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Labor Day In The Connected World Keeps Us Working

Labor Day – Are You Still Connected?

Are you really off today enjoying the Labor Day Weekend? Or are you checking in constantly through your laptop or smartphone?

Labor Day

The New Technology

When all this technology started to come out everyone thought: “Wonderful it will save us so much time and we can do more.” I think the part “Do More” has come true but save time? No. We are constantly connected that we never take time off completely. Our brains are always on and waiting for the next message. We are always checking in. Just in case, in case of what, right?
One day I went to visit a relative in a nursing home. I left the house without my smartphone – I almost feel like I was out of prison. It was a strange feeling knowing no one could call me, text me or email me. I started to like it for the hour that I was gone. Of course the first thing I did when I walked in the house was run for the my smartphone. What had I missed?

high tech

Being in the Know Being Connected

Don’t get me wrong – I’d be lost without my smart phone. I loved it during the recent earthquake and hurricane. Not that it gave me any control but to know what was happening immediately made me feel better. Do you feel better when you are in the know?
But what does this technology of always having us being ON do to us? Some say it can change our brains, our wiring. And what will it do to the next generation growing up on this technology? There brains will be wired from day 1. They believe everything is instant, will they lose patience with life?

time and technology


Happy Labor Day and I hope you have some time off today and enjoy!

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