT sounds like it’s productive. Thanks!
    Patricia Weber recently posted…The Marketing Playing Field Has Leveled Part 2 by Guest Blogger Kathleen GageMy Profile

    • Hi Pat, it is as I’m using now as I walked away from the laptop. It sure will make answering comments easier when you are on the go. Thanks for your input. Have a great day!

  • Wow so many apps, I use some of them. I love the Amazon Kindle app as it allows me to read my books where ever I am. I need to download the WordPress app, I never really knew about that one.

    As for the pandora app, I use that ever time I work out at the gym.

    I may have to take a look at some of the other apps that you mention. This is a great list, thanks for sharing.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Onlywire Review – 30 Day Traffic StatsMy Profile

    • Hi Susan, Funny when I first had the WordPress one I thought it was just for the free WordPress and was corrected by readers. Now I LOVE it! It makes answering comments easy on the go but be aware if you start writing a post on it, once I hit publish instead of draft 🙁 I’m glad you liked the list Susan. Thanks for coming by and your input. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
      Lisa recently posted…What Is A Social Media Manager Today?My Profile

  • I am all over this post. I love posts like this because you never know what types of stuff people run into that makes you want to run out and get it. I got an Amazon Kindle Fire last Christmas and its glued to my hip. I am never without it and always reading on it. I probably every free thing known to man on my kindle. This is a great list Lisa. Thanks for sharing it.
    Sonia recently posted…How to Avoid Fake Guest Posts Disguising as Promotional BaitMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the response. Will check it out asap.

    Secondly, how will I use a gravatar, there is no option here to add one’s picture or gravatar?

  • Hi Lisa, I agree with you point here. I, too, have fond myself using my Android apps more and more lately — they just seem to increase my production and social media activity. I had not come across Textgram yet, though, and it looks really cool, so I will definitely check it out. Most of these on your list are ones that I am using as well. Sometimes some of them, like Google Maps or The Weather Channel, can literally be a life saver. Thanks for sharing about these apps. Have a great day!
    Tom Jamieson recently posted…WordPress Themes and Plugins: How To Find ThemMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing such detailed list of apps.

    My question is: will these applications work on a blackberry phone?

    Best regards,

  • Great job Lisa, Finding 25 most useful apps among millions is not an easy task as it looks like. All the necessary & most useful apps have made it into the list and that is just superb. List is great for me as I use internet more on my HTC One than using it on my Laptop so came across almost all of these free apps barring some like foursquare & runtastic. Android version of Dropbox has been really great for me as I can store all my useful files & data at one place & access them from anywhere and any point of time & that is quite a time saviour. Best thing with these android apps is that they have made a pretty good UI so even novices can feel comfortable working with them, saved our time of filling the website address everytime we want to use it & many more.
    raj recently posted…Download BlueStacks App Player for Windows | BlueStacks Android Emulator DownloadMy Profile

  • I didn’t realize wordpress had an app I need to get on it for my pad. I love dropbox and picsart is my new favorite. Evernote and qr reader is becoming popular for me also
    Kita recently posted…Your kids are so well behavedMy Profile

  • Oh my goodness Lisa, that’s a lot of apps.

    Now I recently upgraded to the iPhone and I’ve been learning how cool some apps are so I totally get that. I have a few that you mentioned here but of course not even half of these so far. Yeah, I’m still kind of slow on the draw plus I’m not away from the house a lot and when I am I’m not on the phone.

    I’m going to be trying some out though like Dropbox for my photos. The more I learn about certain abilities these apps have the more excited I get so I really think they are pretty cool.

    Thanks for this list, awesome.

    Adrienne recently posted…11 Simple Ways To Improve Your Bounce Rate [Infographic]My Profile

  • Great list! Thanks. DropBox is great. I don’t have the app on my phone but will download it. I want the WP comment app and buffer. I want to start using Buffer. I signed up for it but haven’t really taken advantage of it yet. Will definitely check out the other apps on your list.

    I guess I need the weather alert app with the weird weather we’ve been having. : )

    Thanks again!
    Lauren recently posted…Room of Tears: Out of Tragedies Come Heroes and Miracles…Interview with Author Linda MerlinoMy Profile

  • Confession time, Lisa – got a Droid and hardly use it at all – I’m afraid I’m a real dinosaur and just hate little mobile devices, but my aversion has been exacerbated by the fact that mobile reception’s hopeless around here!

    This looks like a great list of apps for anyone who is into mobiles, though – I’m sure your less antiquated readers will find this a really useful collection 😉

    Susan Neal recently posted…Does Your Writing Have This Star Quality?My Profile

  • I am Great Music lovers and always been fan of Pandora . Thanks for listing it out.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Nice list. I use Hangout app too because it is just awesome to have a face to face chat using phone :). Also I use Tune In Radio to listen to radio stations. It has got a good collection and is pretty fast too.
    Hope you are having a great day 🙂
    Ashvini recently posted…Six reasons why your product may sell inspite of the competitionMy Profile

  • Good Work Lisa ! You’ve shortlisted the best apps in every major category .Flixster ,Foursquare and Get Glue are the apps that i haven’t tried yet (and will try them out) and i got to know of them through your post.


  • Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, GetGlue, Instagram, and Facebook Pages Manager are my favorites!
    Bren recently posted…Turning 50 – Does It Mean We Have To Turn Fat Too?My Profile

  • Holy moly gf! Got enough apps? :mrgreen: I use quite a few if those myself. You just have me a couple new ones to check out. Thanks Lisa!
    Bren recently posted…Turning 50 – Does It Mean We Have To Turn Fat Too?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Now I love it 😉 Eventhough I don’t use my smartphone much, I’d like to try out interesting apps out there. Mobile networks getting better, so it’s not a pain when it comes to installing apps from Google Play now. However, it’s more of an installing and uninstalling process as I left with some apps that I really love having in my smartphone.

    Flashlight has been helpful ever since I installed it in my device. You never know when it will be useful 🙂 I have “Flashlight” app though.

    I’ve got DropBox too, but yet I didn’t store any of my data in there Lisa. However I love Google Drive and sometimes if I wanna share docs with my friends, I find Google Drive is easier to deal with in Android 🙂 Did you?

    Google Calendar is useful indeed. Now I’m using Google Keep to take notes too. That’s way easy as I’m not much fond of Evernote yet. Eventhough I don’t upload photos on Instagram, I almost use it to edit photos. PicsArt is helpful indeed. Gosh… There’s a lot more apps for photography such as SnapSeed, Camera 360 etc.

    Did you check out Google Analytics app? 😉 New interface is cool!

    BTW do you play games on your smartphone Lisa? 😉 Jus’ wondering, I almost play everyday though 😀

    You have a fabulous Android week dear 🙂

    Mayura recently posted…Search Engine Optimization Basics for BloggersMy Profile

    • Thanks Mayura. Glad the network is getting better there for you. Yes Google Drive is easier. I haven’t checked out the analytics app yet, I will, thanks! I don’t play games, I don’t have time. Not sure which games I would like. I haven’t played since PacMan 🙂 Not sure that I’ve heard of the other photo apps, may be checking them out soon. You too have a great week and thanks for all your input here Mayura.
      Lisa recently posted…Get Free Apps to Make Your Life Easier Every DayMy Profile

  • What a great list! I would add Out of Milk, which is a free app (with a pro version available) to create a shopping list. I love that I can plug in prices so I know what my total is as I’m going along. 🙂

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing these apps with us.

    My daughter is always putting apps on my phone like Brightest Flashlight and Get Glue. I removed them the other day because I wasn’t sure if they trustworthy. She’s gonna laugh when I tell her I’m putting them back, LOL.

    I have the social media apps and I use Tune In as well…love that one.

    But I love love love the WordPress and Website Magazine apps…and the Textgram looks like it’s fun….I wonder, can we share those on social media?

    I’m going to do install them as soon as I’m done writing my comment :). Thanks for taking time to put this list together! Have a great Tuesday Lisa 🙂
    Corina Ramos recently posted…Monday Work from Home Job Lead Madness 07-22-13My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Ah…I was just over at Bren’s place to read your post there, and then I saw yours here too! Gosh – how do you manage to be at both the places, especially for handling the comments! 🙂

    You know how bad I am with mobiles and it’s almost like it will take me years learning about how to use one with all these apps. I’d rather stick to my good old Laptop or PC than use my cell phone. But I know it’s the call of the day and nowadays if you aren’t tech savvy, you are left far behind. I guess I’m just going to catch hold of my kids and ask them to help me learn one fine day, because they are using all the free apps possible on their sets. Until then, I’d have to bookmark this page and be sure to use these once I’m ready for them. But I don’t think I’d ever use soooo many, or I might just get so confused with so many of them around 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Blogging Tips: Basic Steps to Create Your Own BlogMy Profile

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