What Will The Google Changes Mean To You?

What Will The Google Changes Mean To You?

Google Changes Coming

Goolge Changes – are you ready?  I have been studying the latest news and blogs about the Google changes coming. It looks like the Google Panda is hard at work once again. What else do you have to do to your websites or blogs to keep up with this fast moving Panda?

Google changes

Last week Google announced these changes via an infamous Tweet of their algorithm changes on Google search:


I had been reading about this since March 15 when the Wall St. Journal did an article on the upcoming changes coming to Google and what it might mean for search for both the readers and website owners. Of course I started to check on some of our websites rankings and positions. Nothing had changed yet except we were getting more traffic. I cannot be sure yet if it’s related to the Panda over at Google.

What do these new algorithm Google changes mean?

  • Semantic Search – The process of understanding the actual meaning of words. The search engine is looking to better match search queries with a database containing millions of entities.  Google claims this process may take a full year. Google will blend new semantic-search technology with its current system to better recognize the value of info on websites and figure out which ones to show in search results. They want to provide answers without always giving blue links to other websites thus keeping visitors on Google for a longer time period.
  • Elimination of Link Networks – I see this a very positive thing. Most of them were using “Black Hat” SEO tactics to come up higher in search results.  You can read more on SearchEngineLand on this info.
  • Keep It  Simple – Keep it simple with your website or blog – Use real SEO tactics – no latest craze that tries to offer short cuts. See the Google’s Webmaster Blog for their 5 Common SEO Mistakes.
  • Continue to Keep it Fresh – Keeping your content fresh is a plus! Not only for your readers but for SEO and Google. Continue to update your blog or website – not just to update but with relevant content.
  • Be Careful of Over-Optimization – Do not stuff your content with too many keywords – I have been reading at different places that 3-5% the correct amount of keywords on a page.  Susan at Cirquedumont did a post on over-optimization today – check it out!
Are you concerned about the upcoming Google changes to your website or blog?
*You can read the last Panda updates that I blogged about in February and what the impact is for your website or blog.

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16 comments On What Will The Google Changes Mean To You?

  • Mam , Can you please tell me how many keywords should I use for approx . 350 words article ??? Thanks for the article just got aware about over optimization 🙂

  • Thanks Shamelle – I believe great contest wins in the end.
    Lisa recently posted…1 Way To Make A Tweet Last ForeverMy Profile

  • Google is constantly improving its algorithm to enhance the users experience. If people are searching for information, they want to be educated and find out new interesting information that they didn’t know.
    Unique, fun, interesting articles are what makes a reader come back to your site to see what else you have to say.

    Thanks for the post

  • Thanks Jenifer. Yes I agree it does take time – SEO can shorten that time a bit. I think that’s why many bloggers quit in their first year because they don’t give it enough time.
    Lisa recently posted…Which Tweets Inspire You? My Profile

  • Great post Lisa. I’ve had a few different blogs over the past 10 years and I never gave any mind to SEO or ranking {I know, sad right?} But every blog that I have ever run has been successful with time. I truly believe that good blogs with quality content will always find an audience – you just need to be patient. For all the energy some sites put into trying to “work the system” they could put that same energy into good content that is relevant to their readers and be sitting pretty no matter what Google changes occur.

  • Good point Jan, I hope we will learn more about that soon.
    Lisa recently posted…You Must Enter To Win, Right?My Profile

  • I believe the Panda updated algorithm is something we all (bloggers etc) could benefit from. With trillions of pages to index it’s about time they are trying to put a stop to link-farms and – like you said – Black Hat SEO. It will be an ongoing struggle though, Google trying to find ‘the perfect algorithm’. There’s no such thing.
    I am wondering though. What if Google decides – based on a pattern they find – that small businesses commenting system leaves room for malicious use and therefor ranked lower. How does a small business owner fight that…

  • That’s a good point Ana on their new privacy policy. You are welcome – enjoy your blog and learn a lot there.
    Lisa recently posted…What Will The Google Changes Mean To You?My Profile

  • Google wouldn’t be Google without them making a couple of changes per day, Lisa. lol

    I am surprised they are making such a big deal about semantic search though; there’s really nothing new to it. Trying to cover up the latest bad publicity over their new privacy policy?

    Thanks for your support, by the way!
    Ana Hoffman recently posted…Market SamuraiMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I am part of a tech group on facebook and I can hear bloggers crying out that Google is punishing them sharply. The problem with them is they many of them copy reputed tech blogs and never put their point of view. Thus they are not talked about and their blogs are trashed by Panda.
    I think Google is doing good job by improving search results. My visitors are constant. That means I have not been penalized yet :).
    And all your SEO strategies are simple and elegant, yet people do not follow them. No matter they get penalized
    Ashvini recently posted…Eight things entrepreneurs can learn from large organizationsMy Profile

  • I see improvement in my site traffic lately 🙂 However some sites report that their traffic goes down drastically. Could be Panda, but not sure though. However Google started penalizing heavy ads 🙂 Eventually, improve user experience.

    Mayura recently posted…How to Report Spam Accounts on TwitterMy Profile

  • I hope they don’t put products and ads before content. Especially ads – that will be a really unfair practice. The big guys would win over the little guys. Same goes for Facebook too. Scary. I hope they realize they have to remain fair and square to get the most traffic.
    Lisa recently posted…What Will The Google Changes Mean To You?My Profile

  • Your are better read than me! Oh man, Google is really changing. It looks like they decided to put their products first in line before other content. I guess they are focused on keeping people on Google apps and services to compete with Facebook.
    Susan Silver recently posted…Blogging Contest Hosted by Genuine SEO NetMy Profile

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