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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Photo on Twitter

Why Your Photo on Twitter is Important

Don’t be afraid of using your photo on your Twitter profile. The first few years I was on Twitter I was afraid to. I had an icon. I started reading that Twitter prof3iles with photos worked better. One day I debated it in my head, then on Twitter and a great tweeter told me I would get more followers if I did. It’s been about 2 months and he was right – I gained a lot more followers.

photo on Twitter

Get Your Photo Taken

They say “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. So don’t be shy and have your photo on your Twitter profile and see if it increases your following and interactions there. People like to connect with real people. And being on Twitter or any social media site is all about engagement and making connections. If you are a little known brand with a logo it will take more time to connect. It can happen, it will just take a little longer. If they know YOU first as yourself and then you start your brand profile it will be much easier to promote it. Of course it’s much easier if you are a big brand like Coke, Chevy, McDonalds, etc.


I’d love to know your thoughts of where and when you do or do not use your photo on social profiles.

Have You Checked In With Foursquare?

Foursquare Check In

Have you checked in with Foursquare yet? Foursquare has been around since 2009 and I held out until this week. It was better than I anticipated.


I had held out because I thought “Do I really want everyone to know where I am?” You get to choose your friends on Foursquare – I started with some friends from Twitter. I did a few check in’s mostly at restaurants that I visited. You can do as much or as little as you want. What I liked was it generated more Twitter conversations. That came as a surprise to me. The more friends you add the more conversations will happen on Twitter. You can also message friends on Foursquare itself. Using Foursquare on my Android is very easy and should be the same for iPhone users.

Twitter and Foursquare

Here are some things you can do on Foursquare:



  • Give a Tip of the business – A tip on Foursquare is a review.
  • Become a Mayor – It’s based on the days you check in to a place over 60 days – whoever has the most becomes mayor. Businesses may offer you specials as the mayor. (You also have to have your photo uploaded to become a mayor.)
  • Follow Friends and only accept who you want to follow you<.
  • Give a Shout – Let friends know about the place you checked in to, like “it’s crowded”, “with great friends”, “awesome food”, etc.
  • Find Specials – See which businesses are offering specials in your area.
  • Share your check in’s on Facebook and Twitter if you want.
  • Emergencies – Remember hearing about people in the rubble after an earthquake being found from Twitter? I think Foursquare would be good in these situations – especially if you share location on Facebook and Twitter, family or friends would know your location.

If you are not on Foursquare what are you waiting for? If you are can you offer more tips here?

8 Ways to Stay Focused During Weather Events

Stay Focused During Weather Events

Stay focused as bad weather approaches is not always an easy thing to do. Today I had a lot of things to accomplish but the weather forecast changed my focus. It really should not have, there is nothing I can do about it. All I can do is make sure are enough groceries, charge up the cell phone, laptop and keep laundry up to date. There goes the list! If you prepare more for the future there is less chance you will lose your focus.

Stay focused

Here are 8 ways to keep you focused:

1. Make a list – having things to check off surely helps keep the focus on your tasks

make a list to stay focused

2. Do not look at other things like Facebook, emails, Twitter, etc while working on the list (Though today I had to check phone for my son is on his journey across country).
3. If it’s a long list make sure to take a break – walk away and get refreshed.
4. Eat and drink properly – this one is hard for me at times (Would love a food pill – quick and easy).
5. Start with the hardest thing on the list – if it’s last you may never accomplish it.
6. Take a day off from having a list – otherwise you may get burned out.
7. Make sure there is something enjoyable on your list – makes it easier to get through the hard things first – having something to look forward to.
8. Leave room for the unexpected – weather, accidents, health issues of yourself or close family members and the fact that things tend to take longer than you anticipate. Life always happens, just be prepared!

How do you stay focused when you need to accomplish things?

Help Me Decide Today Which To Choose

Help Me Decide

In trying to keep it light today for Friday I am asking YOUR help to make a few decisions. Some days more than others we can all use a little help when making a decision, whether the decision is small or large.

Help Me Decide

Which Would You Choose? Help Me Decide!

  • Hootsuite or Tweetdeck? I see many people using them and liking them but I haven’t done either because I cannot decide which to choose. (Since I  first posted this, I have used both but neither are perfect for me yet).
  • – Anyone use? Got a FREE offer. Is it a “give it a try or it’s not worth the time?”
  • Article Writing – Is it as valuable as it once was? And if it is – which service to use? Now in 2013 SEO, It is a NO! 
  • Integrate Google+ with Blogger? What’s the benefit and difference? Has anyone done it yet?
  • Spending time on social media –  which would you choose Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest?
  • Can you help me decide or Blog Engage? I use both but which would you use the MOST?
  • Tumbler – Keep the free theme or go with a premium theme?
  • Posting – Writing more guest posts or your own posts?
  • And a fashion question. Which clogs should I purchase next? The fancy pink floral or the patriotic clogs in red, white and blue?


 Fancy Floral with extreme comfortfancy occupational clogs

or the patriotic fancy ones below with a higher heel? 


Patriotic clogs

Thanks for any answers or insight you can provide today! Do you ever have a hard time making a decision? 


Updated 6/30/13

Staying in Touch from Far Away

Staying in Touch from Afar

My eldest son will be moving far away across the country tomorrow. He just turned 22 and is moving for a better job opportunity and a better standard of living. Thank God for the technology now available so we can keep in touch quickly and easily. I’m proud and happy for him but with a little sadness that he’s not just a few minutes drive away.


Years ago you only had about 4 choices to stay in touch with those far away:


  • Telephone – Long distance was costly.
  • Writing letters – Sending through the mail.
  • Airplane – Very expensive.
  • Long car, bus or train ride.



stay in touch

Today’s choices of staying in touch are bit more cheaper, quicker and almost endless:


  • Skype – Talking over the computer via webcam, almost like being there and FREE.
  • Email – Keeping up daily quickly.
  • Texting – His favorite method.
  • Airplane – Not so expensive as it once was.
  • Social Networks – Great for sharing photos.



call me

Can you think of more ways for for  staying in touch?

I once saw Harry Chapin in concert and this song sticks in my mind since I knew he was moving (as it makes me cry) and hope it doesn’t turn that way though I suppose it could even if he lived close by.


Collection of Awesome Quotes Via Video

Quotes Via Video To Inspire You

Quotes via video. If you love reading quotes, you will love this video. I came across a wonderful video with a collection of quotes from a new Twitter friend. The quotes, music and video are just wonderful and I wanted to share them with you for inspiration.

Quotes via video


You can find more from the Letters of Gratitude over on Facebook. I love reading quotes on days that I am not inspired to get some inspiration and add some zest to my day.

Some of my favorite quotes are:


When someone tells me “no,” it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it simply means I can’t do it with them.”

― Karen E. Quinones Miller


“Life gives us choices. You either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the sidelines.”
― Christine FeehanNight Game


“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”
― Andy Rooney

Did you find this video as awesome as I did? What are you favorite quotes to get your day going?

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