Google Pagerank Updates After Panda and Pequins

Google Pagerank Updates After Panda And Penquins

Did You Notice The Google Pagerank Change Yesterday?

I learned on Twitter that Google made their recent Google pagerank update yesterday August 2, 2012. Have you checked out your website or blog yet? No change here.

Google pagerank update

If you saw the tweets yesterday about Google Pagerank you probably went to check out your website or blog’s ranking.

There has not been a lot of information out there on this latest Google update. A good source was WebProNews on the topic. There was more talk on some SEO forums and it looked like most were happy with their updates though maybe the ones who went down in pagerank didn’t want to blast it on the web either.

One thing I did notice on some websites was that other pages of the sites had pagerank as well. In the past many pages had none. That may be because of the “Freshness” that Google is looking for.

Is Google Pagerank the one factor to be stressed over? Yes and No. There is much controversy about it. It is just one of 200 factors on being found online. So if you did drop do remember that: 1 out of 200! The part that may be concerning is that some may not link to you if you have a 0 pagerank or run their ads on your website. Google does update periodically but with no set schedule. The last Google update took effect in May, 2012.

What can you do if you have not moved up or went down in Google pagerank?

  • Continue to produce fresh quality content
  • Make sure your sitemap is functioning (use Google Webmaster tools to check)
  • Make sure you do not have duplicate content from old pages or posts
  • Label all your images with alt image tags
  • Check out your keywords ranking, they could have changed over time

Have You Seen The New Structured Data?

Another new feature also rolled out just days ago from Google. It is called Structured Data. It can found in your Google Webmaster Tools. You can verify in your tools if Google is picking up your new markup or detect issues in your current one.

Google makes use of structured data in a number of ways including rich snippets which allow websites to highlight specific types of content in search results. – From The Google Webmaster Central Blog.


Have you noticed any change in your pagerank or traffic recently?

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