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Can Music Make You Blog Better?

Blog Better Listening to Music?

Is there a song that can make you sing all day? Especially ones that keep you in a good mood throughout the day? This is one song I can’t stop singing since TheRedheadRiter and I were grooving to it on Twitter the other night. It got me thinking, “would I blog better posts while listening to music or is silence really golden?”

How you can blog better via music

According to research, music can improve your performance.  It is called the Mozart Effect.After listening to Mozart’s sonata for two pianos (K448) for 10 minutes, normal subjects showed significantly better spatial reasoning skills than after periods of listening to relaxation instructions designed to lower blood pressure or silence. This effect has been shown to only last about 10-15 minutes.
What are spatial reasoning skills? According to Wikipedia it is the ability to visualize the arrangement of objects and mentally manipulate them over a time ordered sequence. This ability is great for generating and conceptualizing multi-step problems used in architecture, science, math art and other common uses in everyday life.  Would Bon Jovi’s music have the same effect as Mozart?  Would our blog posts be more creative?  I think better

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Do you listen to music as you blog away? 

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14 comments On Can Music Make You Blog Better?

  • First of all..being a Jersey girl and all..Love Love Bon Jovi. Great choice! I do enjoy blogging to music. I find I enjoy the time better, I’m more relaxed and the content flows. Hey, even doing the dishes is more enjoyable when I put music on. I listen to alot of Switchfoot & Carolina Liars. Thanks for an inspiring post!

  • You are welcome Arvind, glad you liked it and have bookmarked this site!

  • Interesting take Mayura – about music disconnecting you from the outer world. Thanks for that point!

  • Wow, It's my life 🙂 Personally I do listen to music specially when I study, travel, blog, playing games and almost in all activities… Music soothes me up and relax my mind. And yeah, you are right Lisa. Seriously, it improves my performance and energize me throughout the day. Really I'm addicted to music as it helps me to concentrate on my activities. But personally I think, Music can disconnect you from the outer world. Isn't it?


  • You must save a lot of money Candice….And precious time. My hubby could not live without out but I think I could.

  • Very interesting. We always have some music playing in the house all day. We don't have cable tv {and we don't care} so music is pretty much our entertainment. Great post. Always a good read.

  • Ms. Positivity – I like that term Mood Music!

  • I always listen to music when I work, blog, clean and when im doing homework! I call it mood music….it all depends on what Im doing I will choose a song and kp it on repeat! I love music to the core! Its def a way to stay positive and make you feel good too!!!

  • You are welcome Sagittarian, we'll have to sing a Karaoke maybe in a hangout if you are on Google+.

  • Oh, I love this song too!! Energetic for me and make me feel great!! 🙂 Wow!! Happy you shared it here! I love listening to music, especially when blogging it boost my emotion and helps me to write what i want to share. 🙂 Thanks for this post Lisa!:) Smile..:) come on!Let's sing it together!! "its my life, it's now or never….." I love it! 🙂 LOL.. 🙂 Blessed day /evening! 🙂

  • Yes Karaoke maybe? That would be fun! Thanks and I enjoy chatting with you too!

  • When I first started blogging, I had music immediately start when someone clicked on my site. That didn't last long because people complained that they didn't like "country" music. How can people not like country? LOL

    The Bon Jovi song is so fitting for me right now! I have the YouTube bookmarked ever since we chatted and I listen to the song first thing each morning while I read the comments on my blog. :o)

    I always enjoy chatting with you Lisa! Hopefully some day we can actually meet face-to-face. By then, I should have the words of this song memorized and we can do a duet. Well, I'll just mouth the words. I don't want to ruin our good friendship. LOL

  • That's too funny Rebecca. You are both welcome. It was a pleasure!

  • OMG! Have I mentioned how much I love Bon Jovi? As I'm writing this my Hubby is informing the children that Mommy is in love with Jon Bon Jovi and that I would leave him for Jon. Well… when he's right, he's right.

    Thanks for joining us this weekend!

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