You Must Enter To Win, Right?

You Must Enter To Win, Right?

Enter To Win

Enter to win! That’s the theme today, You must enter to win or play to win. I did both. I bought that lottery ticket and I finished that blog to enter into Blog Engage’s Contest. (If you remember back in February I won the Blog Engage contest to become a member there for FREE.) Yes, me. Thanks to all of you who encourage me to continue to blog here.

Enter to win
So my entry is ready to roll and it’s targeted for those people sitting on the sidelines waiting to start that blog, someday.

I’ve enjoyed my time over at Blog Engage reading other’s blogs that I may not have been aware of and getting to know other bloggers on their site. It’s a fun way to get to know more bloggers in various niches.  You must be a member over at Blog Engage to enter and here is what you can win!

First Place – $250 USD
Second Place – $150 USD
Third Place – $100 USD
Fourth Place – $75 USD
Fifth Place – $50 USD
Sixth Place – $25 USD

Sweet cash – you must have  a PayPal account to submit your entry.

This is there 2nd contest and it ends on April 15, 2012. Here is how they score the blogs:

  • Tweets, 20 points per tweet up to a max of 8000 points
  • Pins, 20 points per tweet up to a max of 8000 points
  • Bizsugar’s, 20 points per tweet up to a max of 8000 points
  • Linked In Votes, 20 points per tweet up to a max of 8000 points
  • Facebook Likes, 20 points per tweet up to a max of 8000 points
  • Google Plus, 20 points per tweet up to a max of 8000 points
  • Engages at Blog Engage, 100 points per Engage (vote) Unlimited points
  • Comments on Blog Engage Guest Article that provide value, 30 points per comment Unlimited Points
  • Comments on Blog Engage Story Page that provide value, 40 points per comment Unlimited Points
If you want to learn more check out their contest page at Blog Engage Contest 
And many thanks to the sponsors who make this contest happen!



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  • Great piece of advice, Lisa. “You must enter to win.” It seems sort of obvious and yet, I know in my case, procrastination can sometimes get the better of me. The contest is so fun, just for the experience. I am glad you took the jump and entered! -Deborah

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