Sponsored Tweets, Your Value, Money Making Blogging

Sponsored Tweets, Your Value, Money Making Blogging

I just love getting this email in my inbox from Sponsored Tweets:


“Good news! You just got paid for tweeting”

sponsored tweets

I realized the other day it had been 4 months – since the end of October that I started a Pro Account at Sponsored Tweets. Since then I have earned over $85.00. That is $21.25 per month minus the $1.99 fee for Pro = $19.26. Where else can you invest $1.99 and earn $19.26? I don’t think your local bank will pay you anywhere near that for putting in $1.99/ month. That is over 90% interest on your money!



I then wondered if I was at the point to raise my price per tweet. I had increased it to $5 per tweet from $2 per tweet when I went Pro. It really made a difference! I received more offers. What if I increased it another dollar? I asked Sponsored Tweets via Twitter of course and quickly received an answer:



Sponsored Tweets and Your Value

That is where I went wrong in the beginning. I did not value myself enough. I thought why would they pay me several dollars to tweet? Is that something you have done with your products or services? Have you ever priced yourself too low?

Make a pledge to yourself right now, to declare that you are worth your time and energy. ― Deborah Day

When you price yourself too low you are telling the world you are really not worth it. You can always start high with your pricing and then cut your price. That is much easier than raising your prices.

Value of Tweets

Many companies don’t have the time to be tweeting all day and night. They pay for others to do it for them. That’s where the Sponsored Tweets come in. They choose peeps via their interests and by the numbers of followers on Twitter. This is where you come in. You can make money tweeting their promotions. Since you put in your interests when you sign up – most tweets will be relevant in your Twitter stream. If not you can always refuse an offer. Β I have refused some. Once you get the email that you have been paid for tweeting you can transfer the money to your bank account when you hit $25.00 with a pro account. It’s the quickest way to earn a little extra cash. They guide you what to write for your tweet and they pick the best time to tweet it. What could be easier? If you love to tweet like me, it’s a no-brainer.

UPDATE – Also log in weekly to check for updates in your opportunities folder. They now offer some with a pay per click formula – usally a few cents for each click. They can add up as well.

Affiliate Money Making

Another money making part of blogging and having websites is having affiliate programs. I have been averaging $25/month in that arena. There are 2 out of 10 affiliates that are being the money makers. I will concentrate more on those 2 going forward. They say the 80/20 rule applies to sales. 80% of your sales comes from 20% of your clients. Should you concentrate your efforts on thosee 20% more? Just don’t ignore the 80% either. Does there come a point when you drop ones that are not producing anything? I know I hate to give up on anything.

What about you? Are you finding ways to make money via your blog? Have you dropped things that did not produce sales?

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